What does depth strider mean in minecraft

When it comes to almost every aspect of the game, enchantments are among the most beneficial features of Minecraft. When you see an enchanting table, certain enchantments are likely to come to mind, regardless of whether you’re geared up in full Protection V armor or you just finished enchanting your pickaxe with efficiency. Depth Strider, which was added back in 1, is one enchantment that isn’t as popular in comparison. 8. In the Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft, this guide will explain the Depth Strider enchantment and what it does.

Increases underwater movement speed

What is Minecraft’s Depth Strider enchantment?

What does depth strider mean in minecraft

This feature gives players underwater movement speed ( via DigMinecraft)

The enchantment “Depth Strider” that players can put on their boots gives them faster underwater movement.

This enchantment reduces the amount that water slows a player by half with each level. For instance, Depth Strider I cuts the sluggishness of water on a player in half, and Depth Strider II cuts it even more in half. Last but not least, Depth Strider III enables players to move in water at the same speed as they can on land.

Depth Strider enchantment levels

What does depth strider mean in minecraft

The strongest iteration of the enchantment is called Depth Strider III (according to GamePlayerr).

In vanilla Minecraft, there are three levels of the Depth Strider enchantment: I, II, and III.

The most potent variation of the enchantment, Depth Strider III, allows users to swim as quickly as they can move on land and to be affected by Speed Potions while submerged.

Like most enchantments, the simplest way to reach the highest level of the Depth Strider enchantment is to combine items with the same level of the enchantment together in an anvil, whether those items are enchanted boots or books.

While gathering all the required levels takes a little while, it is an easy way to build up enchantments without wasting a lot of materials.

Does Depth Strider have any incompatibilities?

What does depth strider mean in minecraft

Frost Walker and Depth Strider are incompatible (via Testing Monkey Studios, YouTube)

In the game of Minecraft, Depth Strider is incompatible with only Frost Walker.

Players are unable to obtain boots with the Depth Strider and Frost Walker enchantments without using specific commands and cheats. This is due to their opposing benefits.

With Depth Strider, swimmers can move much more quickly than usual.

What does depth strider mean in minecraft

Under the players’ feet, Frost Walker creates ice (via Reddit)

Swimming is completely eliminated in Frost Walker (pictured above), as ice forms beneath the players’ feet whenever they cross water.

How useful is Minecraft’s Depth Strider?

What does depth strider mean in minecraft

Players of Minecraft can move around much more quickly thanks to Depth Strider (via Parceiro).

Even though Depth Strider is a fantastic addition to the game, it is frequently disregarded as an enchantment.

It practically cuts down on how quickly players can move through water, enabling them to get where they need to go much more quickly. It is incredibly useful for covering large distances in the water, engaging in combat with Guardians or Elder Guardians in Sea Temples, and collecting seafloor building blocks.

When crafting their final, incredibly powerful set of armor in Minecraft, players should think about looking for Depth Strider.

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What does depth strider mean in minecraft

What Does DEPTH STRIDER Do in Minecraft?


Is Depth Strider 3 faster than a boat?

The Dolphin’s Grace effect must also be on a player for the enchantment to be faster than a boat. This will enable them to swim considerably faster and generally move more quickly than boats.

Is Depth Strider or Frost Walker better?

Frost Walker is overrated. You’ll eventually try swimming and realize that Depth Strider III is preferable. They’re entertaining but useless, so I don’t even carry Frost Walker II in my e’chest when I put on some diamond boots. Thorns 1.

What does Depth Strider 3 do?

Level 3 enables the player to swim as quickly as they would on land. Any higher level has no effect on speed. A speed potion has the same effect on a player’s swimming at level 3 as it does on their walking.

Is Depth Strider good in Minecraft?

You will definitely benefit from Depth Strider in your Minecraft explorations. Although permanent speed increases haven’t really made it to land, you’ll undoubtedly find use for them here in the deep ocean. If not, it will unquestionably be required for underwater bases after midnight 13.

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