Nintendo Support: How to Use amiibo Figures (Super Mario Odyssey)

The success of Super Mario Odyssey in the Nintendo Switch’s massive current sales was aided by it. Although it didn’t revitalize the series in the same way that Breath of the Wild did for Zelda, it does an excellent job as a sequel to two of the greatest platformers ever created. It competes with both Super Mario Galaxy games for the title of best Mario game, which is quite impressive.

Because of all the positive reviews, you most likely purchased it for the Switch. I have a few too many amiibo because I’m a die-hard Nintendo fan, and if that describes you too, you should use them. You can use any amiibo with Super Mario Odyssey, though there are some that are exclusive to the game and give you special rewards.

Read on to learn what special rewards you can obtain using some amiibo, and then go out and purchase them. If you’re eagerly anticipating the release of Super Mario Odyssey 2, we’ve got a release date guide to make sure you have all the information you need.

You can use any other amiibo to get a small bonus, but only ten amiibo unlock special rewards in-game. This might give you a few coins, extra hearts, or the ability to see a hidden moon that you haven’t yet found. Consequently, you might still be able to obtain some goodies even if you don’t own any of the following amiibo.

How to Use amiibo Figures (Super Mario Odyssey)
  1. After clearing a kingdom, speak to Uncle amiibo (a robot near your ship).
  2. Scan any amiibo card or figure when prompted to unlock a costume or power-up. To scan, hold an amiibo figure to the NFC touchpoint on the Joy-Con (R) or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Using amiibos with Super Mario Odyssey

Uncle amiibo and Power Moons

Amiibo can also be used to hunt down Power Moons. After visiting Cascade Kingdom, Mario will meet Uncle amiibo. Every kingdom has an Uncle amiibo who is always close to the Odyssey and next to Hint Toad.

Up to three amiibo can be scanned through a conversation with Uncle amiibo. Each amiibo scan takes five minutes. Your map will be updated once the amiibo locates a Power Moon. advertisement.

The 5-minute wait time is carried across all kingdoms. Uncle amiibo will mark the Power Moon locations on the kingdom map of the kingdom you are in, not the kingdom where you started the search, if you switch kingdoms while the amiibo are away.

Certain amiibo scanned with Uncle amiibo grant Mario outfits. All outfits awarded with amiibo, according to Nintendo, can also be found in-game without amiibo. Below are all the special amiibo that award Mario outfits.

Classicmariog.jpg Goldmario.jpg
Amiibo: Mario, 8-Bit Mario, Smash Mario Amiibo: Gold or Silver Mario
Items: Classic Suit and Classic Cap Items: Gold Mario Suit and Gold Mario Cap
Luigimario.jpg Wariomario.jpg
Amiibo: Luigi, Smash Luigi Amiibo: Wario, Smash Wario
Items: Luigi Suit and Luigi Cap Items: Wario Suit and Wario Cap
Drmario.jpg Waluigimario.jpg
Amiibo: Dr. Mario Amiibo: Waluigi
Items: Doctor Outfit and Doctor Headwear Items: Waluigi Suit and Waluigi Cap
Diddykongmario.jpg Weddingmario.jpg
Amiibo: Diddy Kong, Smash Diddy Kong Amiibo: Wedding Mario
Items: Diddy Kong Suit and Diddy Kong Hat Items: Marios Tuxedo and Marios Top Hat
Bridalmario.jpg Bowserweddingmario.jpg
Amiibo: Wedding Peach Amiibo: Wedding Bowser
Items: Bridal Gown and Bridal Veil Items: Bowsers Tuxedo and Bowsers Top Hat

On the Costumes and Outfits page, you can view all of Mario’s attire.

Nintendo released a special Super Mario cereal that serves as an amiibo in honor of Super Mario Odyssey. advertisement.

A few coins or a heart are given to Mario in the amiibo spot. Uncle amiibo recognizes it as a “delicious” amiibo.

Wedding Mario Costume

Players can also obtain the 8-Bit Mario Classic Mario Outfit. After defeating the game’s first kingdom, you can also buy this costume.

How to Use Amiibo in Super Mario Odyssey

You must play through the Sand Kingdom to Uncle Amiibo’s appearance. The first multi-moon will need to be obtained from Harriet in the Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid quest. When you do that, the pyramid will rise into the air and the desert will become even colder.

You’ll receive the quest The Hole in the Desert once the pyramid rises. Go to the gaping hole where the pyramid once stood and dive into it. Once you get through the dungeon, you’ll fight Knucklotec. You’ll respawn close to the Odyssey once he’s killed, and it will be warm once more.

You’ll first encounter Hint Toad and Uncle Amiibo close to the Odyssey. After speaking with him once, you are free to scan amiibo as much as you like.


Do Amiibos work on Super Mario Odyssey?

Super Mario Odyssey is compatible with all amiibo, including amiibo cards, and the majority of them randomly give Mario bonus hearts and coins. Hold the right direction button anywhere in the game for a few seconds, then touch the desired amiibo to use it for the random bonus.

How do you tap an Amiibo?

Touch the amiibo to the NFC touchpoint. The NFC touchpoint on the Joy-Con controllers is situated on the Right Stick. The NFC touchpoint on the Pro Controller is situated above the Nintendo Switch logo in the top-center of the device. The NFC touchpoint on Nintendo Switch Lite is situated on the Right Stick.

How do you activate amiibo on switch?

Press the R Button to access the System Menu. Change the amiibo setting to Use amiibo to enable that power after choosing Options. Once you’ve enabled amiibo, you can access your list of skills by pressing the Control Pad Up at any time while playing the game.

How do you use Super Mario amiibo?

Select the desired figure, then press and hold the left arrow on the D-pad of your Joy-Con controller. An amiibo symbol will appear over your character’s head as a result. You can use the right Joy-Con controller’s control stick’s NFC reader by touching the base of the amiibo figure you’ve chosen to it.

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