How to play minecraft pc with controller

Although there are quick and simple workarounds to enable controller support, Minecraft Java Edition does not come with native support for them. Survivalists can play Minecraft Java with an Xbox, PS4, PS5, and pretty much any other controller they have available with a little bit of minor tinkering. Here’s how to set it up.

Connecting a Controller to Minecraft PC Step-by-Step

Almost any controller, including those for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, or even a Nintendo Switch Pro, can be used to play Minecraft on a computer. Although most people use a wireless controller connected via Bluetooth, you can also use a wired controller by connecting it to a USB port.

Check out our reviews of the top PC controllers for Minecraft if you don’t already have one.

Time to Steam

The first thing you’ll want to do is install the Steam application on your computer and open it, because Steam is how you’ll be able to map your controller layout. Once it’s open, find the “Library” tab at the top.

There ought to be a “add a game” button at the bottom left of the screen. When the menu appears after clicking that, choose “add a non-Steam game.” Most people’s list of applications will include Minecraft, but if it doesn’t, don’t worry.

How to play minecraft pc with controller

Simply click “browse” and go to “program files,” where you should choose “minecraftlauncher.” exe. When you choose, click “add selected program,” the pop-up window will disappear.

You can now select “big picture mode” by clicking in the app’s upper-right corner. When the user interface for Steam loads, you should select “settings” and then “controller settings.” ”.

Choose the controller you’re using now to see how many controllers are available. Click “Xbox” for an Xbox One, “Playstation” for a Playstation, etc. There’s an option for generic controllers as well.

There should be a tab for “detected controllers” in the bottom half if you’re unsure of the type of controller you’re using. Choose what you want to use from what you see there, then return to the main screen and select the “library” tab.

How to play minecraft pc with controller

Mapping Your Controller

You must locate the “browse” tab on the left-hand side of the “library” menu and select “games.” Find Minecraft, which was previously added, by scrolling You will then click “manage shortcut” and then “controller configuration” in the resulting small window. ”.

Remember that the next step is based on personal preference before proceeding. Some people prefer to use a southpaw variant or one that is better for specific game actions.

You can choose to “browse configurations” at the bottom of the screen if you don’t want to spend the time mapping out the layout yourself. From there, select the “community” tab on the left to access a list of pre-made configurations created by other Steam users for the game of Minecraft.

How to play minecraft pc with controller

Do Your Own Controller Mapping

Here is a generic layout that is the most similar to how most gamers are used to mapping their controllers, assuming you want to design your own controller configuration:

> Click on the left joystick and choose “directional pad” under “style of input. ” For the “layout,” go with “8-way overlap. Choose W, A, S, and D for the up, down, left, and right arrows, respectively, in the directional picture.

> There’s an optional shortcut for the middle mouse button if you select it for “click action. You can use this to aim at a block and click on it to select it. If not, return to the controller setup menu and choose the directional pad.

> Once again, for the “style of input” go with “directional pad” and “8-way overlap” under “layout. However, you’ll need F5 for “up,” F1 for “left,” T for “right,” and F for “down” for this d-pad image. This will enable third-person view, disable the HUD, launch the chat window, and move any item to your left hand, in that order.

> Go back to the controller layout and select the right joystick. For the “style of input,” select “joystick mouse. You should probably decrease the sensitivity, but choose “left shift” for the “click action” Set “toggle” to “on” unless you want to hold the button to crouch. You may want to decrease the “inner dead zone” under the additional settings. ”.

> Back at the controller picture, click on the button pad where you’ll select “button pad” for the “style of input. “Set X, A, and B to “E,” “A,” and “Q,” respectively.” This will enable you to jump with “A,” open your inventory with “E,” and drop objects with “Q.” ”.

> As for the Y button, you might want to click on “toggle multi-button” at the bottom of the screen. Set it so that you can move a whole stack of items between your inventory and chests by combining “shift” and “right-click.”

> For each of the following, you’ll have to go back to the configuration after each one: Set the back button as “tab” to see all players on a server in multiplayer. To access the menu, the start button can be remapped to “escape.”

> The left and right bumpers can be set to “scroll up” and “scroll down” respectively. This will let you scroll through the hotkey bar in-game.

> As for the triggers, set the right as “left mouse” under “soft pull action” and the left as “right mouse. You can set blocks with the left trigger and break blocks with the right trigger thanks to the opposites.

Click “export config” at the bottom, then “save new personal binding” when you have finished configuring your controller. Once you hit “save,” you can always go back and make changes under “controller configuration shortcut” in the “personal” tab. ”.

If not, click “done” and retrace your steps until you locate Minecraft once more.

To use your controller layout, you must always launch the game in “big picture mode,” so keep that in mind when pressing “play.”

Use the right joystick to move the mouse and the right trigger to click at the main menu’s layout shown above.

If your controller doesn’t work in-game for some reason, press F11 to switch to windowed mode and F11 again to return to normal.

Because the game-controller connectivity can occasionally be glitchy in full-screen mode, this functions as a sort of reset. Good luck making it through the first night; if everything is mapped correctly, once you choose your world, it should function exactly like a console!

In the event that the directions were not clear enough, be sure to watch the video below and carry out the simple instructions.

Minecraft is fantastic, simple, and comfortable to play with a mouse and keyboard. There are fantastic keyboards and mice for Minecraft on the PC to upgrade your setup, but if you prefer playing on a console rather than a computer, setting up a controller may be the best option for you.

We hope this was helpful. Enjoy playing Minecraft PC with your new controller.

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Is it possible to play Minecraft on PC with a controller?

As was already mentioned, Minecraft Java Edition lacks native controller support. Consequently, you must install third-party mods in order to use it in the game. Controllable is one of the most well-liked mods for this use.

How to play Minecraft with controller on PC without steam?

Almost any controller can be connected to and used with Minecraft Java using this technique. Download the Steam client for Windows 10. Open Steam. Sign in with your Steam account (it’s free). Go to Steam>Settings. Select the Controller tab. Click ‘General controller settings. ‘Enable support for your Xbox controller.

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