How to use /experience in minecraft

Players of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition who want to gain experience levels quickly have an alternative to farming monsters or making specific items. They can give themselves a ton of XP using the command console with no restrictions.

The Java Edition of Minecraft uses the /xp command, which is also available on Bedrock-compatible Minecraft platforms (including Pocket, Console, Windows 10, and Education Edition) and has a slightly different command syntax but the same functionality.

When you use the L attribute with the /xp command, you add experience levels to a player. An experience level is one entire bar filled. When you add an experience level, you will see the experience level counter for the player increase. Type the command in the chat window and press the Enter key to run the command.

What are the best uses of XP in Minecraft?

How to use /experience in minecraft

Pictured: A user renaming their Netherite Sword at an anvil (using Minecraft)

Renaming is one of the uses for Anvils, which players can use to spend their XP.

The default name of a player’s weapon might need to be changed, for example, to Diamond Sword or Netherite Sword. The tool or weapon would then go by whatever name the player chooses after being renamed.

Fortunately, changing a tool or weapon’s name only costs one level of experience points.

#4 – Combine Enchantments and Equipment

How to use /experience in minecraft

An example of a player fusing two potent enchantments into one is displayed (via Minecraft).

Players can also use anvils to spend their experience points by fusing two Enchanted Books, tools, weapons, or armor into one.

This is a very practical trick that will ultimately spare players XP. The above book combination only cost 5 levels, making it relatively simple to obtain.

If two items are the same, they can be combined. Both can have different enchantments. All enchantments will come together to create a single super tool or weapon when combined.

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How to use /experience in minecraft

An enchanting table powered by bookshelves is displayed (using Minecraft).

Using an enchantment table, players can also apply a random enchantment to one of their tools, weapons, armor, or books using their hard-earned XP.

The level of enchantment will increase in direct proportion to the number of bookcases positioned around the table. The level cap at 30 will result in a stronger enchantment than levels lower than that.

How to use /experience in minecraft

Advice: According to Minecraft, a fishing rod with Mending is essentially unbreakable.

The wonderful enchantment of mending allows players to repair their equipment, weapons, and tools.

Any item with the Mending enchantment that is in the mainhand, offhand, or armor slot will be slightly repaired when the player gains experience points. Mending is regarded as one of the best enchantments in Minecraft because of this mechanic.

How to use /experience in minecraft

Pictured: A player using Minecraft to repair his minimally damaged Diamond Sword for one level.

One of the most popular ways for players to use their XP is for repairs.

Players frequently develop attachments to particular enchanted tools or weapons and want to repair them repeatedly as they wear out.

An item requires more levels and resources to repair the more durability it has lost. Each additional resource will raise the repair’s enchantment cost by one.

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How to use /experience in minecraft

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How do you spend experience in Minecraft?

However, unlike many video games, gaining experience does not directly improve a character’s skills. Instead, enchanting and anvils are used to produce tools, armor, and weapons with a variety of useful abilities.

What is the best use of experience in Minecraft?

Enchanting. The most crucial use of XP in Minecraft is enchanting. Applying an enchantment to an item in order to improve it in a few particular ways is what this procedure entails. The best enchantments in the game, which have a wide variety, can be discovered here by players.

How do you give XP levels in Minecraft?

Use the /experience command to add as much experience as you need in the game to quickly gain experience points or even experience levels (also known as xp).

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