Smithing Table Wiki Guide: All You Need To Know

Here’s how to create one in Minecraft. Smithing tables are not just a Toolsmith’s job block; you can also use them to upgrade diamond tools.

Take your diamond gear to a smithing bench to convert it to netherite. To access the UI, right-click the smithing table. Place the diamond tool or armor to be upgraded in the left slot and the netherite ingot in the right. As you can see, the helmet retains its enchantments and transforms into a netherite helmet.

Natural generation

Smithing tables can spawn naturally inside toolsmith houses in villages.

While it is possible to break smithing tables by hand, using an axe expedites the procedure.

Block Smithing Table
Hardness 2.5
Breaking time[A]
Default 3.75
Wooden 1.9
Stone 0.95
Iron 0.65
Diamond 0.5
Netherite 0.45
Golden 0.35
  • Times are measured in seconds for unenchanted tools used by players with no status effects. For more information, see Breaking § Speed.
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Iron Ingot + Any Planks

Upgrading diamond gear to netherite gear

Instead of using the remaining durability from the diamond gear, the newly created netherite gear upgrades while keeping the enchantments, prior work penalty, and number of lost durability points.

Incompatible enchantments, such as several different Protection enchantments, are not removed by upgrading equipment.

Unlike anvils, smithing tables don’t cost experience to use and don’t increase the prior work penalty when upgrading diamond gear to netherite gear.

Smithing table recipes use the data pack system.

Changing profession

Any villager who hasn’t already selected a job site block has the opportunity to change their profession to toolsmith if their village has a smithing table that hasn’t been claimed by a resident. A villager who already exchanged goods for that profession cannot switch occupations.

Armor trimming

A compatible armor piece, a smithing template, and the mineral or crystal for the desired color (listed below) are needed for trimming. Although a bug currently exists where it is possible to upgrade diamond armor with netherite trimmings into netherite armor with netherite trimmings, the same armor and trim material are mutually exclusive.

The pattern of the armor will be in accordance with the smithing templates after trimming. The color of the materials affects the pattern’s color.

Smithing tables can be smelted and used as fuel in furnaces. 5 items per block.

Note Blocks

To create a “bass” sound, note blocks can be placed underneath smithing tables.

Sound Subtitles Source Description Resource location Translation key Volume Pitch Attenuation distance Smithing Table used Blocks When a smithing table is used block.smithing_table.use subtitles.block.smithing_table.use 1.0 0.9-1.0 16 Toolsmith works Friendly Creatures Randomly while a toolsmith is working entity.villager.work_toolsmith subtitles.entity.villager.work_toolsmith 1.0 0.8-1.2 16
Sound Source Description Resource location Volume Pitch Blocks When a smithing table is used smithing_table.use 1.0 1.0 Blocks Randomly while a toolsmith is working smithing_table.use 1.0 1.0

Data values

Name Identifier Form Translation key
Smithing Table smithing_table Block & Item block.minecraft.smithing_table
  • Blocks Direct Item Form ID, used in add-ons and savegame files
  • Available with /give command.
  • The block’s ID is shared by the block’s direct item form.
Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS4)
PS4 Other
Cover me in debris Wear a full set of Netherite armor Have a full set of Netherite armor in your inventory. 50G Gold
Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location
Cover Me in Debris Get a full suit of Netherite armor Hidden in the Depths Have a full set of netherite armor in your inventory. nether/netherite_armor
Serious Dedication Use a Netherite Ingot to upgrade a hoe, and then reevaluate your life choices A Seedy Place Have a netherite hoe in your inventory. husbandry/obtain_netherite_hoe

The bug tracker is used to maintain issues pertaining to “Smithing Table.” Report issues there.

  • None of the tools seen on the side of the forging table are actual in-game tools, just like with the crafting table.

Minecraft Smithing Table: How To Craft & Use


Can you repair items in a smithing table in Minecraft?

Items can be repaired indefinitely many times as long as there is enough material on a Smithing Table because, unlike anvils, it does not increase the prior work penalty.

How to upgrade in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, upgrading Diamond armor involves assembling its pieces with Netherite Ingots on a forge table. To obtain Netherite armor components, place a diamond chest plate, helmet, leggings, or boots on the left and a Netherite Ingot after the plus sign.

Is the smithing table only for netherite?

Using a netherite ingot, a smithing table is a tool used to convert diamond gear into netherite gear. ‌In 1. A netherite upgrade smithing template is also necessary for version 20 [coming], and it can also trim armor using smithing templates and trimming materials. Both processes keep all enchantments.

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