How to remove background from image using Canva Background Remover

How to remove a background with Canva
  1. Upload your own image or choose one from our image library.
  2. Click on the Edit Image button on the top toolbar.
  3. Next, select ‘BG Remover’ on the left side panel that appears.
  4. Then, click ‘Erase’ to remove the background.

Remove Background & Duotone Apps in Canva

Step 4: Position and Size the Image

remove background from  canva?

Once the is selected or uploaded, drag / add it into the main area. Grab the corners and ensure it is large enough for your final design.

You’ll notice the “Adobe Spark” watermark in the bottom right corner (this is what we’ll be removing in Canva). Move your so that the focus of your photo that you’ll be removing your background from is not behind it.

Step 3: Upload or Choose a Photo

remove background from  canva?

Next you’ll need to add or choose an you want to remove the background from. To begin choose “Photos” from the left menu, which will bring up a sub menu to the right.

If you have a photo on your computer, choose the top option of “Upload Photo”, otherwise click “Find free photos” and search their library of free s you can use.

How to Remove the Background in Canva

First, click on the photo. Then, select the Edit button. Choose the Background Remover option and allow Canva to process out the background. Then, choose the Apply button. You can also use the Erase and Restore brushes to remove more unwanted elements or undo any changes you made.

Step 1: Sign up for Adobe Spark

remove background from  canva?

Head over to the Adobe sign up page and get yourself an account. It is very simple and free to do so.

What if I can’t find the background remover tool in the Edit image gallery? How can I add it?

To install the background remover tool in the Edit ’s gallery, head to the You may also like category. Scroll down until you see the Background Remover icon. Click on it so Canva can install the tool in your photo editing tool gallery.

Old Article:

Using Canva to remove the background from a photo is a Premium Paid feature, however, in this video I’ll show you a trick to do this for free!

To accomplish this, we’ll actually use an different website called Adobe Spark for the photo background removal, save the photo, and bring it back into Canva to complete our design.

Adobe Spark just released a Beta feature for removing the background of a photo, and it works incredible well in my testing. Like Canva, Spark has a very generous free plan with a lot of features, including transparent downloads (unlike Canva). The catch is that every photo you download comes with an “Adobe Spark” watermark in the corner.

Thankfully, thanks to Canva’s photo crop feature, we can work around this to achieve the effect we’re looking for.

Check out the video above to see exactly how I do it, or follow the step by step guide below.

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