What are NaN miles? What does NaN miles mean?

Filed under ‘too embarrassed to ask someone’, I checked in with my friend Google and she explained the sudden appearance of the acronym. Apparently, NaN means ‘Not a Number’ and is a default when a) no mileage is listed on your 1983 Arctic Cat snowmobile or b) the numbers were input incorrectly. It defaults to NaN as an indication that you made an oops inputting the mileage or you simply could not be bothered to find the key, turn it on, check the mileage, and record the mileage.

It must be a recent upgrade on Facebook because one day it seemed to suddenly appear and confuse the heck out of me. Wouldn’t MNA be a better acronym: Mileage not available? What about CBTGM: Couldn’t be bothered to get the mileage? I am not alone in my curiosity regarding the acronym. When googling for information, one person wrote that they thought it indicated that the car for sale had been driven very slowly or carefully by a ‘Nana’ (a grandma). I also considered that it was a new acronym that only the ‘cool’ kids used which exacerbated my anxiety about asking a Gen Z for assistance.

Do I admit that I am no longer cool? Is the use of the word ‘cool’ something that is no longer cool? On the topic of cool, I want to be clear. I don’t throw around words like malarky or hullabaloo, but I do cling to adjectives like, “That is so cool!” and “That’s wild!” and tend to toss them around willy-nilly.

What does “NaN” miles mean? It usually means “not a number” or that there’s no value associated to the number of miles.


What Does NaN Mean?

Here, the NaN is an acronym that means “Not a Number”. This term is mostly used in mathematics and computer science. It indicates that the monitoring system is not receiving any numeric data.

However, there can be several reasons that are why you are receiving a NaN error. Thus, a few of them are listed below for you.

  • The collected service must have stopped running.
  • Due to an application failure, the server can crash.
  • Server corruption can also occur due to a hardware failure.
  • NaN Meaning In Python

    Now, let us check out what does NaN mean in Python. In Python, NaN means Not a Number. In short, it is a float value you get when you perform a calculation whose result cannot be expressed in any number.

    For example, if you use a variable or commas during calculation, a NaN error is displayed.

    NaN Meaning In Javascript

    Javascript allows you to represent numbers such as integer and floating-point numbers. These numbers have a special value called NaN. In a programming language, NaN stands for Not a Number.

    What Does NaN Miles Mean on a Boat?

    Unlike a car, a boat’s running is measured by nautical miles, and when you list a boat to sell, you might put N/A for the mileage. Facebook and other computer apps might not be able to read this and will display this entry as NaN or as Not a number.


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