How to use controller on minecraft java

Controller support is one of the primary differences between the Minecraft Java version and the Minecraft Bedrock/UWP version. The UWP version of Minecraft supports controllers out of the box and offers the ability to customize the controls, while the Minecraft Java version does not.

Everyone has their own preferred method of controlling a game, but playing Minecraft on a PC may be best done with a keyboard and mouse.

Open Minecraft Launcher and click Launch Options and click Add New. Fill in the name of your new launch option (e.g., “Controllable”). Select the Minecraft version you’re setting up the controller for. Click the arrow icon next to Game Directory and select your Controllable file, then click Open.

How To Get Controller Support For Minecraft Java On PC

To get started, Minecraft fans must first head to the official download page for the Controllable mod on Curse Forge. On the upper-right corner of the screen, they will be given two options to either Download or Install. Download is the method requiring the manual installation of the mod, while Install completes the process automatically via the Curse Forge app.


The Controllable controller support mod for Minecraft Java can be manually installed using the steps listed below:

  • Step 1: Download and set up the most recent variation of Minecraft Forge.
  • Step 2: Start Minecraft and ensure that Forge is used to launch the game. Make sure “Modded” is checked in the Installations tab of the Launcher if Forge does not appear in the list of options. Select “New Installation” and Forge 1 to install Forge if it still does not appear. 19 in the second option.
  • Step 3: After starting Minecraft, go to the main menu in-game and choose Mods.
  • Step 4: Choose “Open Mods Folder” in the bottom-right corner.
  • Move the Controllable controller support mod for Minecraft Java into the folder in step five.
  • Step 6: Relaunch Minecraft and test the controller support with a connected gamepad.

The gamepads for the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch are compatible with this mod. However, the mod does not assist the player in properly connecting these controllers to their PC. On the other hand, once players launch Minecraft and begin playing, they ought to be able to use their gamepad right away. While other players in a world may be using a mouse and keyboard, the player can still play and interact with the environment in Minecraft thanks to modified controller support that should work in multiplayer online servers.

Minecraft Java Edition is available on PC.

How To Play Minecraft with A Controller on PC (Java Edition 1.19)

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