How to put optifine in minecraft 1.18

The Minecraft 1. The 18 update, which was previewed at Minecraft Live last year, was released on November 30. Players have been anticipating this update in anticipation of its many game-changing features.

Now that Minecraft 1. Players want to explore new biomes and terrains with high-quality shaders now that 18 is available. The good news is that Optifine for Minecraft 1 has been released. 18.

After installation, open your Minecraft

Minecrafter (plural Minecrafters) (video games) A person who plays the game Minecraft. › Minecrafter

launcher, and you will find Optifine pre-installed in there. To select it, click on the “downward arrow” next to the play button, select Optifine from the list, and click Play.

3 Ways of Installing OptiFine

There are three different ways to install Optifine, each of which is customized to a player’s unique requirements.

Method #1 – The Normal Way

The first method is the usual way of doing it. This way, you’ll only install OptiFine and nothing else. That will enable you to play shaders on servers and receive those impressive performance boosts. However, you won’t be able to play with mods.

Method #2 – Using Forge

Install it using Forge if you want to play around with mods. In this way, you can enjoy the FPS boost and gorgeous shaders while playing with a variety of impressive mods. However, you won’t be able to play on vanilla servers because you’re using mods.

Method #3 – Using Fabric

Fabric is the other competitive mod loader for Minecraft. You can play the hundreds of Fabric mods while getting a performance boost and shaders using this method of installation.

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Installation #1 – The Normal Way

For the first method, it’s super easy to install. That’s because OptiFine can be installed with just two clicks. Here’s how you do it.

Step #1 – Download OptiFine

How to put optifine in minecraft 1.18

Here’s how to download Optifine 1.18. First, go to the Optifine download page. In there, you should find a page with the latest OptiFine version. Once there, click the blue download button.

After clicking, you should get an Adfocus link. Wait five seconds without clicking anything until a skip button appears. Now you’re greeted with another Optifine Download page. Click the blue Download button again, and your . jar file should be downloaded.

P. S Click the show all versions link to access an earlier version of OptiFine.

Step #2 – Install OptiFine

How to put optifine in minecraft 1.18

Once the . jar file has been downloaded, open it. When it is opened, a window similar to the one in the illustration above should be present. Just double-check if the folder is correct, and hit “install. ” And within a few seconds, OptiFine has been installed.

By starting your game launcher and checking to see if a new profile has been created, you can confirm it.

Installation #2 – Using Forge

However, if you’re looking for how to install Optifine 1. You’ll have to approach it slightly differently when using Forge. However, since it only needs one more step, this shouldn’t be difficult.

Step #1 – Download & Install Forge

How to put optifine in minecraft 1.18

The first step is to install Forge. To do so, visit the Forge website and select the Installer button. Just like with OptiFine, you’ll go to an Adfocus page. Just wait the five seconds and hit “Skip. ” After clicking that, your download should start.

Once downloaded, click the . jar file, and you ought to see an installation window similar to the one on the right side of the image. Make sure you’re installing the client and that Forge has chosen the right folder, among other things. After that, click “OK,” and Forge will be installed in a few minutes.

Step #2 – Download and Install OptiFine

How to put optifine in minecraft 1.18

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to install OptiFine. Download Optifine as written on the first method. then find your mods folder rather than clicking the file.

You can do it by going to your search bar and searching for %E2%80%9C%appdata% ” Then click the “. minecraft” folder, and find your mods folder. Once you’ve located it, drop the . jar file there. Now you have installed OptiFine with Forge.

Installation #3 – Using Fabric

You basically follow the same procedure as with Forge if you want to experiment with Fabric mods. The only difference between them is what mods you’re installing. So instead of Forge mod loader, you’re installing Fabric. And instead of OptiFine, you’re installing OptiFabric.

Step #1 – Download and Install Fabric

How to put optifine in minecraft 1.18

To begin installing Fabric, go to the downloads page for Fabric and click the “Download for Windows” button. Click it, and you should start downloading a fabric installer. After it’s downloaded, click the . exe file, and a window similar to the one in the

Like other techniques, confirm that the install location is accurate before pressing “Install.” ”.

Step #2 – Download and Install OptiFabric

How to put optifine in minecraft 1.18

Now all you need to do is install OptiFabric. And here’s how to download OptiFine 1. Download the file from Curseforge first, then, as before, locate your mods folder and drop the jar file there. Once you’ve completed that, you’re ready to play!.

P. Since you intend to use Fabric mods, I strongly advise installing Fabric API as well because most Fabric mods require it. You’ll have to drop the file where you dropped OptiFabric.

And this is how to install OptiFine 1. If you have any questions about the installation process, don’t be afraid to leave a comment below. I’ll make sure to clarify any questions you have!.

How To Download & Install Optifine in Minecraft 1.18


How do I install Optifine 1.18 2?

Step 1: Double-click the OptiFine setup file. Step 2: Click on Open with>Java (™) Platform SE Binary. Step 3: A popup window displaying the location of the Minecraft folder, where the installer will be stored, will appear. So, make sure you install Minecraft before you get OptiFine.

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