The Taurus Man in Bed: 9 Things to Know About His Sexual Side

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How to Please a Taurus Man Sexually – 5 ways to please a Taurus man in bed

The Erotic Words Taurus Man Wants To Hear

Many women may find it difficult to comprehend how a Taurus man can be intimately aroused by talking to him during sex.

Many women may be afraid of bringing this up during sex or may be unsure of how to say the things he wants to hear at the right time.

This is unfortunate if you want your Taurus man to be completely smitten with you, even though it is understandable. His mind is his biggest love muscle, so if you can’t stimulate and massage it at will, he might quickly grow bored.

Expert Felicity Keith has studied this seductive form of verbal stimulation and has helped countless women achieve great success.

After conducting extensive research, Felicity has created a course that teaches women how to seduce their Taurus crush without feeling awkward.

You might want to watch a brief video if you want to be the only woman a Taurus man ever considers.

Felicity put together this presentation in which she outlines precisely which words to use and when to use them. Find out here in the Language of Desire.

Are Taurus men comfortable initiating sexual activities?

Taurus men are not your typical predatory animal, despite the fact that they are highly sexual. He has a strong, quiet personality, and his approach to sexual relations is passive. He makes a sign of readiness and anticipates that she will perform the necessary pouncing. He portrays the patient, distant sex object, luring women to jump on his bones.

As a result, a Taurus man typically engages in sexual activity after appearing to be lured into it.

He’s usually well aware of what’s happening. He isn’t being crafty or manipulative; he just finds it easier to use his inherent charm to draw her in. Taurus men simply enjoy taking the simple route in these situations.

He frequently feels at ease starting the sexual act when the time is right and he is truly at ease. He does this slowly and cautiously. Taurean men may not be as secure as their quiet confidence would suggest. Some people truly struggle with shyness and rejection fears.

They are NOT in a hurry

the taurus man in bed 9 things to know about his sexual side

The most obvious indication of the Taurus Man in Bed is #1.

You should be prepared for a lengthy session of mutual pleasure with the Taurus Man rather than the typical quickie experience that most men (at least those who are not experienced in the ways of mutual pleasure) seem to enjoy. When you romp with the Taurus Man, expect lots of foreplay, mutual discovery, and a lot of naked fun because he cares almost more about his partner’s pleasure than his own.


How do you pleasure a Taurus man?

Because of this, Tauruses are renowned for having excellent singing voices. Their necks are a potent erogenous zone for them, so you must kiss or stroke them there. For a Taurus, getting their shoulders and neck massaged can be a very sensual experience. Don’t be afraid to break out the massage oils, either.

Is Taurus freaky in bed?

Being a very sensual sign, Taurus, you may find that sex is one of the most significant aspects of a relationship. Don’t be afraid to experiment with anything, from food to feathers, as you prefer to experience intimacy with all five senses.

What seduces a Taurus man?

If Taurus senses dishonesty or feels like they are being “bought,” you’re out of luck. Material gifts like flowers and sentimental trinkets are also effective tools for seducing Taurus, but use caution. This highly sensual sign enjoys earthly pleasures of the flesh, but not in the way you might think.

Is a Taurus man dominant in bed?

A Taurus wants you to indulge your desires while you’re in bed. Taurus men want to be dominant. Taurus women also enjoy being in charge, but they yearn for a dominating partner. A Taurus desires a sexual partner who will stimulate their senses. What is this?.

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