How exactly do Dragoon levels increase?

This is a thorough list of details that have largely eluded the game’s fan base since its release. Most of it was posted here for everyone’s benefit and is taken from the Japanese Guidebook or other strange sources. It is advised to finish the game first because this page contains a lot of spoilers. The JP guidebook is the source of all ages and heights, and other information is cited in parenthesis. Everything that has been posted here has come directly from the developers and is therefore regarded as canon.

Dragoon Space’s current Special element dynamically boosts and depletes magical power for both allies and foes. For instance, fire-element magic damage is increased by 50% or 1 if Dart activates Special. 5x. The attack will deal 1 damage if the target enemy is of the water element. 75x damage instead. The magic damage that enemies with the fire element receive is equal to 1. 5x bonus. Keep in mind that the current elemental space also weakens the effects of opposing-element magic. For instance, if Special is activated with Dart, water elemental enemies and Meru’s outgoing magic damage are both cut in half. The D-attack power of that character is increased by 50% or 1 when using elemental weapons with a matching Dragoon Space. 5x. (Japanese Guidebook, p57).

You have a lower chance of succeeding in an escape the deeper you go into a dungeon. Also, this rate lowers with each successive disc. Disc 1 has rates over 50% in general. Disc 2 lowers escape chance to 30% for most areas. Some areas in Disc 4 have a 0% chance. (JG, p51).

Archangel: The god who guards the Winglies is also referred to as the Seventh Angel. In statues, they are depicted as having three sets of hands and two sets of wings. They have one set of wings that are as delicate as leaves. The second set is substantial and resembles butterfly tails. They hold a flower, a book, and a sword that resembles a red feather in their right hand. Even the statues of the archangel are androgynous, despite the fact that they appear to be male despite having a male appearance. Using Meru’s complex about humans, The Moon That Never Sets created an avatar of the Archangel. The avatar appears to be 184 cm tall and 27 years old in human terms. (JG p394).

Atlow: Age 33; 179cm. Lost to last year’s Hero Competition winner. Nobody is said to be unmarked if they pass by his bow. He entered more for the chance to showcase his abilities than for the cash. (JG p388).

Belzac: Age 31 (DC); 210 cm. Despite being a human, he is a remarkable giant who can lift an enormous axe that is too heavy for most people to handle. Despite having royal blood, he enjoys interacting with ordinary people. known for being an outstanding child protector who stood up for those killed by Winglies (JG p388).

Carlo: Father of Albert. Prior to Serdio splitting into Basil and Sandora, he served as its king. Doel, the brother of Carlo, became angry when he named his son Albert as his heir. It is difficult to say that Carlo’s government was necessarily for the people, even though it wasn’t quite a dictatorship. When Albert was only six years old, he was unaware that his father Carlo had been taxing his people excessively to the point where public order had deteriorated and led to allegations of bribes among his ministers. This helped spark the rise of Doel’s rebellion. (JG p389, 396).

Charle Frahma: The elder sister of Melbu Frahma. Long ago she lead the Wingly moderates. Now she leads Ulara. She tries to be upbeat around Rose because she feels responsible for what happens to her. Because she refers to Rose and Zieg by their pet names, she is perceived as somewhat of an “old lady.” (JG p392).

Dabas: Age 51; 163cm. An Antiques merchant in Lohan. He is nothing more than a big lump of flesh with his pathetic excuses for arms and legs, yet he is one of the top businessmen in the sprawling city of Lohan. He sometimes gets called a “fat daruma” because of his rubber-ball-like build, but he sees it as a compliment. Most of his waking hours are spent in Lohan’s numerous food stalls looking for food. But once he begins gem collecting—his favorite pastime—he gains the confidence to enter even the most hazardous situations. While attempting to locate a Burning Gem, a legendary gem that is rumored to burn indefinitely, he is saved by Dart and the others in Volcano Villude. There is a hole in his store that leads underground, and he occasionally enjoys going treasure hunting there. He then appears to return to Volcano Villude to continue looking for the Burning Gem. (JG p394).

Divine Dragon: 68 meters long, 180 tons. It is a dragon of the highest rank, a king, with seven wings and seven magical eyes. There are only two in existence. This one is said to be the only survivor of a fight between these two. It is covered in an exoskeleton-like shell and possesses sufficient magical power to wipe out the entire world. The ferocity of the animals in the world and the upheaval in the energy of the land, according to the Winglies, are caused by the approaching resurrection of the Divine Dragon. (JG p393).

Doel: Age 52; 182cm. The Emperor of the Sandoran Empire. He thought that in order to purify the world and establish a society in which all people were treated equally, a strong leader would be required. His left blade is dark, and his right blade is light. He is covered in black armor. He killed Carlo, his brother and Albert’s father, 20 years ago, which caused Serdio to split into Basil and Sandora. Doel appeared as a good king on a mission for his country on the Moon That Never Sets. (JG p396).

Faust: Known as The Wicked Ancient. Age 88 (11,770); 170cm. His apparitions are created from synthetic organic material that has been magically infused. Oversaw the murder of many species. (Japanese Guidebook, p398).

Gehrich: Age 42; 176cm. Haschel expelled him from the Rouge School of Martial Arts when he was 21 years old, which caused him to become a bandit. Even Gehrich himself had no desire for power when the Gehrich Gang was first formed; they were a small group. Six months before the present, he met Lenus and gave up his leadership, which allowed the gang to grow without him. (JG p391).

Gorgaga: Age 40; 162cm. He was a warrior from the northeastern frontier tribe (unrelated to the fictitious eastern tribe from Savan’s tests), and Dart faced him in the Hero Competition’s first round. He’s a big man with an animal skin covering his head. When Gorgaga arrived in Lohan to sell his furs, he learned about the Hero Competition and decided to participate. His tribe relied on hunting as a way of life, and since losing a battle meant certain death, they would do anything to win. He is branded a coward for doing so because he uses an illegal poison in the competition. (JG p391).

Greham: Age 46; 172cm. He is the military commander on Sandora with the highest level of loyalty to Doel, and he has a resolute and unyielding personality. He was a capable knight who preferred small-arms assaults over those involving large armies. When Serdio was divided into two factions, he supported Sandora. Despite being Servi’s father Lavitz’s closest friend, it is asserted that he killed Servi. Greham used the Jade Dragoon to manipulate Feyrbrand, but they were defeated by Dart and his allies. Greham reveals that he was afraid of Servi. (JG p390).

The most powerful Giganto warrior, Indora, fought human bandits who attacked his village until he was killed. His armor is the same as Kongol’s in Kazas, even though he is found there. (JG p388).

Kanzas: Age 44 (DC); 165cm. He made the decision to do anything evil he had to in order to survive after being abandoned by his parents at a young age. He became a knight for the most immoral of the seven original Knights of the Dragon’s reasons. His clothes were usually all-black with weapons hidden all over. His salt-and-pepper hair was standing up as though to challenge the heavens. He kept a list of all the people he had killed, carving wooden dolls in their likeness and scattering them all over his room. He was convinced by Shirley to fight for others and felt compelled to do so. (JG p390.

Katrina: Late wife of Emperor Doel. The Goddess Statue on the fourth floor of the Black Castle was modeled after her. (JG p389).

Kongol: Age 37, 250cm. He is wearing Dragon bone armor at the Black Castle, which enables the wearer to cast magic. (JG p385).

One of the three Winged Executioners sent by Nomos to battle Dart and company is named Kubila. He collaborates with Vector and Selebus, but the trio is not entirely made up of winglies. Their blood is mixed with other species. Due to the fact that Kubila is a hybrid of Winglies and Humans, he had a lot of difficulty deciding which side he belonged to during the Dragon Campaign. He ultimately gained a reputation for being hated as an abomination by both sides and, in desperation over his own fate, chose to lead a life of darkness. He later joined the other two who had also felt alienated by the world as a Winged Executioner. (JG p390).

Lavitz Slambert: Age 34; 170cm. Serious with a strong sense of morality. He is also a bit of a mama’s boy. Greham, a trustworthy knight and close friend, killed Servi, his father. He attacks the group when he comes across them in Mayfil because the demon Zackwell temporarily made him forget about his journey with Dart. (JG P384).

Four brothers who hawk their goods in the world’s most remote locations are known as the “Peddler Brothers.” They all have a passion for the life of a merchant, but Primero was the one who first suggested they start selling things. (JG p390).

Savan: A lone Wingly who has been by himself in the Magical City of Aglis since the beginning of time. In his mirror room, he has been keeping an eye on Rose for 7,000 years, referring to himself as “the Wingly fated to wait.” He self-achieved immortality after surviving the Dragon Campaign, pursued magic studies to reassemble the Wingly world, and survived the Dragon Campaign. He continued his research while keeping an eye on Rose, creating the potent spell Psychedelic Bomb and a brand-new signet sphere in Moot. Before Dart and company arrived, Savan created and used a variety of magical creatures. He probably intended for the uniqueness and human-like characteristics of the magical creatures he created to lessen the loneliness he felt. (JG p391).

Serfius: Age 27; 170cm. He was a knight in armor who had once worked for an earl of the Kingdom of Basil. However, after the earldom was destroyed during the war, he went on the lam. Throughout his travels, he developed a distinctive sword technique and can even add. (JG P393).

Servi Slambert: Also known as the Lance of Slambert, he was well-known throughout the Kingdom of Basil. Servi’s despair on the battlefield became like a chink in his armor after his closest friend Greham betrayed him, and he died. (JG P393).

Shirley: Age 27; 161cm. Her hair falls to her lower back and has a faint reddish tint. She was killed in the Battle of Kadessa and is now only a spirit. Originally a priestess that served the gods, she despised fighting. Her lifelong devotion to the gods was evident by the large scarf that hung over her shoulders that wrapped around her like Tennyo’s Hagoromo and the white makeup that ran from her forehead to her nose. She was adored by many people for being a loving person who constantly thought of others and had a very calm demeanor. She and Rose have remained best friends despite more than 10,000 years having passed since the war. She can be found later defending the lives of her friends who perished in the Dragon Campaign from the curse of Mayfil when the party encounters her again in Vellweb. (JG p392).

Soa: The Creator. Widely believed in places like Tiberoa as the highest God. The Divine Tree was made by Soa, and therefore all life on earth. (JG p394).

Syuveil: Age 26; 177cm. Originally a biologist. He typically wore a cape as evidence that he is a scholar over his plain white clothes in addition to his round glasses. He continually researched living things with a passion. He always looked for an answer to the question of why life exists, where does it come from, and where does it go. To find answers to that query, he decided to enlist as a Dragoon. He encountered the world without light where the dead are transported during the battle of Mayfil, but he chose to remain in this world as a spirit because he did not want to go there. (JG p393).

Theresa: The queen of Mille Seseau. She gave birth to twin daughters at her parents’ home 18 years ago; she is originally from Neet. However, Shana was taken away by midwives who failed to inform Teresa that her child had a twin because in Mille Seseau, having twins is thought to be unlucky.

Theresa returned to Deningrad after giving birth to handle stately business, leaving her daughter, Princess Louvia, in Neet because she wasn’t feeling well. On the night that Louvia escaped on the ship, the Saint Louvia, which had sailed from Deningrad, the Black Monster then attacked Neet. (JG p396).

Ute, Librarian: Age 65; 170cm. After the Divine Dragon attacks Deningrad, Ute collaborates with Bishop Dille to repair the city and assist the populace. (JG p389).

Wink: Her journey past Evergreen Forest was for the purpose of obtaining reinforcements, most likely in response to the Divine Dragon. She secludes herself at the hotel in the destroyed Deningrad after losing Lloyd. Her love for him was quite strong. (JG p388).

Zior: King of Tiberoa. He is admired by his people for being a hard worker and strong. He will be 45 this year and is 156cm tall. His two daughters Emille and Lisa, who are said to resemble their late mother, are his pride and joy. Zior is said to spoil Emille in particular. Before ascending to the throne, he was a notable warrior, and even today, his sword arm is above average for a knight. When he learned of the Divine Dragon’s assault, he sent aid and supplies to Mille Seseau’s capital. (JG p392).

Holding Start will display place names over their miniature models on the world map. When holding Square at a location’s entrance, you can see if it has any amenities (such as a hotel, clinic, or shops). ).

In the game, there are four different types of dungeons: Barrens (Single Road), Shirley’s Shrine (Building), Hellena Prison (Maze), and Valley of Corrupted Gravity (Warp).

Dragoon Levels are gained by acquiring SP, and it will continue to accumulate, for the purposes of gaining D’Levels, even when the Spirit bar is full. Addition levels are gained by completing the Additions correctly, a minimum of 80 successful uses are needed to master each..

Tips & Tutorial – Legend of Dragoon: Dragoon leveling easily & quickly

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According to this guide (see “Section 9: Dragoon Level”):

Story[edit] Meru as the Blue Sea Dragoon

When Dart and Lavitz visit the town of Hoax, they encounter dragoons for the first time in this game. As they battle, the terrifying foe gains the upper hand. Just as Kongol is about to strike Dart, Rose flies in with the aforementioned armor and wings. She saves Dart by awakening his dormant Dragoon Spirit. He then transforms, bursting with power, and defeats Kongol. Rose instructs Dart later on how to use his recently discovered powers.

All of the game’s characters eventually get their individual Dragoon Spirits and turn into Dragon Knights.

Dragoon Attacks[edit]

There are two main choices when attacking as a Dragoon. The first is D-Attack, and the second is Dragoon Magic. Dart performing his D-Attack.

Similar to an addition, a D-Attack deals a lot more damage and has a slight elemental advantage. Darts D-Attack will therefore deal more damage than anyone else’s when attacking a Water-based foe, while Merus will deal less With the exception of Kongol, who has four chances, all D-Attacks have five chances to press X; if all are successful, the attack is deemed “PERFECT!” and will be carried out. The character who initially transformed will automatically finish their D-Attack when using Dragoon Specials. Dragoon Magic can be employed for both defensive and offensive strategies. There are countless possibilities because the different magics are so diverse. A new spell is learned by each character at levels 1, 2, 3, and 5. Kongol, however, only gains one on 1, 3, and 5. Each spell has a different purpose, strength, and utility. Dart performing Final Burst.

  • Flameshot
  • Explosion
  • Final Burst
  • Red-Eyed Dragon
  • Wing Blaster
  • Blossom/Rose Storm
  • Gaspless
  • Jade Dragon
  • Shana performing Gates of Heaven

  • Moon Light
  • Star Children
  • Gates of Heaven
  • White Silver Dragon
  • Astral Drain
  • Death Dimension
  • Demons Gate
  • Dark Dragon
  • Rose performing Death Dimension

  • Atomic Mind
  • Thunder Kid
  • Thunder God
  • Violet Dragon
  • Freezing Ring
  • Rainbow Breath
  • Diamond Dust
  • Blue Sea Dragon
  • Grand Stream
  • Meteor Strike
  • Golden Dragon
  • FAQ

    What is the max dragoon level?

    Every dragoon has the same amount of MP (Magic Power), with a minimum of 20 at dragoon level 1 and a maximum of 100 at dragoon level 5.

    Is a dragoon a dragon?

    Since dragoon and dragon are frequently used interchangeably, the fact that they are related may not come as a surprise. One of the weapons dragoons frequently used was a powerful musket known as a “dragon,” which was said to “breathe fire.”

    Is Rose Dart’s mother?

    She was directly to blame for Neet’s destruction, as well as possibly (although Melbu Frahma could have easily been to blame) for Dart’s mother and Haschel’s daughter, Claire, passing away. Information. RoleHometownHeroUnknown.

    Are Dart and haschel related?

    On the Moon That Never Sets, Haschel must face Claire alone. Haschel learns that he is in fact Dart’s grandfather thanks to clues leading up to and including this battle, including Claire’s lullaby, which is known to both Dart and Haschel.

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