Experts Explain What It Means When Your Ex Watches Your IG Stories

We can all agree that Instagram is one app we can’t ignore from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. This app is in charge of our world, whether it’s for mindless scrolling, watching endless reels, or finding out who watched your Instagram story. And it occasionally governs or guides our romantic lives as well.

When you see the name of your crush under your story, I suppose your heart must beat faster, but when you see your ex’s name, you begin to wonder a lot of things. In general, Instagram stories are very important in our daily lives.

Therefore, a guy who likes you, a close friend, or even your boyfriend could see your story. Your ex can also see it. However, when people see your story, they all have their own interests. Therefore, when you begin to wonder “Why does he watch all my stories?” I will assist you in deciphering those various meanings and interests.

He misses you.

He could be watching your Instagram Stories because it’s the only way he can still experience you in some capacity, even if it’s virtual. He may miss you and what you two had.

My Ex Watches My Instagram Stories” (What Does It Mean?)

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Always Watches Your Instagram Stories?

It’s one thing to occasionally notice your ex stalking you on Instagram Stories. If they never miss the opportunity to look into your life, that’s a different story (LOL). Winter asserts that there is a distinction between your ex casually viewing a few of your Stories and following every post you make. all day, everyday. Frequency, according to Winter, is what distinguishes genuine love from mere curiosity. If your ex regularly monitors everything you post, they might be keeping track of what you’re doing.

Meredith Golden, a dating coach and ghostwriter for dating apps, asserts that someone who consistently views your Instagram Stories isn’t necessarily meaningless. According to what she previously said in an interview with Elite Daily, “If someone is consistently clicking on a Story, there is definitely interest in seeing what a poster is up to.” They aren’t necessarily in a romantic relationship, but they aren’t skipping posts either. “.

Of course, if the breakup was unpleasant or if you believe there are still unresolved emotions, your ex may be watching your story with a lot of #FOMO. The majority of the time, people only want to know if they are worse off without you, Silva says of his clients. “For those seeking closure in the relationship because they have unresolved pain, they’re waiting to receive confirmation of something they believed or felt, which can help them move on. However, if you are constantly checking their status channels, you should consider why you feel the need to do so. “.

“My Ex Watches My Instagram Stories.” Why?

Your ex may continue to follow your social media posts for a variety of reasons. He manages to see your posts more quickly the more you post. So, what could that mean?.

Ex watches my Instagram stories but doesn’t follow me

It’s only fair that I address this issue since it is among the most frequently asked questions about social media. Dumpers watch their ex-partners’ stories but don’t follow them because they want to maintain their distance. They are aware that their ex-partners can see that they are viewing their stories, but they don’t mind because they don’t communicate and aren’t friends.

Even though they aren’t friends, they feel safer and more at ease watching their ex-partners’ stories because they are closer to strangers than they are to friends. They know deep down that their ex won’t contact them about it because it would be awkward to let someone know they’ve seen them viewing their stories.

Yes, it’s strange that your ex has to manually look you up on social media to find out what you’re up to, but he or she would rather look you up than constantly have your stories notifications and new posts appear on their wall. Your ex doesn’t want surprises like that.

Especially not when surprises bring up your ex’s past actions and how they impacted him or her. Always keep in mind that your ex wants to control what they think about you and how they feel about you. In order to keep you at a safe distance, your ex may push you away if they don’t feel in control.

Some dumpers watch their exes’ stories but don’t follow them, just as some dumpers partially delete or block their dumpees and keep their exes at a distance that makes them feel comfortable. Such dumpers enjoy the freedom to control the direction of the relationship and the degree to which their ex is allowed to influence their lives.

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