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I tried combining them, and the only choice it gives me is to save in case. How do you use herbs to heal yourself?

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Resident Evil 6 Part 4: How do I Use First Aid Spray?? – Joarna Gaming

You can use one of the tablets to heal yourself for one bar section at a time by pressing RB on the Xbox 360 or R1 on the PS3 as long as you have one in your pill case. Share.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to combine herbs into tablets, take a look at my other article.

(Awesome!) Your character is now completely dependent on pills, and in order to use herbs, they must first be made into health tablets.

Once you’ve done that, look at your HUD in the game; above your health bar will be a number that represents the number of health tablets you currently have in your pill case.

The health pills are removed from your inventory once they’re put in your pill container so you can use them.

Resident Evil 6 how to use first aid spray

After a pause, select the first aid spray from your inventory to use it. You can use it on yourself or your partner if you choose the equip option.

How Do You Heal In Re Revelations 2?

The Green Herb is the only item in the game that can heal the player, and in either campaign or raid mode, it can also be used to heal a partner character if they are close enough to it.


How do you heal in Resident Evil 6?

In Resident Evil 6, Health Tablets are the primary means of healing. They are made by condensing herbs into small, easy-to-swallow tablets. Each health tablet gives the user one square of life back. Near a partner, using a health tablet will increase their life by half a square.

How do you heal yourself in Resident Evil?

Use this blue herb when you are poisoned, or combine it with a green herb to further your healing, or use both a red and a green herb. They are poison antidotes and can be found in a few different locations throughout the game. Blue Herb Planter No matter your condition, First Aid Spray will completely heal you.

How do you heal your partner in Resident Evil 6?

Stand next to him/her and heal yourself. Under normal conditions you will also heal 0. 5HP for your partner. You can’t heal your partner if you have full HP. If you have herbs, you can use the same button to heal your partner if they have no health.

How do you heal your keyboard in Resident Evil 6?

Health Tablets: Pressing either of the following keys will use a health tablet; pressing the other key will automatically mix herbs. X, Shift, Z, and C are shortcut keys for diving backward, forward, left, and right, respectively. Next Gernade or First Aid Spray: T button.

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