What are lightning rods for in minecraft

In the most recent Minecraft update, the 12.4 update, the lightning rod was added. 17 Caves & Cliffs part one update. The rod is a very intriguing block with some interesting interactions with various objects and weather conditions. Many players might be curious as to what the lightning rod’s various applications are.

Additionally, players of Minecraft should be aware that the lightning rod functions differently on the Java and Bedrock editions, as will be detailed below. Players should be familiar with all of the lightning rod’s capabilities so they can use it as needed.

How does the Minecraft Lightning Rod work?

When lightning strikes a lightning rod in Minecraft, it will instead strike the rod and not the nearby blocks. The Lightning Rod’s coverage area in Minecraft Java Edition is 32x4x32. In Bedrock edition, it’s 64x64x64. In order to prevent the base and other nearby flammable blocks from being ignited by a strike, you should mount it on a non-flammable block, like stone.

Naturally, a Lightning Rod will be ineffective in clear skies or light rain. If the Lightning Rod emits tiny white sparkles, a thunderstorm is approaching, so get ready! This is how you can distinguish between normal rain and a thunderstorm.

You can always take your Lightning Rod and put it somewhere else, but you must remove a Lightning Rod with a stone or a better quality pickaxe in order for it to drop something.

How to get a Lightning Rod in Minecraft (Image: © Mojang)

Three Minecraft Copper Ingots, which are the same shape as the Lightning Rod itself, must be stacked on top of one another to create a Minecraft Lightning Rod. Finding enough Copper Ore shouldn’t be too difficult if you just look at some nearby cave entrances or do a little exploring. The only challenge you might face is finding Copper Ore. After that, you can melt them in a furnace to produce the necessary three Copper Ingots.

How to use the Lightning Rod in Minecraft

As was previously mentioned, the Lightning Rod in Minecraft can shield your wooden home from lightning strikes, but that is by no means its only function. Here are some examples of its other functions:

  • Prevent mobs from transitioning into something more dangerous. A villager struck by lightning, for instance, transforms into a witch.
  • Create mobs on purpose (and collecting their drops). Simply place a villager in a cramped area with a lightning rod in the center, and watch for a strike. It’s a bit mean, but effective.
  • Remove oxidation from copper blocks. The greenish hue will vanish if you simply place the lightning rod on top of the copper and wait until it is struck.
  • You can use the Lightning Rod in a redstone circuit because it sends a redstone signal when struck by lightning.

Finding some Copper Ore is all that’s required to quickly create a Minecraft Lightning Rod.

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What’s the point of a lightning rod in Minecraft?

If a lightning strike occurs within the lightning rod’s range (64 blocks in Bedrock and 128 blocks in Java), as its name implies, it will be redirected to that location.

Should I put lightning rods on my house Minecraft?

As was previously mentioned, the Lightning Rod in Minecraft can shield your wooden home from lightning strikes, but that is by no means its only function. It also serves the following purposes: keeping mobs from turning into more dangerous situations.

Do lightning rods attract lightning Minecraft?

“The lightning rod performs one task exceptionally well.” Any lightning strikes in a restricted area will be encouraged to strike the rod rather than their intended target. Nothing catches fire because the electrical energy inside is transformed into a redstone signal, according to a blog post by Minecraft.

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