how to skip dialogues and cutscenes in genshin impact

You might be wondering if there is a way to skip cutscenes if you have been playing Genshin Impact. Perhaps you simply don’t care about plot development and would rather master the art of slicing a blob monster in half. Genshin Impact does not allow you to skip cutscenes, regardless of the platform you use to play.

You must watch the various cutscenes that appear, whether on a PC, PlayStation 4, or a mobile device. Although you can quickly skip through dialogue options, you must wait for cutscenes to finish playing before continuing the game. Currently, there is a surprising amount of disagreement over this topic as many players want to be able to skip cutscenes.

It is unlikely to occur, if only because miYoHo appears to be using the early-game unskippable cutscenes as a means of interfering with players’ attempts to reroll the game. Many in the community believe that miYoHo is padding out those early stages of the game with skippable cutscenes because they don’t want people to abuse the gacha mechanic by replaying the beginning of the game until they get a high tier card. Given how few cutscenes there are in the game’s opening section, we’re not sure we agree with the argument.

For those using mobile devices, a special warning: if you have to exit the game during a cutscene for any reason, there’s a chance that it won’t continue where it left off when you return. As a result, not only can you not skip them, but you might also have to watch them again if you open another app while one is playing.

Unfortunately, you cannot skip cutscenes in the game, since the cutscenes often have to do with the plot in the story. The only things you can skip through are the in-game dialogue with the “auto” button.

Genshin Impact – Skip Dialogue

How to skip dialogue genshin impact?

Sadly, there are currently no options in the game to skip dialogue. To complete the quests, you must listen to the dialogue in the game.

They are necessary for the development of the plot and may include crucial information about the game’s lore, so you can’t skip them. If you skip them, you might later become perplexed and remember that no quests can be replayed in Genshin. You won’t be able to refer back to the dialogue for the details if you miss something once.

Why can’t you skip cutscenes in Genshin Impact?

how to skip dialogues and cutscenes in genshin impact

No matter what device they are using to play, every player must watch these inevitably occurring cutscenes. But why? The reason is quite simple. The quest’s story depends on these annoying cutscenes. If you skip them, you might later become lost because you missed a crucial quest event.

Unskippable cutscenes in Genshin Impact can occasionally cause concern, and these minor issues frequently compound to become one of the game’s most grating problems. Read on (Don’t skip this) to learn how to skip cutscenes and dialogue in Genshin Impact.

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