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There isn’t much guidance available when you first start playing Subnautica, which is one of the aspects of the game that I love because it forces you to explore and figure things out for yourself.

But one thing that has people perplexed is the Aurora’s explosion early in the game. With only 24 hours to stop the explosion, should we leave it alone and what will happen if we do?

Subnautica # 02 – Quantum detonation will occur within 2 hours

The player will enter a locker room by breaking open the sealed door. Batteries, first-aid kits, and water can all be found inside some of the lockers that are left open. There is a Data Download called “Sweet Offer” on an abandoned PDA. The player will receive the code “1869,” which is necessary for Cabin 1 in the Living Quarters.

There are two routes to the inside of the ship. The first route consists of a doorway behind a Floodlight that is blocked off by various crates and is located on the right side of the shore area of the torn upfront section. The player will then find themselves in the laboratory after extinguishing the fire behind the crates. The alternate route involves climbing a ramp in the Aurora’s damaged front section. The player can find several Supply Crates with crafted items inside of them along the way up. There is a fire that has partially blocked the doorway to the T-section. Fortunately, there is a fire extinguisher on the floor a few meters from the doorway. The word “Airlock” will be written on a sign to the left as soon as the player enters.

Inside the Drive Room are four large generators. Catwalks connect them, though some are submerged and severely damaged. The players’ goal is to use the Repair Tool to fix all eleven of the generators, which are covered in breaches. It should be noted, however, that Bleeders are abundant in the flooded area of the drive core where the majority of repairs must be made. After three in-game days, sealing the breaches completely eliminates the radiation.

The Alterra Corporation sent the Aurora, a brand-new Alterra Long-Range Capital Ship (possibly the first of its kind), to the Ariadne Arm to construct a phasegate. Unknown to the majority of the crew, it had an additional mission under a contract with the Mongolian Independent States to look for and possibly save the Degasi crew survivors. It was believed that the ship’s sophisticated scanning system, which was more advanced than any ship that had previously conducted a search, would have better success in locating the crew or would finally confirm whatever had happened to them.

There is typically one patrolling between the basin west of the Aurora and the deep chasm beneath its bow for avoiding the Reapers. By approaching from the Safe Shallows closest to the Aurora and hugging its side until it reaches a gap big enough for the Seamoth to squeeze through, a Seamoth can sneak past the Aurora without being seen. Although the Reaper doesn’t typically swim that close to the entrance, it is advised to disembark in shallow water so that the ramp beneath you will shield you from an attack.

Can you stop the Aurora exploding in Subnautica?

The short answer is no, I’ve tried and so have many others before me, but there is no way to actually enter the Aurora before it explodes.

Radiation will be a problem, but the good news is that it won’t significantly affect your gameplay. As soon as you witness the Aurora explode, you will be able to unlock a radiation suit that will let you move around without being affected by radiation.

Ignore any warnings you receive about the Aurora’s reactor; the best course of action is to use the warnings to gather some resources from the ship’s wreckage before it explodes in order to stop the radiation from spreading.

Once you have enough resources, you can begin to construct food, water, radiation protection, medkits, fire extinguishers, and other items. This will allow you to enter the Aurora and repair it. You will also need a repair tool.


Does the Aurora explode in 2 real hours?

On Day 3, during the conversation leading up to the Aurora’s explosion, it is stated that the Aurora’s Drive Core will set off a Quantum Detonation in two hours. The trigger, however, occurs a full day later, so this time is inaccurate.

How long does it take for the Aurora to explode in real time?

A stopwatch I set after the timer expired showed that the Quantum Detonation message first appeared at 9:17. By adding 2:43 and 9:17, I was able to calculate that the Quantum Detonation occurs roughly 12 real-minutes after the 2 hour message.

Is it possible to save the Aurora?

The Aurora will still explode if Crash Site is played with an outdated save. All new terrain around the ship will need to be added to the saved game, and anything stored within 150 meters of the Aurora—including equipment, submarines, and bases—will be lost.

Can you fix the Aurora before it explodes?

There are only two access points in the middle of the Aurora, and without noclipping, you cannot reach them before it has blown up. It’s “closed up” until it explodes.

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