minecraft how to remove world border updated 2022

The Minecraft world is considered to be infinite. However, as in mathematics, some infinities are larger than others .

because theoretically the maximum area is limited and practically an endless world can never be fully explored Additionally, there are variations in how much of the map can be explored while the game is still functioning properly between the various versions of Minecraft. You will learn everything there is to know about the size of the Minecraft world in this article.

Even though it practically appears to be infinite, a Minecraft world is not. The world can grow to a maximum of 64,000 kilometers and 130 quadrillion blocks. As a result, you won’t be able to even begin to fully explore the Minecraft world, which is roughly the size of Neptune.

If you come to a world border, it will show up as a brief animated wall that you can’t cross permanently. Of course, theoretically, it would be possible to remove this restriction. However, there is no need to do so due to the additional restriction imposed by the hardware’s performance capacity.

The world size in the most popular Minecraft versions, “Java” and “Bedrock,” cannot be predetermined. Only the Nintendo 3DS version of the game now has the option to set a fixed Minecraft world size, whereas this option was previously still present in the console versions. There, you can select from three different world sizes, ranging from 50,176 to 451,584 blocks in size: small, medium, and large.

The handling of their expansive worlds differs between Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition, as was already mentioned. The Java Edition appears to be significantly more powerful, and the hardware you use is largely responsible for how well the game runs in the explored area. However, the Bedrock Edition’s world size is significantly smaller. The game becomes a little jerky when you are farther than 16,384 blocks from the center, you can fall through the world at 131,072 blocks, and you can’t go any farther without flying at 4,194,304 blocks. Finally, no terrain is created at all if you are more than 12,500,821 blocks from the center.

How To Get and Use The Minecraft World border (Updated)

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We have a how-to video for creating a global border:

A world border is a line drawn around a region of the Minecraft universe that keeps players and other entities from straying past it. Setting a world border is particularly helpful for reducing the amount of chunks generated when players explore your world, which can occasionally cause lag or cause your world files to grow too large.

Players will take damage when outside of the border. Placing of blocks and liquids outside of the border may be restricted, if at all possible, while redstone builds and water or lava flow are unaffected.

The world border function is only available in the Java Edition of Minecraft. To set up your world border on Bedrock Edition servers (NukkitX or PocketMine-MP), you’ll need plugins.

To follow the instructions in this tutorial, you’ll need to install WorldBorder if it isn’t already on your server. From the SpigotMC website, you can download the WorldBorder plugin. Then, use our instructions for installing plugins.

A Minecraft tutorial video is available for making a flat or superflat world.

If you want to use your Minecraft server world, here’s a video tutorial on how to do it.

On your Minecraft server, you can disable world saved messages using the video tutorial below:

Additionally, you can generate missing portions of your world that are border-bound using the /wb fill command. Check out our article on pre-generating your world with WorldBorder to learn more. Please get in touch with our support at if you need any additional assistance at:

Limiting the Minecraft World (Java Edition)

The size of the Minecraft world can be an issue in some situations, especially when playing multiplayer. Performance may suffer if there are too many players exploring the world in various directions. Additionally, because of how widely spaced out the buildings are, you might not even be able to see your teammates. You can set a world border in the Java Edition to prevent this. This is accomplished by using the command “worldborder set” and then the desired width in blocks. Therefore, you would need to type the following command for a world with a width of 2,048 blocks:

worldborder set 2048

Despite the fact that the Minecraft world is not truly infinite, orientation can occasionally be challenging. A Minecraft map or the Minecraft coordinates can help you. You can easily do this on a Minecraft server from G-Portal with your friends if you want to explore the expansive world of Minecraft.


How do you get rid of world borders in Minecraft?

You can “remove” a world border that you unintentionally set by setting it to 30 000 000. Since the default world border is 60000000, I was a little surprised by this (/worldborder set 30000000).

How do I reset world border?

To reset the world border size, set sizeInBlocks to 59,999,968. Even when the game is paused, the border still expands or contracts and the animation still appears.

How do you toggle world border in Minecraft?

Minecraft: Using commands to set or change the world border
  1. The command “/worldborder center X> Z>” positions the world border’s center at the specified X and Z coordinates. Many Minecraft users prefer to choose these coordinates as their spawn point.
  2. The block size of the border is set by the command “/worldborder set size>”.

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