solved error indicated cartridges blocked for containing a no

Having a printer issue can be a time consuming and difficult process. This can be especially true when dealing with an error indication that your cartridges are blocked. Whether you have a high-end printer or something more basic, this type of issue can be a challenge for anyone. When addressing this type of problem, it is important to understand the different solutions and approaches that can be used to resolve the issue and move forward. In this post, we will be discussing how to solve the error indicated cartridges blocked for containing a no. We will cover the underlying causes of this error, how to diagnose the issue, and some of the solutions that can be implemented to resolve the problem. All of this will be presented in an easy to understand format for the reader, providing a comprehensive approach to solving this type of printer issue.

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw Indicated Cartridges Blocked for Containing a Non-HP Chip

Indicated Cartridges Blocked For Containing Non-HP Chip

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  • Why dose HP printer say Non-HP Chip Detected?

    The Non-HP Chip Detected error message was typically brought on by updates to the HP printer firmware. With the most recent printer firmware, the majority of third-party cartridges were no longer functional. Consequently, your printer might reject third-party cartridges with non-HP chips when you install them and display the error message Non-HP Chip Detected.

    Similar to the Windows operating system in an HP Envy computer, the printer firmware is a program that controls how the printer functions normally and gives users an interactive interface. It is essential to the functioning and use of the printer. Periodically, the original HP will update the printer’s firmware. Customers have provided us with a lot of feedback regarding Non HP Chip Detected. Since 2022, genuine HP has continuously updated printer firmware and distributed it to users via WiFi or PC-side networking. Upgrades to software, computer systems, mobile phones, and other devices are all common in our daily lives. Therefore, when presented with such an upgrade prompt, printer users typically accept the firmware updates without giving them much thought.

    Firmware updates typically serve to correct bugs in the printer’s previous firmware version, enhance the printer’s security settings, or enhance or add functionality. However, the OEM will simultaneously implement new firmware to limit the use of unofficial ink and toner cartridges. After a printer firmware update, the new firmware will utilize Dynamic Security Measures to determine whether the toner cartridge or ink tank being used in the printer contains the original HP chips. The printer will display a Non HP Chip Detected error message and stop accepting HP compatible toner cartridges if the cartridge chips are not genuine HP chips.

    Updates to the firmware for HP printers can also result in Supply Memory Errors or Cartridges Blocked for Using a Non-HP Chip. These two error messages always appear in HP laser printers. See How To Fix Supply Memory Error.

    solved error indicated cartridges blocked for containing a no

    What is HP Cartridge Protection?

    Genuine ink cartridges might have embedded chip-based cartridge protection. Once an ink cartridge is installed, your printer will designate it as protected, meaning the cartridge is locked to only work with that particular printer. Since they are locked to the first printer, if you were to purchase a new printer that uses the same cartridges, you would be unable to use those cartridges in your new printer. This means that the ink cartridges cannot be recycled, refilled, or remanufactured for use in any other printer. As a result, they cannot be recycled and are not environmentally friendly; they will eventually end up in landfills.

    The message “Protected HP Cartridges Installed” may appear on your printer when you install original protected ink cartridges that have been remanufactured for additional use. Therefore, these cartridges won’t function with your printer. Only the one printer that they are locked to will function with them.


    How do you unblock a blocked ink cartridge?

    Non-HP Chip Detected fix solutions
    1. (1) Use compatible printer cartridges with new chips. …
    2. (2) Downgrade printer firmware. …
    3. (3) Use the original HP ink cartridges or toner cartridges.
    4. (4) Disable the HP Automatic Updates. …
    5. (1) Provide compatible ink and toner cartridges with latest chip.
    6. (2) Provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    How do you solve indicated cartridges blocked for containing a non HP chip?

    Basic Troubleshooting for Ink Cartridges Not Recognized Error
    1. Hard reset your printer. Start by turning off your printer while unplugging the power cable at the back of it.
    2. Remove and reinsert your ink cartridges. …
    3. Check your ink cartridges warranty. …
    4. Move the printhead manually.

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