project zomboid map building colors

HOW BIG Project Zomboid REALLY is

These maps won’t track your position, but you will be able to get you bearings and make markings on them. After all, what’s a map if you can’t mark safehouses, the homes you’ve looted and whatever other vital survival locations on it? Using this initial March Ridge template map RJ has been implementing mouse zoom, the ability to mark notes and also a ‘symbol stamping’ system that will let you annotate the maps that you find with skulls, house s, crosses etc. You can even choose your own text and icon colours. Please note that the following video is a work-in-progress!

Right now the system is in place, but it’ll take a little while for maps of each major town area to be produced – West Point and Muldraugh are sizeably bigger than the March Ridge test case after all. At first, meanwhile, we will only be concentrating on urban areas and avoiding any areas that are still in-flux or could potentially change in the main game.

A quick shout out to Z3759xy on our forums who has had to step away from some, quite frankly, incredible PZ map-making projects due to the amount of spare time he has on his hands – and we dearly hope that someone else picks up his .tbx baton, or performs a team-up operation. Some really great stuff in here!

For many PZ players the alt-tab to Blindcoder’s map has become something of a ritual, but for a long time we’ve needed a way for players to get their bearings in-game. Using the power of Turbo’s CartoZed tool we now have the power to create top-down maps, which means that we can now also feed them to our resident artist Mash to create lootable in-game items like this. [Still somewhat work in progress – town slogan to change!]

The Rosewood Map of Project Zomboid

project zomboid map building colors

Rosewood is a small community with a few notable buildings. The town houses a courthouse near the center of town but mostly consists of residential buildings. It is one of the spawn areas at the start of a sandbox game and one that I would personally recommend for people on their first run in Project Zomboid. There aren’t a great deal of zombie spawns here in comparison to some of the other spawn areas and there are some great little hideouts just on the outskirts of town. Some of which include the Rosewood Prison, not shown on the in-game map for Rosewood but can be found in this location on the Project Zomboid Map Project. The town has a large construction site visible as the large black rectangle on the bottom of the map shown above. There are a few interesting places to make a base in this town for sure.

Right clicking on a map will allow you to read the map. A new window with the enlarged version of the map will appear you can add symbols, write notes and zoom in and out of the maps. A pen or pencil is required to write on the map and an eraser is needed to remove markings. If the options for “Add Note” “Remove Marking” or “Add Symbol” do not appear make sure your pen, pencil or eraser is in your main inventory.


Are the maps in Project Zomboid connected?

Most of them are. Depends on which ones you have. Select overlays and you can see where the added areas are in relation to eachother.

How do you mark a map in Project Zomboid?

There are a total of five in-game maps for the different towns including March Ridge, KY, Muldraugh, KY, West Point, KY, Rosewood, KY and Riverside, KY. Maps can be found in containers at gas stations, inside of car glove boxes, and on zombie corpses.

How many towns are in Project Zomboid?

In total, there are four starting towns in Project Zomboid: Riverside, Muldraugh, Rosewood, and West Point. Each has a unique layout, loot locations, and easier or more difficult starting conditions for players to test out.

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