What are emotes in COD Mobile and how to use them?

The Call of Duty Mobile gaming experience is always evolving, and new features are regularly added to make the game more exciting for fans and keep up with the latest trends in gaming. One of these features is the addition of emotes – special actions that allow players to express themselves in the game. Emotes have become a popular feature in many of today’s competitive games, and Call of Duty Mobile is no exception. In this blog post, we’ll explore what emotes are in Call of Duty Mobile, how they are used, and how they can impact your gaming experience. We’ll also discuss strategies for using emotes effectively to communicate with your team, as well as tips for avoiding their potential pitfalls. We’ll also look at some of the most popular emotes currently available in the game and how to unlock them. No matter if you’re a Call of Duty Mobile veteran or a newcomer, this blog post can help you understand the world of

All Emotes In Cod Mobile ( Season 1 To Season 12 )

What are emotes in COD Mobile?

Emotes are joyful dances that players can perform at their discretion in-game. After a kill, emotes are typically used to boast in front of your adversary.

Here are some of the Emotes of COD Mobile Season 13:

These are the emotes available for use in the game. Salutations include: “Recognize me,” “Mad Respect,” “Cut-throat,” “Yeah Buddy,” “Muscle Show,” “Two Thumbs Up,” “Sweep This,” “Cucked Up,” “Poplock,” and “Selfie, Gunslinger.”

Players have access to some new emotes in Season 13. Those are:

When the players use the emote “Snowball Fight,” the character throws a snowball.

When a player employs the emote “Outer Space Shuffle,” the character performs a special dance.

Utilizing this emote, the characters can be seen utilizing some unique power.

Build a snowman: When the players use this emote, the character builds a snowman.

Make it Rain: In this emote, the character is seen showering cash.

High Kick: In this emote, the character kicks like a Kung-Foo player.

Shiver: The character shivers in the cold in this emote.

Give a Gift: When players use this emote, the character presents a wrapped gift.

Hopak: Another unique dance move.

To know about this in more details, watch this video:

How to get emotes in COD Mobile?

COD Mobile’s emotes are an incredible feature, but many players are still unaware of how to obtain them. To be honest, COD Mobile has developed a number of events where players can redeemed a variety of in-game rewards, such as items, gun skins, emotes, and so forth.

Having said that, here’s a guide on how to get Call of Duty Mobile emotes for nothing. Please keep in mind that some of the premium emotes are only available through in-game crates, so you’ll have to shell out real money for them. Don’t let your wallet run out of cash because you’ll need to spend a lot of your savings to get them on a bad day.

what are emotes in call of duty mobile

Currently, the following emotes are available in the crates:

  • Bus Driver in the Bus Driver crate
  • Silence in the Clean Up Crew crate
  • Lookout in the Astronaut crate
  • Chosen One in the Spectral crate
  • FAQ

    How do you use emotes on Call of Duty Mobile?

    You can set your Emotes in your Loadout.
    1. Go to your Multiplayer or Battle Royale loadout.
    2. Tap the thumbs up icon at the top.
    3. Tap any of your emotes, then tap Equip.
    4. Choose a slot to apply to your Emote. You can apply up to 12 Emotes.

    How do you equip emotes?

    How to Equip Emotes
    1. Go to “Collection”
    2. Click on “Emote”
    3. Choose any available slot on the “Emote” tab (as seen in the screenshot below).

    How do you get dance emotes in Call of Duty Mobile?

    To use emotes in COD Mobile, follow these steps: Step 1: Launch the game, then go to the lobby. Step 2: On the bottom of the main screen, click the “LOADOUT” icon. Step 3: Go to the loadout ‘CUSTOMIZATION’ section. Step 4: Select the favorite emote and click on equip.

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