how to show fps genshin impact pc

Genshin Impact has stunning graphics, but it comes at a performance cost. Various factors affect the games performance, and FPS is one of them. Until now, PC players could only run the game in 30 and 60 FPS, respectively. However, the latest leaks have revealed that another 45 FPS options will be added to the settings.

In the Settings menu, find the HUD layout option.
  1. Click on the FPS Counter, and choose where it should appear.
  2. After this, you can start the game and press Alt+Z to access the overlay.

How to Display FPS, GPU, CPU Usage in Genshin Impact

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how to show fps genshin impact pc

The popularity of video games has consistently increased for quite a long time now. Gaming is currently a more significant industry than films and sports consolidated.

Furthermore, with individuals searching for better approaches to mingle and remain engaged during the pandemic, the gaming industry has just sped up its pace in the entertainment field.

As per SuperData’s reports, income for gaming grew 12% in 2020, up to $139.9 billion from $120.1 billion in 2019. Also, at one point, four out of each five individuals in the US had played a computer game in the previous six months. PC gaming has had a turbulent history. It acquired popularity following the video game failure in 1983.

how to show fps genshin impact pc

Video games have lost their popularity because of low-quality and low graphic games. Another reason that video games have lost their popularity in the late ’90s is because of the introduction of console gaming in the gaming industry, such as the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64. PC gaming has effectively recovered a steady spot in the worldwide market that is expected to continue such immense growth.

From this, you can understand the importance of the quality of the game in any gamer’s mind. The quality tremendously increased year by year.

Moreover, as technology grew, different Personal Computers manufacturers came up with higher RAM and Graphics every year to lure their gamer customer base. The cherry on the cake is gaming companies like Sony, Microsoft, Tencent, and almost all have developed games that can blow anyone’s mind.

Yet to enjoy these games to their best, FPS matters the most. After reading this article, it will enlighten you with all the knowledge of FPS and the process of turning on its display while gaming.

Most importantly, we should explain the basic meaning of FPS who are new to gaming. FPS is an abbreviation that represents Frames Per Second (FPS). Basically, it addresses the number of frames your GPU can deliver each second.

For instance, if a game is running at one frame each second, you would just be seeing one picture consistently. This is more similar to a slideshow than a continuous play of a game. Moreover, any game would be unplayable at 1 FPS. Thus, the more frames are delivered and shown each second, the smoother and more responsive the ongoing interaction experience will be for you.

The information below will help you understand what FPS you can anticipate from various gadgets and screens and how they perform with different games.

how to show fps genshin impact pc

  • 30 FPS – This is a performance level ordinarily focused on by different business series workbooks and budget plan gaming computers. Remember, however, that critical stammering is just truly observable at under 20 FPS so that you can think of anything over 20 FPS as playable.
  • 60 FPS – This is the objective for most gaming computers. Just the better-enhanced games can deal with a steady 60 FPS on consoles. Be that as it may, the latest PS5 and the Xbox Series X have their focus on this bracket for many games.
  • 120 FPS – This is the sort of frame rate that must be shown on monitor screens with 120-165 Hz refresh rates. Generally, just robust and excellent quality gaming computers can run requesting games with this degree of execution with practically no frame drops.
  • 240 FPS – This FPS is held for the quickest 240 Hz screens. 240 FPS is essentially as high as the latest quad HD monitors support it. High-end esports players are primarily in need of this kind of FPS.
  • Remember that monitoring with a triple-digit refresh rate helps boost the FPS more quickly than usual. Due to that, it’s expected that most gamers and the organizers of esports tournaments use these kinds of displays.

    Moreover, we ought to note a few consistent losses to consider when FPS is concerned. In particular, while it’s not difficult to detect the contrast between 30 FPS and 60 FPS gaming, the difference between 120 FPS and 240 FPS is a lot harder to notice.

    Why is FPS important in smooth gameplay?

    Cutthroat gamers and esports stars focus on the most elevated FPS gaming setup to give them the upper hand over their competitors. It would be best to have the smoothest movements and most minimal latency to accomplish the best outcomes in your gameplay. High frame rates delivered by the most recent GPUs give these players a competitive advantage over others.

    The above question of why FPS is so vital in smooth gameplay for gamers can be quickly answered by a straightforward example.

    Imagine you’re a gamer and playing a game at a constant 60 FPS, which means you can see 60 frames in each second and act on it. At the same time, your opponent has 30 FPS while playing against you, which means he can only see 30 frames each second and can react to it. So, we can say that your game is two times smoother than your opponents.

    Quick and Dirty: Use a Built-In FPS Counter

    You can usually monitor your frame rates from the launcher you use to the play a game. How you enable this feature will differ based on the app, but they all tend to give the same basic data in one corner of the screen.

    If youre launching a game on Steam, even if its a game you didnt buy on Steam, you can use the launchers in-game frame rate counter to measure performance. On Steam, open Settings > In-Game > In-Game FPS Counter. Select a location in the drop-down to turn it on. The next time you launch a game, youll see your frame rate displayed in the corner using dark gray text (though you can check the High Contrast Color box to display it in more readable text).

    If youre playing an EA game, Origin has its own FPS counter in the launchers settings. Click the Origin tab at the top and select Application Settings. Choose the Origin In-Game heading, then use the Display FPS Counter drop-down to choose where it should be displayed on the screen. You can then change the size and transparency of the in-game counter.

    For Ubisoft games, you can turn to the Ubisoft Connect desktop app and enable the FPS counter. Open the apps hamburger menu and select Settings > General, then enable the Display FPS counter in game option.

    With the GOG Galaxy program, there is no option in the settings menu to enable an FPS counter. Instead, you can simply press Ctrl + Shift + Tab while in-game to make a small FPS tracker appear on-screen.

    As an alternative, those with an Nvidia graphics card can use GeForce Experience to embed a small FPS tracker over their game. Open GeForce Experience and select the Settings gear, then enable the In-Game Overlay option. From there, click Settings > HUD Layout > FPS Counter, then select a location.

    These options are easy to enable, but theyre pretty basic—you dont have the option to show any other stats like third-party tools may offer. But for something quick and unobtrusive, its a perfect solution. For something that gives you more information, keep reading.


    How do you show FPS on PC?

    Your Windows PC also comes with a built-in FPS counter, thanks to the Windows Game Bar overlay. You can launch this feature with the Win + G shortcut, with performance data—CPU, GPU, VRAM, RAM, and FPS—displayed in the lower-left widget.

    How do I open FPS in Genshin Impact?

    Click on Settings (the gear icon beside your avatar). 2) On the left pane, navigate to Appearance. In this tab, scroll down to the ADVANCED section and toggle off the option Hardware Acceleration. After turning off hardware acceleration, open Genshin Impact and you should be able to get a considerable framerate boost.

    How many FPS does Genshin Impact run on PC?

    The game allows players to change the settings between 30 FPS and 60 FPS.

    How do I get Genshin 60 FPS?

    1. FPS: 60.
    2. V-Sync: On (without G-SYNC or FreeSync monitor) / Off (with G-SYNC or FreeSync monitor)
    3. Render Resolution: 0.8 (set to ‘1.0’ if you have an RTX 2060 or better)
    4. Shadow Quality: Low.
    5. Visual Effects: Lowest (set to ‘High’ if you have an RTX 2060 or better)
    6. SFX Quality: (up to you)

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