what do i do when my apple watch says please continue setup solved 2022

This guide will assist if your Apple Watch is stuck on the Apple logo for an extended period of time or if the circular progress lines during syncing aren’t moving. We’ll assist you in resolving this problem so you can use your Apple Watch once more.

Bring your iPhone near your Apple Watch, wait for the Apple Watch pairing screen to appear on your iPhone, then tap Continue. Or open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then tap Pair New Watch.

Apple Watch Stuck on Please Continue Setup on iPhone in iOS 14.7 & watchOS 7.5

When Your Apple Watch Isn’t Communicating With an iPhone

Your Apple Watch may not be connecting to your iPhone even after you’ve successfully finished the initial pairing process. Heres what to do to get the devices talking again.

Turn off VoiceOver on the frozen Apple Watch

This one is worth trying before moving on to the best option.

1) Make sure the iPhone is nearby and that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on.

2) On the iPhone, launch the Watch app and select Accessibility from the My Watch section.

3) Tap VoiceOver and make sure that both the Screen Curtain and VoiceOver toggles are turned off.

what do i do when my apple watch says please continue setup solved 2022

4) Return to the previous screen and click Accessibility Shortcut from the bottom. Make sure none of the options are selected here with a checkmark.

what do i do when my apple watch says please continue setup solved 2022

Use Find My service to unfreeze the Apple Watch

Earlier, I mentioned that after restarting, I saw the passcode entry screen, but it kept displaying the Apple logo.

This occurrence demonstrates that the watch is activated and set up, but due to a bug, it freezes on the Apple logo screen. We’ll use the strength of the Find My service to correct this.

Before proceeding:

  • Keep your iPhone and the Apple Watch with the stuck Apple logo physically close.
  • Go to iPhone Settings and enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can confirm this by opening the iOS Control Center and ensuring both icons are blue.
  • To fix your Apple Watch’s frozen Apple logo, proceed as follows:

    1) Open the Watch app on the paired iPhone.

    2) Tap All Watches from the top left.

    3) Click the “i” next to your Apple Watch name to access more information.

    4) Next, select Find My Apple Watch to launch the Find My app.

    5) Tap Play Sound.

    what do i do when my apple watch says please continue setup solved 2022

    The stuck Apple logo should be unfrozen by using Find My, and in a moment, your watch will exit this screen and start up normally.

    what do i do when my apple watch says please continue setup solved 2022


    What can Apple Watch do 2022?

    Apple Watch SE (2022) The second-generation Apple Watch SE features heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, fall and crash detection, and water resistance up to 50 meters. It also uses the same S8 processor as the Series 8 and Ultra.

    How do I set up my Apple Watch 2022?

    If this message doesn’t appear, keep your Apple Watch close to your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app on your phone, tap All Watches, then tap Add Watch. Tap Set Up for Myself if this is your Apple Watch. You can also select Set Up for a Family Member and proceed as instructed to set up the watch for a member of your family.

    Why won’t my Apple Watch update so I can set it up?

    Verify that the charger for your Apple Watch is connected properly. Restart your Apple Watch. Restart your paired iPhone. Try again to update your Apple Watch.

    Why is my Apple Watch not letting me set it up?

    If you encounter setup issues or error messages with your Apple Watch Make sure your iPhone is running the most recent version of iOS. Turn off your iPhone and turn it back on. Turn off your Apple Watch and turn it back on.

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