iPhone Alarm Not Working? Here Are 10 Ways to Fix It

IOS 10 – Early Riser Alarm (Enhanced & Extended Edition)

Can you turn off bedtime on iPhone?

Tap the Options button in the upper left corner of the screen to adjust settings for Bedtime, including days of the week, your bedtime reminder, wakeup sound, or volume of said wakeup sound. Tap the Bedtime switch to turn Bedtime on or off. The switch will be green if it’s on and white if it’s off.

What happens if you turn off snooze?

Untoggle it to turn it off. Now, the only way to shut down the alarm is to Slide, as if you’re unlocking. Because of the changes to the lock screen, you still don’t have to slide to turn off your alarm. Instead, the Snooze button is replaced by a Stop button.

Remove Badtime History from iPhone Clock App Under Alarm Tab

Old Badtime that appears at the top of my alarm list or Turned off Badtime reminders with the toggle as a history. Here are the solutions for you to remove Badtime under the Alarm toggle on the iPhone clock app. and the solutions are simple, you have to reset all settings from your iPhone. This option will not erase data like Photos, Contacts, Messages, and Mail or Other accounts. You have to set up WiFi, Face ID or Passcode for lock the device after reset all settings on iOS and iPadOS. Go to the Settings app > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. [Reset All Settings process will take a few seconds or Reboot once]. – The proof is in the below .

  • Officially there is no option to hide or remove old inactive bedtime reminders under the Alarm app on the iPhone clock app. If you turned off bedtime alarm then still visible at top of the Alarm list.
  • That’s it. Get more useful information on manage Badtime Reminder or Customize the Settings for Badtime reminder on iPhone or iPad clock app.


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