how to set up league of legends on obs updated 2022

Here is everything you’ll need to start game streaming on PC, as well as helpful advice for setting it all up, if you’ve ever dreamed of broadcasting video games to a live audience.

We’re here to help if you want to join the growing number of people who stream their PC gaming sessions but aren’t sure where to begin. Although not everyone can hope to be the next HasanAbi, Ninja, or XQC, live streaming has become increasingly popular in recent years and is a rewarding pastime. And if you maintain consistency, you might even attract an audience.

This guide outlines everything you need to get started and, hopefully, succeed whether you want to stream gameplay to friends only or try your hand at creating a thriving community. (We cant provide better aim or make you wittier, though. Thats on you. ).

How to record AND stream League of Legends in 2022-2023

How to Stream League of Legends with Obs without Lag

You have found the article you have been looking for if you want a great way to stream League of Legends without lag. I’ll demonstrate how to stream League of Legends using Obs in this article.

Even if you have the best PC, the most potent graphics card, or any other piece of hardware, not having enough RAM will cause you problems.

More RAM is necessary because the computer needs to ensure that all of your programs are running smoothly. Your computer will start to slow down and start to freeze if the program is having trouble processing information. To combat this problem, you need to have more ram.

When your computer has a sufficient amount of RAM, you will be able to process a lot of information that is flowing through it, which will stop freezes from happening.

If your computer doesn’t have enough RAM, you should try to upgrade it as much as you can. This is where things get complicated.

I advise purchasing a good manual for streaming League of Legends with Obs without lag. There are numerous guides available that contain all the details you require to begin streaming without having to worry about anything slowing you down.

You will be able to enjoy the game a lot more and have a better gaming experience with the knowledge you learn from a good guide.

Obs Stream League Of Legends Black Screen


When trying to obs stream League of Legends, there are a few possible causes for a black screen. The first potential explanation is that their graphics card is not sufficiently powerful to handle both the game and the stream simultaneously. There’s also a chance that their internet connection isn’t robust enough to support both streaming and gaming simultaneously. Last but not least, it might be an issue with the OBS settings themselves. Update your graphics card drivers first if you’re experiencing this issue, and then check your OBS settings after that.

Update your GPU drivers as soon as possible to ensure that they work with the operating system you are currently using. The steps below should be taken if your stream capture source is giving you trouble. You can uninstall Streamlabs Desktop after deleting the capture source and restarting it in administrator mode. You can fix the issue by deleting your browser history or clearing your cache. You must update your graphic drivers if they are out-of-date or have been corrupted if they are the cause of your computer’s black screen. You might experience issues when starting your OBS Studio application or playing a game.

Best CPUs for Streaming We’ve Tested

You’ll notice that I spoke extensively about desktops here, but not much about laptops. Although laptops can stream games, doing so is generally not recommended. A laptop will work if it’s your only computer and you don’t have enough money for a streaming setup. However, playing and streaming will really tax these small devices, and not all of them even have Ethernet ports for a wired connection that is more dependable. If you’re set on streaming but aren’t too concerned with having the perfect experience, use your gaming laptop. But desktops are actually the best option for those looking for a complete and robust setup.


How do I make OBS capture League of Legends?

Game Capture, Window Capture, and Display Capture are the three sources you can use to add your game to the scene in OBS. Select the scene and right-click inside the Sources box to add a source, or use the + and – buttons to add or remove scenes.

How do I add games to OBS?

Click Settings in the bottom-right corner of your screen when OBS Studio is open. Select the Output tab on the left. Change the Video Bitrate to 4000 Kbps for pixel-perfect live streams. This is the ideal video bitrate for Full HD (1080p) at 30 frames per second live streaming.

How do I fix my bitrate on OBS?

What are the best settings for OBS recording?
  • Video file format: MP4.
  • Audio track: 1.
  • Encoder: x264.
  • Bitrate: 40,000 (or 15,000–25,000 if using a computer with less processing power)

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