How to add a picture to minecraft server

Minecraft has been booming recently and for a good reason. Changing the Minecraft server icon is something we’ll show you how to do if you have your own server. An appealing server icon in Minecraft has a significant impact on other players and makes you appear more professional. There are many conceivable choices for Minecraft … Read more

How to plant an apple tree in minecraft

Players can find or grow a few different types of fruits in Minecraft, which are a great food source and farm starter. Each fruit in Minecraft is obtained in different ways. Some can be grown, while others cant. Some fall from trees, and others dont. Fruit can be challenging to locate and harvest, but they … Read more

How to change the splash text in minecraft

I demonstrate how to locate the Minecraft Splash Text Folder, edit the text, and create a Custom Minecraft Splash Text Resource Pack in this brief video. Custom splash text is the ideal finishing touch for my project to create a custom Minecraft title. Make a new working folder. Get the Vanilla resource pack. At 00:24, … Read more

How do you steer a llama in minecraft

This step-by-step Minecraft tutorial shows you how to tame and ride a llama with the help of pictures and detailed instructions. Lets explore how to do this. Unlike a donkey, horse, and mule you can’t control a llama with a saddle. You can still hop on their back but it won’t do you any good. … Read more

How do you make fences in minecraft pc

Place 1 oak wood plank in each of the first three boxes and 1 stick in the second box of the crafting table to create a fence. Place the third row in the same manner, then transfer it to your inventory. Fences were added in Minecraft Java version 0. 2. 0. This concise, user-friendly guide … Read more