How to Update to Minecraft 1.18 Windows, Consoles, Android, IOS

With more than 100 million active accounts each month and 180 million copies sold across multiple titles, Minecraft is without a doubt the most played video game in the entire world. It also holds the record for being the most popular video game of all time. The mobile port of the game, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, was well-liked by many users of smartphones and tablets.

Open the Play Store. Tap My apps & games. Tap Update on Minecraft.

Update To Minecraft 18 On Console, Xbox, Switch, PS5

On all consoles, updating Minecraft is a fairly straightforward process. Once the console is turned on, go to the installed games menu and look for Minecraft there. Press the options button and then Check for Update.

How to Update to Minecraft 18 Windows

You must launch the Microsoft Store if you are playing Minecraft on Windows. In here, go into the Library tab. Your installed apps will be in here. Under the Games tab in here, find Minecraft. The word “Get Updates” is written in blue next to this button. If you click on it, it will check to see if any of the apps you have installed, including Minecraft, have updates. The option to click “update” will be available when Minecraft is at the top of the list.

For all platforms, the release time will likely be the same. Whether players are on Bedrock or Java Edition is irrelevant. When Mojang does finally declare that the update is live, it will be accessible to everyone.

However, its not immediate. Between the time of release and the moment the phone recognizes and installs it, there is a noticeable lag. Players can check for the update as soon as it is released and update the app to avoid this delay. Heres how players can download Minecraft 1. 19 The Wild Update on Android and iOS devices:

This indicates that players of the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices will receive it concurrently with Xbox and PlayStation users. Here’s a guide on how to do it and more because the download process for mobile devices is a little bit different from that for other platforms.

Although a precise release time has not yet been specified, it won’t be more than a few hours away. The 1. 18 update was released at 1. 00 PM EST, so the 1. 19 update is expected to follow a similar trajectory.

The Minecraft 1. 19 update is finally going to be released today. Gamers no longer need to wait months to try out all the new features Mojang has in store for them; instead, they only need to wait a short while.

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How do I upgrade my Minecraft version?

Visit the official Minecraft Play Store page. If you already have the game installed, you can choose to update to version 1. 18.

How do you Update Minecraft to 1.18 on a tablet?

0 (Android, iOS, iPadOS, Fire, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation) or 1. 19. The Wild Update, which debuted with the June 7, 2022 release of The Wild Update No. 1 (Nintendo Switch), is a significant update to Bedrock Edition. During Minecraft Live 2021 on October 16, 2021, the update was initially announced.

Is Minecraft 1.19 out on mobile?

1. On June 7, 2022, Java Edition received a significant update with the release of version 19. During Minecraft Live 2021, on October 16, 2021, the update was initially announced.

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