what do you do with junk in fallout shelter 2

As the popularity of mobile gaming continues to increase, so too have the number of Fallout Shelter 2 players. For those unfamiliar with the game, Fallout Shelter 2 is a strategy RPG in which players must build and manage their own post-apocalyptic vault. As players progress in the game, they acquire more resources, expand their vaults, and even find new survivors to join their community. While this adds to the fun of the game, it also results in a lot of empty containers and junk lying around. To make the game more manageable, it is important to know what to do with the junk in Fallout Shelter 2. In this blog post, we will discuss the various ways in which you can deal with the junk in Fallout Shelter 2, so you can continue to enjoy your post-apocalyptic vault building experience.

The primary use of junk is to craft weapons or outfits which requires the appropriate crafting room and blueprint. These craftable items have the same three tier system and will generally require junk from their equivalent tier and below to craft.

Crafting Tips For Fallout Shelter: Vault Log #3

Since the Fallout Shelter 1. Two new workshops have been added to the game: the Weapon Workshop and the Armor Workshop. You can construct these facilities and create armor and weapons from scrap materials. You can create shotguns, hunting rifles, BB guns, and pistols based on the materials you have on hand. Regarding armor, you can create robes, uniforms, gear, dresses, suits, and more. You can always sell your junk if you run out of caps. Do keep in mind that these things take up space in your Fallout Shelter inventory, so it’s best to sell them or turn them into other materials as soon as you can.

One of the most crucial components of surviving in Fallout Shelter is gathering resources. Your dwellers will discover equipment throughout the game that they can use to speed up production, explore the wasteland, and keep your Vault operating normally. On occasion, they’ll also come across trinkets that appear to be more clutter than useful. In light of the foregoing, here is what to do if your game characters discover trash:

In Fallout Shelter, there are seven different categories of junk: steel, cloth, leather, adhesive, circuitry, science, and valuables. Each category represents a different level of rarity. Each weapon and outfit may require up to three different types of junk in quantities of five, and themes may require up to five different types of junk in quantities of six. They are used for crafting in the weapon workshop, outfit workshop, and theme workshop.

Junk items can be found in lunchboxes, discovered on quests, looted from the bodies of dead enemies, and discovered while exploring the wasteland. They can also be obtained by scrapping armor and weapons, which may return useless items or items that could be used to make it in a workshop.

4/10 Military Grade Items

Only in areas where members of the armed forces are likely to congregate can one find military-grade duct tape and ammo bags. If you visit any of the forts, camps, or shops scattered throughout the wasteland, be sure to stock up on these supplies.

These items can be divided into one of the scarcest game resources: Ballistic Fiber. Due to the protection they offer, damage-reducing armor and modifications made with this high tensile strength thread are some of the best in-game gear.


Can you do anything with the junk in Fallout Shelter?

Finally, Junk is required to craft items. Each Lunchbox contains junk, and the Wasteland is no exception.

What junk should I keep Fallout Shelter?

Which trash should I keep? Useful Common trashUsed inAmount Per UseAlarm ClockPlasma Rifle (best Rare weapon)3YarnOfficer Fatigues (+5S) and Sturdy Wasteland Gear (+5E)4 (for fatigues), 2 (for Gear)Magnifying GlassSturdy Wasteland Gear (+5E)3

How do you sell junk in Fallout Shelter?

When you choose a dweller who is waiting outside, a list of items will appear at the bottom and a “Collect” button will appear to the right. At this point, selecting items will mark them as for sale, and when you click the “Collect” button, the item will be sold. Save this answer. Show activity on this post.

Does the Junk Jet use junk in Fallout Shelter?

Characteristics. The Junk Jet’s original version deals 13–15 points of damage to adversaries. Fires a random piece of junk as ammunition. The junk fired neither consumes any player items nor is related to the junk one actively has in storage because it is unrelated to one’s item storage.

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