How to watch old replays of League of Legends

League of Legends is a thrilling game where anything can happen at any moment. It makes sense that, after your League of Legends match is over, it is simple to say, “I know what I did wrong there.” If you watch your League of Legends replays or other people’s strategies, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the subject. However, this guide will go into detail on how to use the LOL replay feature, where to find replays, and how to download them for offline viewing.

How to watch old League of Legends Replays (2022)

How you download your lol replays?

how to watch old replays league of legends

All you have to do in League of Legends to replay previous matches is click the download button on your Match History page. Itll be at the right-hand side of every game. Following that, wait a short while, and then click the play button to replay it.

how to watch old replays league of legends

However, what actually transpires when your client downloads a file with the extension rofl. Since the start of the League of Legends, Riot has all of the Rofl files for every game. These Rofl files are located somewhere on Riot servers. Your computer now has access to a new Rofl file on your hard drive after downloading your replay. The usual location for Rofl files is (C:UsersYOUR_USERDocumentsLeague of LegendsReplays).

A Rofl file is a compressed version of all the data and metadata for a specific League of Legends game. A Rofl file is all you need to watch an old game of yours again. The server and GameId are typically the two key components of a Rofl’s name.

how to watch old replays league of legends

The server and GameId are two crucial components for identifying your game. In fact, if you know the value of these two characteristics, you can learn everything there is to know about the game in question. For instance, if the game was played on the EUW server and the GameId was 5622678560, you can access all the information about the game at this URL: https://www leagueofgraphs. com/match/euw/5622678560.

how to watch old replays league of legends

Although Leagueofgraphs is just a regular website that makes use of the RIOT API and is not an official League of Legends website, it is incredibly helpful.

Returning to the Rofl files, these are binary files that also contain some crucial metadata about the games. As an illustration, the following is the outcome if you choose to open the Rofl file in notepad++:

how to watch old replays league of legends

The GameVersion attribute is the most crucial part of a Rofl file. The Rofl file won’t function if you open it with a GameVersion that differs from the client version. You must download the exact client version for this Rofl file in order for it to work.

How to play a Rofl file?

Sometimes you want to watch a previous game you just downloaded with your client again, but you played so many games (more than 20 games) that your game is not even listed on the match history tab. What you need to do is take the following actions in order to play your Rofl file:

  • Go to where your League of Legends client is located, and create a shortcut (desktop):
  • Drag your Rofl file to your recently created shortcut :
  • Your Rofl file should open in a few seconds.

    Imagine that you have thousands of Rofl files, but you are unsure which one contains the Penta kill that you committed with Vayne three days ago. Consequently, there is a tool that can make your life easier rather than having to manually open each Rofl file on your hard drive.

    The tool is called ReplayBook and was made by Fraxiinus. ReplayBook is open-source software available on GitHub. Download the latest release version at:

    Your Rofl files on your disk should appear as follows after installing this software:

    how to watch old replays league of legends

    The good news is that you can use ReplayBook’s blue button in the top right corner to play your Rofl files as well.

    League Of Legends Match History: The Replay For This Game Is Missing And Isn’t Available

    If you ever experience this issue, you must forget about the game replay because the League of Legends replays system doesn’t save that game replay, which is why even if you contact support they will provide you with irrelevant answers. Sometimes even the replay exists and is available to download in match history, but when you click to watch it you will receive an error saying the replay for this game is missing and isn’t available. Because League of Legends doesn’t keep game replays on their servers for very long, if you try to download an expired replay using the method below from a very old version, you will also encounter that error.


    Can you watch old LoL replays?

    Find the download button in the upper right of the “End of Game” screen after you have finished a League of Legends game; it is next to Advanced Details. Your Match History screen is another place where you can find your replays.

    How to Watch an old Game in League of Legends?

    After you’ve finished a game, look for the download button in the upper right corner of the End of Game screen (next to Advanced Details) to find and watch a replay. Replays can also be found on your Match History screen. Once you’ve downloaded a Replay file (.

    Where can I watch League replays?

    Watch the A-Leagues All Access Series on 10 Play!

    How do I view a ROFL file?

    Click on the ROFL file and select “Information. Open the “Open with” section after that, choose LoL, and then click “Change for all. To apply this modification to all ROFL files, select “Continue” and then confirm your decision. There are some additional considerations when working with ROFL files.

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