What does “Device connected – Updated usage information for some apps” mean on Play Store?

how to use device connection setting in google || @Technical Shivam Pal

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You probably share usage and diagnostics information of that device with Google. In this particular instance, It means that Google Play Store was connected to its server and as stated “Updated usage information of some apps”. The information can be when last you used the apps, how long, etc.

If you are asking for yourself and no one uses your phone, then Reddys answer has the idea. But if youre asking because you saw this on a partners activity, which is legal if they give you permission to use the phone, then Ive been there, and here is possibility number 2. It is when the individual reads their account to the device. Why would they do that? Ill explain.

If you are trying to communicate with people or sites and you dont want someone to know but have to make it look like you arent hiding anything and you dont want to leave anything behind by accident. Then you cant pause your activity in Google, that may give it away. You dont want to go through your activity feed and miss something you need to remove. So you remove your account after backing it up, and I add an account you do the activity with. Different email, social accounts, contacts. Everything. Then when youre done, you sync the second account and remove it. Add the first account back and restore the backup to the original form. Or a hybrid of said process. Now I think every time you add an account to your phone, said account would get a “device connected update app usage” log in Google activity feed.

Or if you use a browser like DuckDuckGo, you could anonymously log in to Play Store and use the app in the browser. Then when you uninstall an app with the Play Store or app section of settings, your device message would show.

Does the My Activity page show all the data Google has collected on you?

No. Only a few Google products are included in the My Activity page’s collection of data. The My Activity page can be accessed by clicking the menu symbol in the upper left corner and then selecting Other Google activity. Even more Google trackers, such as your location history on Google Maps (if you have an Android phone with GPS-enabled, this can get very spooky); information from your devices; Google Play Sound Search; and any YouTube films you clicked “Not Interested” on.

How To Delete Everything At Once From My Activity?

On the page titled “My Activity,” select “Delete activity by” from the menu that appears when you click the button that looks like three horizontal bars. To delete items based on the date, go to the Delete by date section, click the date, and then select All time from the drop-down option. Then, select the Delete option.

Is “Device connected – Updated usage information for some apps” on Play Store a Virus or Spyware?

“Device connected” simply means that the device you are using or one of your devices with your Google account logged in, has been connected to Google’s server.

The “updated usage information” could mean many things such as updation of when you last used some app that is logged in with your Google account or what you searched for on Google, etc.

It is not malware or spyware – therefore, the “Device connected – Updated usage information for some apps” is not something you should be worried about.


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