how to turn off reels on instagram

Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap below your bio or story highlights. Tap the reel you want to remove. Tap in the bottom right, then tap Remove From Profile Grid.

While TikTok is getting banned in India and the United States, Instagram is attracting TikTok lovers with its new feature – Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels invites users to create 15-second video clips with interesting audio, effects. It’s quite similar to TikTok when it comes to video creating and video browsing. This feature has so far gained lots of positive responses from influencers and brands.

Even though Instagram Reels is interesting, once start browsing it, you might keep getting annoying notifications of suggested Reels, which is a disaster when you just want to enjoy the Reels you like.

Here in this post, we will show you the easy ways to turn off Instagram Reels. Refer to the method you need most.

How To Disable Reels in Instagram: 3 Tips to turn off reels

Using Instagram mod apps

I don’t recommend this step if you can manage with the above steps and are not too serious about removing reels on Instagram. There are a bunch of apps available on the Internet, modified to block Instagram reels. Some apps might be dangerous and might contain malware which is dangerous. If you still want to try you can download the popular instander app that is free to download and secure to remove reels on Instagram.

Features of Instader app

  • Instander has No Advertisements: Sometimes whenever you browse through your Instagram feed, you tend to find some sponsored ads that you probably cannot turn off from the feed. These can be video or ads that when played and watched, also drain your data just like normal videos do. When you install the Instander app on your Android device, you get an ad-free platform that allows you to view the important stuff on your feed alone. Ads can be disabled under the privacy setting.
  • Download pictures and videos
  • Close Friends List
  • Instander Hide Stories from List
  • Allow Message Replies
  • Save Story to Archive
  • Sharing : When you turn this off, other people would not be able to add your feed posts to their stories. This also applies to sharing photos and videos from your story as messages because you can toggle this feature on and off as you please.
  • Wide Search Content
  • Analytics and Crash Reports
  • Ghost Mode: disable typing status to prevent the people you might be texting using the app from knowing that you’re typing anything, You can decide to hide your activity as a viewer from people’s stories and they won’t know that you watched it even if it was specifically meant for you, ‘Don’t mark directly as read’ feature you can read someone’s message in your DM and close the app without them realizing that you read it in the first place.
  • Allow unknown sources to install the app and sign in with your Instagram account and start using the app. If you found any suspicious, delete the app from your smartphone and reset your smartphone.

    Using old versions of Instagram

  • Go to this link to download Instagram non reels version.
  • Install the apk by allowing unknown sources.
  • Disable app auto update. You can search Instagram on Google app store/ app store, and tap on three dot menu on top and disable auto update.
  • how to turn off reels on instagram

    Instagram added reels in late 2020. I am not sure about the exact version of the app. But I have found a Version that had no reels feature built-in. You can install the app by visiting this link and log in. After successful login, you will be able to use the Instagram app on your smartphone without reels. Keep in mind that you need to Prevent Instagram from Updating by turning of auto-update on Google Play Store.

    On iOS it is hard to install older versions of the app. You need to jailbreak your iPhone. It is definitely not recommended by us. Instead, you can use Instagram on your browser to get rid of reels.

    Can You Hide Reels From Your Main Profile?

    Can you hide reels on Instagram? The answer is yes. You can either create a private account for your reels, or you can use a third-party app to do so. Instagram allows you to hide reels for a specific amount of time, so you should set a limit on how long they remain hidden before they get removed. Luckily, Instagram allows you to choose who sees your reels, so you can choose the audience that you want to hide.

    After you choose an audience, you can select the number of people you want to see your reels. The default audience is “all,” but if you change it to “close friends,” your other reels will be muted. If you don’t want to share your reels with strangers, you can choose to share them with a small group of people or with just me. Just be sure to select a specific audience, or else they won’t show up.

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