With the help of screenshots and detailed instructions, this Minecraft tutorial demonstrates how to program a command block to construct a house using just one command.

Use Place Command in Minecraft (2022)

Unfortunately, only the Java edition of the new “place” command has a lot of power. Therefore, Bedrock users must wait for the parity change in order to receive the improved command. To explore all the game mechanics surrounding the place command in Minecraft, feel free to use the table below if you are one of the fortunate Java users.

What is “/Place” Command in Minecraft?

How to spawn a house in minecraft

The new “/place” command in Minecraft 1. One of the most potent commands in the game, 19, allows you to position any in-game feature wherever you like. In this case, the feature could be anything from a biome’s items to mobs to in-game structures.

The “/placefeature” command from Minecraft 1 has been replaced by the “/place” command. 18 and earlier. However, the place command in Minecraft also gives us a ton of exciting new features while replacing it. The “placefeature” command in use at the time only permitted the placement of objects from specific biomes and regions. However, you can perform the following tasks with the new place command:

  • Spawn any in-game structure at any coordinate in the game
  • Place world features under certain conditions
  • Place jigsaws (explained below) of structures at any coordinates
  • Build structures using in-game templates, or just the segments you want.

Keep reading because we will discuss how to use the place command for each of these options in a later section. But first, let’s discuss how to make the game’s /place commands available.

How to Use Commands in Minecraft

Commands in Minecraft are similar to cheats in other games. You must therefore enable cheats in your world in order to use the new “/place” command. Follow these steps to enable cheats in Minecraft:

1. As soon as your Minecraft world has loaded, press “Esc” to access the pause menu. Then, click on the “Open to LAN” button.

How to spawn a house in minecraft

2. Next, toggle the “Allow Cheats” option to “ON”. Then, click on the “Start LAN World” button. Returning to your Minecraft world after doing so will allow you to use commands in your game without restriction.

How to spawn a house in minecraft

Please be aware that if you use the LAN options, your world becomes a temporary local server. They can therefore take advantage of this opportunity to join your server if there are other players on your LAN. However, it only functions if you give them access to your in-game port address.

Things You Can Make with Place Command

The place command can be used in three different ways. Let’s go over each of them separately.

How to Place Structures in Minecraft

The term “structures” in the game Minecraft refers to finished buildings and collections of buildings. Villages, Pillager locations, and even the new Ancient City are included in the term. You can position any of the in-game structures at specific coordinates by using the “/place” command.

How to spawn a house in minecraft

Do keep in mind that due to certain spawn requirements, not every structure may spawn at every location. For instance, building a desert pyramid over an ocean is impossible. However, despite the bizarre appearance of the scene, you can spawn a village in the desert in the ocean. Therefore, you must check whether blocks work in specific locations. However, putting the structures in their home biomes is the best bet.

Place World Features Anywhere

Everything in the game that isn’t a structure or a living creature is referred to by the “features” option for the /place command. That includes everything ranging from trees to blocks. In Minecraft, the “/place” command allows you to place features almost anywhere in your world.

How to spawn a house in minecraft

But you can’t put these world features anywhere, just like with structures. They must work with the Minecraft biome you intend to use for that feature. For example, you can’t plant underwater plants above water.

What is Jigsaw in Minecraft

The various pieces of any structure found in a game are referred to as “jigsaw pieces.” You can use the jigsaw option in Minecraft’s place command to spawn any components, including entire structures, anywhere in the game.

How to spawn a house in minecraft

For instance, you can spawn enormous structures like ancient cities or villages on top of oceans by using the /place command’s jigsaw option. The “jigsaw” option, in contrast to the structure option, is unconcerned with the structure’s biome compatibility. However, because of its more complicated usage, players may need to invest some time in learning how to use it effectively.

Use Templates to Make Structures

How to spawn a house in minecraft

Because of the Jigsaw feature’s strength and complexity of use, the creators also provided a simple substitute. In Minecraft 1, you can use the place command’s “template” option. 19 to perform nearly all of the functions of the “jigsaw” option without the use of complicated coding It provides you with in-game command templates that are ready to use so that you can spawn any structure in any location. Similar to the “jigsaw” option, it is unconcerned with the structure’s compatibility with the spawn location.

How to Use “/Place” Command in Minecraft

The place command in Minecraft’s basic options and their syntaxes will be discussed first. In their own separate sections that follow, you can find information on the advanced options.

Syntax of Feature and Structure Options

You must launch the in-game chat in order to use the place command, and you must use the proper syntax. For basic options, you can use the following syntaxes:

  • For instance, the command /place feature minecraft:mangrove places a Mangrove tree where you are currently standing.

How to spawn a house in minecraft

  • For instance, the command /place structure minecraft:village_snowy places a snowy village where you are currently standing.

How to spawn a house in minecraft

How to Use Place Jigsaw Command

After completing the simple options, we will concentrate on the much more difficult “jigsaw” option of the place command. However, it disregards compatibility specifications, allowing you to put anything in your Minecraft world. It’s the most powerful option of the place command.

The jigsaw option has the following syntax:

  • Example: /place jigsaw minecraft:village/snowy/streets bottom 7 This command will only generate the streets of a snowy village close to you at its full scale. Jigsaws can be used to create structures, anchors, and coverage numbers.

How to spawn a house in minecraft

The target structure you’re attempting to spawn is here known as the “structure source.” And “coverage,” whose range is from 1 to 7, with “7” being the highest and safest value, determines how much area the structure can cover. The “anchor,” which is a string in the structure file’s NBT tag, is the last step. This is where things get challenging.

The game doesn’t help you autocomplete the anchor part of the jigsaw option. So, you will have to refer to Minecraft Wiki to find NBT information on each structure. However, if that feels like too much work, you can rely on the template option of the place command.

How to Use Place Template Command

The “jigsaw” option, as you might have guessed, isn’t likely to be a fan favorite due to its complicated syntax. Fortunately, the developers are aware of this and have provided us with the “template” option to address it. The “template” option is for you if you only want to spawn the pre-existing structures without changing them.

The template option has the following syntax:

  • /place template “template name” puts a certain template next to your current location, for instance, /place template minecraft:ancient_city/city/entrance/entrance_path_5. It can build structures in the air, unlike other options, which is useful for creating floating bases and cities.

How to spawn a house in minecraft

Start Using the Place Command in Minecraft

The place command is a potent tool for achieving either of these goals, whether you want to experiment with the layout of your Minecraft base or make unique maps. But with great power comes great responsibility. This command has the potential to crash your game and render your world unloadable if used improperly. Therefore, exercise caution unless you are familiar with the best Minecraft commands. Instead of writing a single line of code, you can also choose the best Minecraft mods to obtain comparable potent abilities in the game. However, in order to use the mods in Minecraft, you must install Forge. But it is still simpler to learn than the place command’s “jigsaw” option. After that, what other kind of command in Minecraft stumps you? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll make it simpler to use for you.

How to make house in minecraft using command block


How do you spawn a building in Minecraft?

You are free to explore the world of Minecraft once you have recorded your spawn point coordinates. Then, to return, simply type the command “/tp x y z” in the in-game chat to teleport to your residence.

How do you spawn a castle in Minecraft?

In order to teleport in Minecraft, either press the T key on your keyboard or the right D-pad button on your controller. When the command area appears, enter the following: /tp. Use the distinct coordinates that each Minecraft location has going forward.

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