how to remove scratches from liquid glass screen protector

The questions we will address in our comprehensive review of liquid screen protectors are as follows:

We conduct reviews at Mobile Reviews Eh! based on actual usage. We test the products and use them for several days, if not weeks. We used three liquid screen protectors for this review of liquid screen protectors:

With a magic eraser, we first removed the oleophobic coating from an iPhone X before adding a liquid screen protector. We conducted numerous impacts and scratch tests after the liquid screen protector was applied to determine how far the liquid screen protectors could be pushed.

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Liquid screen protectors are liquid glass. Every liquid screen protector we’ve encountered has Silicone Dioxide as its primary component. But we’re not entirely certain if businesses combine other products with Silicone Dioxide. This is so that the liquid screen protector’s inherent oleophobic coating and antibacterial properties can be provided by SiO2 when it dries.

According to what we know, liquid glass can be used for pretty much anything.

Manufacturers of liquid screen protectors assert that the glass on your smartphone gradually becomes more brittle at a microscopic level over time. A new smartphone has a coating that deteriorates with use. Most coatings only last a few months. You can basically cover up the rough spots on your smartphone screen by applying liquid glass. We believe that liquid screen protectors will cost approximately It is only 100 nanometers thick, so it won’t significantly thicken your device.

Every item we used had a liquid screen protector in the form of a wipe. The alcohol wipe that was included felt the same as the Whoosh Diamond Defense product. Since we wouldn’t have known otherwise, the liquid screen protector might have simply been another alcohol wipe. We only noticed a difference in the CrystalTech Nano 2 product. 0 product. But that is because the CrystalTech Nano 2. 0 felt tacky.

How to Repair iPhone Deep Scratches With WhiteStone Dome Glass – 100% Works

Removing Liquid Screen Protectors From Phone

Removing the liquid glass screen takes a little more effort. You can use a few of the techniques we found to learn how to unglue your screen protector. You can get assistance from the Carlcare service center in removing the liquid screen protector from your phone. Carlcare offers expert repair and upkeep services for various brands of appliances, computers, tablets, mobile phones, lighting devices, smart homes, new energy, and supply chains.

Lets see how the liquid screen protector is removed.

Method 2: Removing a Liquid Screen protector with tempered glass

Step 1: Liquid screen protectors also include tempered glass, which adheres to the screen in the same manner as any other tempered glass

The liquid screen protector will simply peel off with the tempered glass in step two, making removal fairly simple.

Additionally, using method 1 will enable you to remove a cracked glass screen protector. Simply allow it to melt and use a microfiber cloth to remove the liquid.

Can Liquid Screen Protectors Work With Other Types Of Screen Protectors?

Other types of screen protectors can be used with liquid screen protectors. Screen protectors made of plastic or tempered glass can be used with it. The liquid glass acts as an adhesive.

However, some manufacturers also produce liquid screen protectors in addition to tempered glass.


How do you get scratches out of a liquid screen protector?

You should use wax (or toothpaste) to smooth out any scratches on the liquid protector. You can also apply a fresh liquid protector on top of the old one, but doing so is not advised because it could interfere with the device’s functionality.

Can you scratch liquid glass screen protector?

These screen protectors are incredibly thin and virtually undetectable. Additionally, they make your screens scratch-free and damage-resistant.

Will Liquid Glass remove scratches?

The liquid screen protector doesnʼt add any noticeable scratch protection. It also doesnʼt fill in cracks or scratches. But it does improve your smartphone’s impact protection. The biggest flaw with the liquid screen protector is that once it gets damaged, you can’t take it off.

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