How to set up modded minecraft server

There has been a significant multiplayer community for Minecraft ever since it was released in 2011. Two of its key components, mods and custom servers, hold the key to its enduring appeal in multiplayer circles.

Players can easily customize their free Minecraft experience with community-made mods. The ability to host one’s own customized, modified games is also ensured by custom server support.

How to Setup a Modded Minecraft Server (1.12. 2)
  1. Step 1: Install Minecraft, Add Forge Mod Loader. …
  2. Step 2: Install Forge Server, Accept EULA. …
  3. Step 3: Gather Your Mods. …
  4. Step 4: Reduce Lag. …
  5. Step 5: Port Forward the Server. …
  6. Step 6: All Done! …
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How to make a modded Minecraft server

Undoubtedly, installing Minecraft on your operating system is the first thing you should do.

You must launch vanilla 1 in order to retrieve and install all the necessary files. 12. 2. To conclude this task,.

Go to your installation tab and press click+New. Now, click on the versions option and select 1. 12. 2 from the drop-down menu. Click on play.

Wait a few seconds for the menu screen’s files to fully load. After it is done, you can exit the game!.

Now, let us move to the next step.

Step 2: Add Forge server

You have to download and install Forge on your system. Once you’re done with the installation, reopen your Forge installer. Select the location to save this folder by clicking the install server option.

Your installation is now complete. To launch it, you have to double click on forge-1. 12. 2-14. 23. 5. 2838-universal. jar. When the launch is finished, folders like logs and eula are visible. txt, mods.

Now, open the eula. txt file. Change the false option to true.

Save the file and exit.

The next step is to relaunch the jar file. As soon as you complete it, a window titled “Minecraft server” and a number of files can be found in your server folder.

Well, congratulations you have a local modded Minecraft server now!

But the work is not done yet!

In order for others to connect to your server, we need to establish a connection.

Step 3: Assemble mods

Mods are required to set up a modded Minecraft server.

You have to download the mods’ . jar file first and create its copy.

Paste all of the mods into your server’s mods folder at this point. Additionally, you need to move the initial mods that you moved to the minecraft folder.

To do that, go to the search box, press the Windows key, and type %appdata% Now, choose . minecraft Search for a folder titled mods.

If there isn’t one already, you’ll need to make one and place all the mod files in it.

Now the next step is to reduce lag.

Step 4: Reduce the lag

Occasionally, there will be a delay between the server and your computer. To reduce that, here is the solution.

Make a text document with the title “server launcher” by selecting the server folder with the right click.

In this file, paste this text as given below:

java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar forge-1.12.2- -o true nogui

The number 2048 can be changed to reflect the amount of RAM you want to use.

Once the text has been pasted, select File and then Save As. Change the extension to server launcher. bat.

You must double click on this each time you want to launch the server. bat file. You can now start the server, allow it to fully load, and then shut it down.

Moving forward, you can see that your server is now operational locally. You can connect with any player who has the same IP address as you. If another person has a different IP, you must forward their server.

How to do this? Well, the process is simple.

Search what’s my IP on Google search engine. Copy the number that is displayed on your screen and paste it into the address bar of your browser.

As soon as you press Enter, the router’s website will be displayed. Here, you can manage the settings of the router. Here, you can see the Port Range Forwarding Section. You are required to insert the information as stated below:

Application Name: Minecraft server

Start ~ End Port: 25565 – 25565

Protocol: TCP


Enabled: True

Now open the command prompt and type ipconfig. Find a line that says IPv4 address. Copy the IP address here.

Voila! Your server is completely set and in running condition. To launch the server, double click on the . Launch Minecraft, then click the multiplayer menu to find your IP address.

When you connect to the server, you can start playing.

Even with just one player, Minecraft is a game that is frequently played worldwide. But in multiplayer games, you’ll need a centrally located server that players can connect to. Well, Minecraft does not only have a single server. You can use a network of servers in Minecraft to manage multiplayer games. You can play the game and carry out a variety of tasks by using these servers.

Modded servers use server-side mods for enhanced functionalities. One Minecraft server is the modded server, which offers players a customized gaming experience without changing the game clients. By combining various mods and modpacks with various gaming aesthetics on Minecraft modded servers, you can create a mode pack. A completely different gaming experience can be had by combining various modpacks.

There are several Minecraft Modded servers available. But, we will only discuss a few of these servers.

Best Minecraft Modded Servers

There are many different Minecraft mod servers available for use, and each one offers the specific guidelines, communities, gaming environment, look, features, and functionalities, among other things. The top 7 Minecraft Modded servers for your consideration will now be discussed.

This server enables the use of numerous Pokemon in multiplayer Minecraft mode. When you play in Pokemon mode, you enter a completely new world filled with fantasies and excitement. Soon, a new version of Pixelmon will be available to you with exciting new features. You can use this server without spending a dime.

You can benefit from the Pixelmon Realms server’s fast connection because it is currently hosted in the United States. The IP address of this is play. pixelmonrealms. com. Pixelmon Realms supports Minecraft version: 1. 16. 4. You can connect to and play on the server using any other earlier versions of Minecraft. You can benefit from the Pixelmon Realms server’s fast connection because it is currently hosted in the United States. On the Pixelmon Realms Minecraft Server, you can play Survival, Pixelmon, PvE, and Economy.

  • 5x Pokemon Spawn rates
  • Player Gym Leaders
  • Ev Training
  • Level 15 Shiny Starters
  • Daily Vote Rewards
  • Increased Shiny/Legend Spawn Rate
  • Grief Prevention
  • Amazingly Stable Economy
  • Super Friendly Staff
  • Wondertrade

You can simply choose the Complex gaming Minecraft Modded server to experience a significantly modified version of Minecraft. It is a friendly community Minecraft server that has been fully modded. It enables players to enjoy altered Minecraft experiences without even switching game clients.

Complex gaming is becoming increasingly well-liked, and its acceptance is growing exponentially. Depending on their interest, viability, and necessity, the various types of modpacks supported include MC Eternal, FTP Revelation, Stoneblock 2, Project Ozone 3, and many others.

A fully modified Minecraft community called Complex Gaming attracts daily hundreds of players. Installing the aforementioned modpacks is simple and can be done directly from the intricate FTB Minecraft server website. The IP address of the complex gaming is hub. mc-complex. com. It is a flexible server, so it supports a variety of Minecraft versions, from more recent ones to older and lower versions. Minecraft 1 is the most recent version that the Complex Gaming server supports. 18, offering an enhanced gaming experience.

Dirtcraft is another modded Minecraft server on the list. This server offers you popular Minecraft modpacks. Since the server is located in Europe, it is a good option for players from that continent as it guarantees the best connection and the least amount of latency.

MC Eternal, RAD, FTB Revelation, Stoneblock, FTB Infinity Evolved, FTB Sky Factory, Direwolf20, RLCraft, Glacial Awakening, Omnifactory, FTB Interactions, FTB Continuum, and Project Ozone 2 are just a few of the modpacks that are supported by Dirtcraft.

The server has a fantastic feature called “time-based ranks,” which designates special ranks to the players based on their commitment and amount of playtime.

PixelmonCraft. The player-friendly Pixelmon Server is a second Minecraft modded server that combines the two. PixelmonCraft. com makes a multiplayer version of the most widely played Pokémon-themed Pixelmon mod. Based on the Pokémon regions from the hugely popular Nintendo games, it is divided across several servers. Innovatively recreating those game’s elements, PixelmonCraft attempted to capture as much of the gameplay as it could. Pokémon have taken the place of all the animals in Pixelmon Craft, where they can be caught and used in battle.

Minecraft is the most accurate representation of a Pokémon MMO because of how well its blocky design has successfully mimicked the feel of the Pokémon video games. Every player looking for a top-notch Pixelmon server should visit PixelmonCraft. Players must install the Pixelmon Reforged mod pack before using the server. The IP address of Pixelmon craft is server. pixelmoncraft. com.

The only modifiable Minecraft server that doesn’t require a modified client to join is Purple Prison. Instead, a variety of server-side plugins are used to completely alter the server. This server uses OP Prison as the game mode. Players are rewarded with an enchanted diamond pickaxe with a high efficiency of 19 just for joining the server, and they can quickly start with protection ten diamond armor right away.

For players who want to play a heavily modified version of Minecraft without having to change their game client directly, Purple Prison is a great server. Any version of Minecraft that players choose to use effectively ranges from 1 7 to the latest supported (version 1. 16 as of this writing) to access this server

It is one of the popular Minecraft Modded servers where players can capture another player and imprison him for an extended period of time without changing the in-game clients.

It is a fantastic Minecraft modded server that provides you with a variety of game modes. It has twenty-one game modes in Minecraft. It has the backing of numerous modpacks, including GT Horizons, MC Eternal, FTB Stoneblock, Pixelmon Reforged, and many more.

The Crafters Land Minecraft Modified Server’s IP address is modded. craftersland. net. It is a community-based server, so users can take advantage of its special features. The player will be amazed by the server’s features and fantastic gaming experience once they sign up for it.

It is an addition to the best-Modded server in Minecraft, which features a variety of the best mods and specialized game modes. It is one of the newest servers with features that make the game more engaging, including builds challenges, PvP, quests, items, a distinctive economy, a welcoming community, and many other things.

Due to its most recent and customized modpacks in the online gaming industry, this server is well-liked by players. As a player of Minecraft, you can even trade for video games and other expensive items. In order to help you compete with your opponents even better and enjoy a new gaming experience, this server updates itself even while you are playing. Additionally, this server is equipped to handle a variety of server management-related tasks. The IP address for this server is 45. 35. 63. 82. 25613.

Minecraft is extremely fun by itself, even without any mods. However, there are countless mods available that can spice up your game and add countless additional hours of gameplay. With the aid of this guide, we hope you were able to create a successful modded Minecraft server and invite your friends to join in the fun. keep learning.

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How much does it cost to run a modded Minecraft server?

Nine Minecraft server hosting packages are available from MCProHosting, with prices ranging from $7 monthly for 1GB RAM and 25 player slots to $75 monthly for 32GB RAM and unlimited player slots. Every plan includes DDoS protection, global server locations, and unlimited storage space.

How do you play Minecraft modded with friends?

Open Minecraft and go into the “Multiplayer” tab. Towards the bottom, click on “Add Server”. Enter any name you like under “Server Name,” followed by the server’s IP address and port, and click “Done.”

How do you host a modded Minecraft server with CurseForge?

Server SetupStep 1: Download Server Files. Step 2: Extract Server Files. Step 3: Start The Server. Step 4: Accept the End User License Agreement. Open the eula file in the server files folder you extracted. Step 5: Configuration (Optional) . Step 6: Auto Restart (Optional) . Step 7: Start The Server.

How do I run a modded server pack?

How do I set up a modpack on my server? Download and extract the modpack’s server version. Delete any . Verify that you have the “forge” and “minecraft-server” . Upload the modpack folder to your server using an FTP server. Click “Open JAR Menu”. Go to the “Custom” tab and enable “Custom .

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