Is Professor Capitalized? Assistant or Associate; APA or MLA

The rules for capitalizing job titles depend on the order of the words, how they are used, and whether or not the job title is used as part of the person’s name. Knowing when to capitalize job titles can be tricky: Is it an official title or just describing someone’s role?

Academic titles are capitalized when they immediately precede a personal name and lowercased when following a name. Examples: Associate Professor John Doe; Jane Smith, assistant professor. When an academic title is used in apposition before a personal name as a descriptive tag, it is lowercased.

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How to Capitalize an Assistant Professor

The decision will vary while factoring in the placement. Notable, you should capitalize it under the following circumstances:

When addressing someone with such a title, you should be the name’s title informant.

Additionally, keep the first part of a person’s name in capital letters when referring to them by title.

When a job title follows a name, lowercase letters are used rather than capital letters.

This is a requirement of email etiquette when communicating with professors.

In a direct email from the assistant professor, it’s imperative to capitalize both the name and the title. These foster professionalism and lend the email an authoritative air.

When typing the name and the title, start with the name and then type the title after it. Alternately, choose to insert a line break after the name and before the title.

You should list job titles in the work experience section of resumes you create. Capitalize them as you feature them as headings. Since the majority of resumes follow the AP format, the job title should be written in lower case as the proper way to adhere to these rules.

As an assistant professor, you should be consistent when leveraging your position title. After finishing your letter or essay, make sure to proofread it to make sure you did everything correctly.

Make sure to capitalize key words as you capitalize the job titles. Write good words and messages too. More information on the appropriate etiquette can be found by reading about how to sign off an email to your professor.

Instances when not to capitalize the word Professor

Understanding the circumstances you should avoid capitalizing the word professor will help you develop good grammar.

Here are some instances where you shouldn’t capitalize:

When a Person’s title precedes their Name

We can elaborate that in the following example;

He is John Maclin, professor of Modern Languages and Culture. He is a leading figure in this city.

You can speak with Edmond Edwards, a professor of mathematics and statistical science, to learn more about the grade history in your subject.

If the commas in a sentence, as in this example, separate the word professor, we do not capitalize it;

  • While in session, the team, Jane, the professor, and I resolved to launch a charity walk for the needy.
  • You should confirm if Jacob, the professor, Mary, and Peter are meeting the CEO of the company.
  • Jennifer bought lunch for us. We all ate it except Gideon, Claire, and the professor.
  • The professor said that he is scheduling a make-up class next week to compensate for the time lost.
  • When you are pursuing your Ph.D., you have a chance to become a professor or leave it at that point.
  • I cannot understand why students are taking advantage of our professor to secure more research projects that could land them lucrative jobs.
  • If it comes right before a person’s name, the distinguished academic title “assistant professor” should be capitalized. For example, in this situation,.

  • Associate professor John Smith, assistant professor.
  • To maintain respect for the person being addressed, we capitalize job titles. Furthermore, it shows professionalism when you mention their role.

    You should be aware of situations in which a job title, such as assistant professor, should be capitalized. It could be when you are doing the following:

    The Associated Press Stylebook (AP) advises against capitalizing specific degrees (Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science), but always does so when referring to general degrees (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, associate degree). Except when it contains a proper noun, AP agrees with CMOS that the field of study should be written in lower case.

    You will notice that capitalization can occasionally be a tricky subject if you read through our capitalization rules. Some areas are open to interpretation, so we cannot always rely on strict rules. You can see the various approaches taken by two of the top American English reference books in the area of capitalization of academic degrees:

    The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) suggests capitalizing the name of a degree when it appears on a resume, business card, diploma, alumni directory, or anywhere else that it resembles a title rather than a description rather than when degrees, fellowships, and the like are mentioned generally. Proper nouns, of course, should still be capitalized.


    Is professor capitalized in APA?

    Since AP considers the term “professor” to be an occupation, it is lowercased before names. Professor Emeritus must be capitalized in AP style since it is a conferred title that comes before a name.

    Do you capitalize assistant professor?

    Should I Capitalize Assistant Professor? Assistant professor is a prestigious academic title that you should capitalize if it comes right before your name. As an illustration, assistant professor John Smith and associate professor

    Are college professors capitalized?

    Academic titles like professor, fellow, reader, and lecturer shouldn’t be capitalized unless they’re followed by a name. When using such words as common nouns as opposed to titles, lowercase the words. Academic ranks and teaching positions are typically not capitalized in official designations either.

    Should position titles be capitalized?

    Rule: If a job title is used as part of a name, capitalize it immediately before it. Example: We requested that Chairperson Leong attend the meeting. Rule: Titles immediately after the name are typically not required to be capitalized.

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