how to show fps genshin impact pc

Genshin Impact has stunning graphics, but it comes at a performance cost. Various factors affect the games performance, and FPS is one of them. Until now, PC players could only run the game in 30 and 60 FPS, respectively. However, the latest leaks have revealed that another 45 FPS options will be added to the … Read more

genshin impact when did liyue come out

Liyue is the second nation accessible in Genshin Impact. Newer Genshin Impact players will love flying between the mountains of Minlin and meeting the friendly faces of Liyue Harbor. More experienced players find themselves returning for valuable ascension materials and talent books. Our quick guide includes a list of loot available in the area, a … Read more

how to play genshin impact on shadow pc 2

Genshin Impact Won’t Run On Shadow PC & Virtual Machines Is Genshin Impact on Shadow? No. Procedure 1 Click to Enlarge Pull the shadow downwards. 2 Click to Enlarge Lock the shadow’s shape and flip it upside down to complete the riddle. How can I play Genshin Impact on my PC? From your web browser, … Read more

blade of the ruined king item

BLADE OF THE RUINED KING IS THE ULTIMATE TANK KILLER ITEM | Challenger Yone – League of Legends Cost Analysis 15 on-hit physical damage = 375 Total Gold Value = 2828.57 Blade of the Ruined Kings base stats are 85.71% gold efficient. Blade of the Ruined King can become gold efficient if the passive grants … Read more

how to change uid in genshin impact

Genshin Impact UID Does Not Exist | How to fix Genshin Impact uses a unique system to manage friends and multiplayer. UID stands for User ID, or a unique string of numbers assigned to each player. These are created when you create your account, and they never change. Genshin Impact How to change your email … Read more

how long will latex balloons stay inflated with helium

Bubble balloons and foil balloons (also know as Mylar balloons) can last days, weeks or even months! They have a much longer lifespan than latex balloons because latex balloons are porous and helium slowly escapes out of them. An 28cm (11 inch) balloon will generally last 10-12 hours when kept in optimum conditions. However, we … Read more

how to save battery while playing genshin impact

How To Save Battery Life When Playing Genshin Impact on any Android and ios Devices | 2022 Try out the battery saver mode Different phones have different battery saver modes. In an iPhone the battery saver turns off some of the system’s visual effects, and cuts down background data. Google doesn’t really want you to … Read more

how to change currency in genshin impact

Genshin Impact CURRENCY GUIDES | How to Farm and Spend all the Major Currencies in Genshin Impact! Should I buy currency in Genshin Impact? The answer to this question depends on what you want out of the game. Genshin Impact is completely free, and its possible to enjoy the entirety of the games story content … Read more

how to teleport players to you in project zomboid

Teleport commands in Bedrock Edition are written slightly differently, though they have the same effect. Additionally, Bedrock Edition allows you to check for blocks at the target destination to prevent player or entity suffocation using the checkForBlocks extension to your command. To use teleport commands in Java and Bedrock Editions, players must have To teleport … Read more