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The Battlefield 5 (BF5) video game released in 2018 and was met with widespread critical acclaim from both players and industry experts. While the game has since been released on multiple platforms, the PC version of BF5 has experienced a steady decline in user numbers over the past two years. As such, questions have been raised as to whether or not the game is “dead” on PC. This blog post will explore the current state of BF5 on PC, analyze the reasons for its decline, and discuss potential solutions to revive the game. Additionally, the post will examine the impact of the PC version’s decline on the overall health of the BF5 community. Finally, the post will take a look at the future of BF5 on PC and whether or not the game can make a comeback.

Which Battlefield games are DEAD in 2022 ??

Nioh 2: Complete Edition

Nioh 2 is an excellent follow-up that incorporates difficult combat, stat-allocating RPG components, and gear-based character builds into a Sengoku-era narrative that combines actual historical figures and Japanese mythology. With four new weapon types, yokai abilities that allow you to summon supernatural attacks, and an incredibly helpful counterattack mechanic, the original game’s thrilling, technical action is back. Nioh 2 is an RPG that you should play right away if you enjoy intense action and customizing character builds. MSRP $49. 99 MSRP $49. 99.

Persona 5 was a masterpiece role-playing game from Atlus, a developer renowned for its outstanding RPGs. Persona 5 Royal, a significant update for the game on consoles, smoothed out the game’s rough edges and filled the 80-hour adventure with new characters, plot points, and musical compositions. Persona 5 Royal receives even more goodies from Atlus for PC, including a new challenge mode and extra personas. Persona 5 Royal, a nearly flawless PC game, allows you to confront the difficulties of school life and the numerous psychological secrets that plague Japan’s citizens. MSRP $59. 99 MSRP $59. 99.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

The action game bundle Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection from Sony, which includes Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, is available for PC and includes a host of features. The games in the collection don’t get a visual upgrade like in The Last of Us Part I, but they do get a good amount of PC-friendly optimization, like support for ultrawide monitors, 4K resolution, AMD FS2 2, Nvidia DLSS, and DualSense controllers. Pick up this collection if you’re a PC gamer who’s always wanted to experience Uncharted’s unique brand of cinematic action. MSRP $49. 99 MSRP $49. 99.

With its mission-based progression, thrilling multiplayer battles, outstanding character mobility, and stunning sci-fi graphics, Warframe is an addictive online game. The game isnt new; Warframe has been around for years. As a result, despite its grind-heavy, free-to-play nature, new players will find Warframe to be a content-rich experience. The late-game content in Warframe, which features MMO-style activities like fishing, animal trapping, and mining—a complete departure from the game’s action-focused core—is the game’s biggest complaint. Still, Warframe is packed with thrilling moments.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro, a former film student who is now a video game designer, wears his influences on display. The bizarre, Twin Peaks-inspired Deadly Premonition was created by the video game auteur in the previous generation. Now, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, another bizarre murder mystery in the vein of David Lynch, graces the PC. It tells the tale of detective David Young, a widower, who is driven to discover the circumstances that led to the death of his wife, Little Peggy. The game is a must-play because of its intriguing characters, paranormal elements, and investigative gameplay. MSRP $14. 99 MSRP $14. 99.

Dark, made-up tale of the Origami Killer, a serial killer, is revealed in David Cages Heavy Rain. The interactive story is successful in creating a grimy atmosphere appropriate for the topic and in creating a cast of believable characters within its world. However, some aspects of the game’s presentation, like the voice acting and graphical fidelity, leave something to be desired. The mechanics frequently feel tacked on. Heavy Rain is still worth the time and money despite its ongoing flaws, if only for its compelling story. MSRP $19. 99 MSRP $19. 99.

One of the greatest, most popular, and most influential PC games of all time for almost three decades is the atmospheric puzzle game Myst. The most recent update to Cyan’s masterpiece improves the stunning visuals, adds support for virtual reality, and randomly generates puzzles so that each playthrough is different. Get lost on the island all over again. MSRP $29. 99 MSRP $29. 99.

After disappearing from digital stores when creator Telltale Games filed for bankruptcy, publisher Skybound Games has brought the heartbreaking and terrifying The Walking Dead back to life. You play as Lee, a former professor and convicted felon who tries to survive a zombie invasion while defending a young girl named Clementine, in the choice-based adventure game. Keep some tissues close for the ending.

Please be aware that PCMag did not review this new five-part collection, but we did review chapters one and two when they were released separately. MSRP $5. 00 MSRP $5. 00.

The Wolf Among Us is a video game that serves as a canonical prequel to Bill Willingham’s well-known Fables comic book series. It has a strong narrative, easy puzzles to solve, and quick-reflex Quick Time Event (QTE) sequences. The title’s striking appearance is inspired by film noir, while maintaining the source material’s vibrant colors and bold, heavy-lined black borders. The murder-mystery isn’t particularly difficult, but The Wolf Among Us should be added to your PC game collection if you want to spend a few hours in an immersive world with fascinating characters and excellent voice acting. MSRP $24. 99 MSRP $24. 99.


Is Battlefield V still active in 2022?

The first-person shooter market is currently dominated by behemoths like Warzone and Apex Legends; what will Battlefield V’s player count be in 2022? Despite these and the release of Battlefield 2042, Battlefield V continues to have a strong player base.

Is BFV PC dead?

Battlefield v is still incredibly healthy. Plenty of full servers.

Can Battlefield 5 be played on PC?

Buy Battlefield V – PC – EA. PERSISTENT INTERNET CONNECTION MAY BE REQUIRED TO PLAY. Installation of the EA app, acceptance of the EA User Agreement and Privacy & Cookie Policy, and registration with a single-use product code are all required before you can play.

Is Battlefield 5 still supported?

The game would receive its final significant update in the summer of 2020, according to an announcement made on April 23, 2020. Battlefield VReleaseNovember 20, 2018Genre(s)First-person shooter, battle royaleMode(s)Single-player, multiplayer.

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