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Your phone is unable to make outgoing connections if you see the message “all circuits are busy blocked” just before your call automatically disconnects.

Regardless of the cellular provider you use, this problem is typically internal, or on your end. We’ll explain exactly what it means and how to fix it in this post.

When your coverage is poor, you dial the wrong number, or the services are down, you may receive the error message “all circuits are busy.” Re-inserting your SIM card, relocating, and checking to see if the receiver is blocking you can all help solve the issue.

Even though that ought to be sufficient to address the problem, there are still a lot more things you can do to avoid it in the future.

Why does it say line busy when I call someone?

What Does “All Circuits Are Busy” Mean?

“All circuits are busy” messages are not uncommon. Even with the best network coverage in the nation provided by your phone carrier, you might occasionally run into this problem.

You cannot finish your call because of connection problems, according to this error message. It happens if there are no available outgoing lines because your phone provider has likely reached its capacity limit.

In essence, your phone carrier has a limited number of phone lines available that can accommodate several callers at once.

For the transmission of voice and data, cell phones do not use wires. Instead, they transmit signals between a caller and a recipient using radio waves.

were sorry all circuits are busy now please try your call again later message il17755 when people call me r projectfi

Your phone will look for the closest network tower when you make a call, and it will assess the signal quality and connections that are available.

Your phone will then send a background origination message to your service provider for verification with your Mobile Identification Number and Electronic Serial Number.

Your service provider will reply with a channel assignment message and send it to your phone after verification. The call will then be completed when your phone connects to the designated channel. An “all circuits are busy” message will be displayed if there are no free channels available.

You won’t ever experience any delays because all of the aforementioned processes take place in micromilliseconds.

“Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again.”

  • Phone numbers come in 7, 10 and 11-digit varieties. If you only use 7 digits and the phone equipment is expecting 11, you can get error message like this. The simplest solution is try one of the patterns you havent dialed yet:
    • 7-digit (XXX-XXXX): phone number only
    • 10-digit (XXX-XXX-XXXX): area code + phone number
    • 11-digit (1-XXX-XXX-XXXX): 1 + area code + phone number
  • If you only hear this message when you call a specific number, there might be a problem with the number youre calling. Try calling from a different phone and/or at a different time.
  • If you are a Pure Broadband customer and only have our internet service, then you may have a dial tone, but you do not have true telephone service. Customers are not able to call out on Pure Broadband lines.
  • Its possible that you have a block on your phone, which would prohibit you from making calls. To remove a block, you will need to contact us.
  • This message can indicate a suspended account. If you havent paid your bill, you may still have a dial tone, but thats about it. If your account continues to be past due, it will be permanently disconnected, and you wont have a dial tone. Learn how to set up a payment plan.
  • Disconnect and Reconnect to your Mobile Network

    were sorry all circuits are busy now please try your call again later message il17755 when people call me r projectfi

    You could also try unplugging your phone from the network and then plugging it back in.

    You must remove the SIM card from your phone’s SIM tray in order to accomplish this, and then reinsert it after a short period of time.

    You can access the SIM tray on most devices using the same process.

    To disconnect and reconnect to your mobile network:

  • Find the SIM tray on the sides of the phone. A small hole near a cutout should indicate it.
  • Use a paper clip that has been bent into the hole to eject the SIM tray.
  • Remove the SIM and check if your phone has detected that the SIM has been removed.
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes before putting the SIM back on its tray. Align the card properly and
  • Insert the tray back into the phone.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Call the person you were trying to reach earlier and see if you can hear the message again after the phone has turned on.

    Activate and Deactivate Airplane Mode

    were sorry all circuits are busy now please try your call again later message il17755 when people call me r projectfi

    Nowadays, almost all phones have airplane mode, and the majority of airlines insist that you activate it before boarding a flight.

    Your phone’s Airplane mode disables all wireless transmission, including Bluetooth, WiFi, and, of course, your mobile network.

    Therefore, giving this a try can help with problems on your mobile network, and it only requires a short amount of your time.

    To turn on Airplane mode on Android:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Networks & Wireless.
  • Turn on Airplane mode. Some phones call it Flight mode as well.
  • Wait for a minute and turn the mode off.
  • For iOS:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. iPhone X and newer devices need to swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the airplane symbol to turn the mode on.
  • After waiting for a minute or so, turn the mode off.
  • Try calling the person you were having trouble connecting to after switching Airplane mode on and off to determine whether the problem still exists.


    Why is my voicemail saying all circuits are busy?

    If you receive an all-circuits-busy message, it means that no outgoing lines are available. On rare occasions, there are more callers than there are phone lines available. Simply hang up and try again. A line should free up soon.

    Why does Verizon say all circuits are busy?

    “All circuits are busy. Please try your call again later. “If you get this when calling a particular number, the problem is with the service provider for that number,” If it occurs when dialing all numbers, there is a problem with the Verizon Wireless network.

    What does all circuits are busy mean AT&T?

    All-circuits-busy indicates that there are no open incoming lines in the specified area. This typically occurs during rush hours, on significant holidays, after a natural disaster, or when there is a degraded tower nearby. You can’t get through because there are more callers than there are resources to handle.

    How do I fix all circuits are busy?

    Your phone can also be fixed by restarting any devices that are having problems. Press and hold the power button on the side of your phone to turn it off. If an Android user doesn’t see a restart button, they should choose Power off or Turn Off from the menu that appears.

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