How to print a Facebook post with comments, photos and all

Printing Facebook posts is a great way to save your favorite memories and conversations. It is also an effective way to back up important data and keep it safe. The process of printing a Facebook post with comments is quite simple and easy to do. By following these simple steps, you can print a Facebook post with comments in minutes. This blog post will provide you with the necessary information to help you print a Facebook post with comments correctly and quickly. We will explain the different ways you can print a Facebook post with comments, including using a printer, downloading the post as a PDF, or taking a screenshot. You will also learn about the different settings available, so you can customize the post to your own needs. With this information, you can preserve your Facebook posts and conversations for years to come.

How To Print a Facebook Post
  1. Quick Answer. You can print a Facebook post by: …
  2. Keyboard Shortcut. Instead of clicking on ‘Print,’ you can use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+P for Windows users and Command+P for Mac users.
  3. Bluetooth. You can also send screenshots to a printer directly if your printer has a Bluetooth option.

Save Comments and Posts into pdf on Facebook

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1. Open Facebook. 2. Find a page to print. 3. Right-click (or two-finger click) the page. 4. Click Print or Print Pages. 5. Confirm your printing details. 6. Click Print.

Print your Facebook posts and Facebook account with My Social Book

You can print your Facebook timeline using the My Social Book website. Visit the site and enter your email address and password. Before being able to access your timeline, you will need to confirm your email address.

As soon as your Facebook page is linked to the My Social Book app, a list of automatically generated books will be created and arranged chronologically, allowing you to print Facebook posts from your timeline.

You don’t need to take a screenshot to print a post from your Facebook news feed. Like printing an email message, you can print any of the posts from your Facebook news feed. The quick steps to print directly from Facebook’s news feed are provided here.

For many people, printing Facebook posts might seem absurd. However, some Facebook users would like to print some of the posts from their news feed. It may be for reference or some other purposes. Additionally, I had never considered printing Facebook news feed posts until one of my friends who uses Facebook enquired about it. One quiet interesting news feed post appeared on his facebook account, and he wanted to print it out. I first considered telling him to take a screenshot and edit it with a photo-editing program. However, there are a few alternative methods as well.


How do I print the comments section on Facebook?

Click on “Comments at the bottom”. By doing so, a new window or tab will open up with the entire post and all of its comments. Minimize the comments. Now press Ctrl+P to open the print properties.

Is there a way to print a Facebook post?

When a section of your profile information, such as the wall posts, is open in a browser, right-click anywhere on the page and select “Select All” to highlight the information. Once the content has been copied to your clipboard, you can open a Word document and “Paste” it there by performing a second right-click and selecting “Copy.”

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