lightworks how to delete audio?

Lightworks v14 Tutorials Muting and Adding Audio Files

lightworks how to delete audio?

Step #2: Launch Filme editor, then import your media file to the media folder. Step #3: To edit your video, add the media file to the editor timeline by hitting the + icon or right-clicking on the video to select from the displayed options. Step #4: Detach your audio by right-clicking the video in the timeline.

Question: Lightworks How To Delete Audio

Overall: Lightworks was an excellent option to get started in the world of video editing; easy to use, excellent editing tools, cuts of videos, union of videos, sounds, s, compatibility with several video formats and a fresh and simple interface make me not to regret using this program. I recommend it a lot.

Pros: Lightworks is very easy to use, it’s a video editor that I could recommend to any newbie, it’s simple and you can make good videos with it, even great quality movies with this video editor, It’s fast, flexible, and once you get used to its workflow you’ll find it remarkably easy to use.

It’s sometimes called a freeze frame or tableau. It can provide insight into character relationships with a clear focus upon use of space, levels, body language and facial expression. Still s can be used in a variety of ways. Still is also a useful way to storyboard early devised work.

Create a freeze frame in a clip Choose Modify > Add Freeze Frame. The frame at the playhead position is frozen for 3 seconds, and remains attached to the source clip at either end. The freeze-frame portion of the clip is selected. Handles appear at the edges of the freeze frame, and a hand icon appears in the middle.

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