How to use elytra in minecraft mobile

The elytra is one of the most sought-after items in Minecraft. Although it gives players the ability to glide and fly, this may not be the main factor in its popularity. Obtaining an elytra is arguably the most difficult goal in the game.

The item is the hardest to obtain in the game and cannot be created. Even the elusive elytra is easier to obtain than a beacon, which needs a Nether star.

Elytras are only found in End Cities. Players must therefore locate the stronghold, travel to the End, slay the Ender Dragon, locate an End City, ascend to its summit, and ideally find one there.

The previous three steps will need to be repeated if that isn’t the case. However, once obtained, it unlocks a variety of gameplay options that weren’t previously available, such as flying in Survival mode.

Players can use an elytra in Survival mode to fly if they jump from a tall object and glide back down. With fireworks, however, players can fly from the ground up. Heres how to use them in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Minecraft: Other facts to know about Elytra

How to use elytra in minecraft mobile

In the end, Alex and Steve are seen wearing their Elytra (source: Minecraft Wiki)

Although Minecrafters should now be able to use their Elytra, there are still some important details to remember.

Like any tool or piece of equipment, a player’s elytra will eventually become less durable when they fly around. Players will want to use one of a few different techniques to repair their Elytra in order to prevent losing it from breaking.

In the crafting grid or the grindstone menu, users can combine two damaged Elytra. Doing so will combine the Elytra durabilities and provide an additional 5% restoration to durability However, it will remove any enchantments applied to either Elytra.

Additionally, players of Minecraft can fix their Elytra by using phantom membranes that phantoms drop. Each membrane used will restore exactly 25% of the Elytras total durability and will ensure that no enchantments are lost during repairs

The Elytra and phantom membranes can be placed on an anvil to begin this process. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that performing this type of repair will increase the Elytra’s prior work penalty, making subsequent repairs more expensive.

The four enchantments Unbreaking, Mending, Curse of Vanishing, and Curse of Binding can all be used to enchant Elytra.

Of these enchantments, Mending is arguably considered the best option. This is because it enables users to repair the Elytra with experience orbs.

Players can use experience to keep their equipped Elytra in top condition without the use of additional Elytra or phantom membranes. A player can prevent their Elytra from breaking for practically ever if they have a setup resembling an experience farm.

The key to maintaining Elytra’s endless flight is keeping players well-stocked with firework rockets. Building fireworks rockets is simple enough, especially if the player has paper and gunpowder farms.

Players won’t ever have to worry about losing their flight again if they use membranes or mending to prevent their Elytra from breaking into pieces.

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How to use elytra in minecraft mobile

How to use Elytra in Minecraft Pocket Edition! 2022


How do you use an elytra in Minecraft on a phone?

How to use Elytra in Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1 and fly with it 19Jump from a height of a few blocks to start gliding. The moment a player touches the ground, they can theoretically press the jump button to use their momentum to propel themselves back into the air.

How do you use fireworks with elytra in Minecraft Mobile?

How do I glide, then activate the fireworks while holding them in Minecraft to fly an elytra? Make an effort to ensure that the fireworks are the proper kind to avoid self-harm.

How do you fly in Minecraft Mobile?

Here is a list of the flying commands for Minecraft on different platforms: On Windows, PC, and Mac, press the Space key twice to fly. Click the jump button twice in Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android or iPhone.

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