How to Create Different Sized Maps in Minecraft

One of two things can happen when someone asks how to make a map bigger in Minecraft. You might want to increase the number of blocks on the map to create a larger world, or you might want to increase the zoom on the Minecraft map you are holding. Whatever it is, don’t worry; depending on what you want, they would essentially mean the same thing. We’ll concentrate on ‘Expanding’ the map in your hand today in the game. So let’s get right into it.

Put the Map in the middle of the Crafting menu and surround it with Paper x8. This will turn it into a Level 1 Map, covering 256×256 Blocks and 16×16 Chunks. Add Paper x8 again. This time, it will turn your Level 1 Map into a Level 2 Map, covering 512×512 Blocks and 32×32 Chunks.

Upgrade the Map to Level 2

You must upgrade your map from Level 1 to Level 2 in order to make it even bigger. To the 3×3 crafting grid, incorporate the Level 1 map and 8 more sheets of paper.

The freshly created map has been expanded and is now a Level 2 map.

Only a portion of the map will be filled in when you first open it.

Steps to Create Different Sized Maps

You must first create a locator map using eight sheets of paper and one compass. You can use this kind of map to see where you are and where your friends who have joined your world are. The map begins as a Level 0 map, which is the game’s smallest size that can be created.

This map should appear something like this when you first open it:

You can make out who you are (the white dot) and which way you are facing. Currently, we are facing south on the map, which is down.

In Minecraft, maps are fantastic tools that let users view specific regions of the globe. The large sandbox game is distinct because there isn’t a built-in minimap that lets players know where they are. Consequently, some players rely on maps they can create within the game.

But they will quickly discover that the map only covers a small area. Players can easily increase the size of the map in the game if they want to.

Eight sheets of paper, a compass, and a crafting table can be used to create these maps. The map will display a location nearby its creation once it has been used. Additionally, players can explore and observe how their pointers move across the map.

How To Expand Maps In Minecraft


How do you update maps in Minecraft cartography table?

You’ll get an interface with two slots on the left after pressing the “use” key on the table. You can get a zoomed-out version of the map that covers more ground by placing an explored map in the first one and some paper in the second.

How do you get a level 4 map?

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How do I upgrade my map?

In “Minecraft,” you can create a map by combining a compass with eight sheets of paper. A map you hold while traveling will track your location and record details about the area in which you are traveling. In “Minecraft,” you can create banners to identify particular locations on a map.

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