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Having a goat without a lid may leave you with many questions. Goats are well-known for their curious nature, and the lack of a lid may appear confusing or concerning. But what does it really mean when a goat is without a lid? This blog post will explore the various reasons and implications of having a goat without a lid. We will look at the safety, health, and welfare concerns that can come with a goat being without a lid. Additionally, we will look into the potential benefits that come from not having a lid. We will also discuss the responsibilities of a pet owner and provide suggestions for how to properly care for goats in this situation. Ultimately, this post will provide a comprehensive look into what it means for a goat to have no lid, allowing you to make the best decision for your pet.


What Does ‘No Lid’ Mean on GOAT?

Simply put, “No Lid” denotes the absence of the shoe’s original box. Although it may not seem like a big deal at first, this distinction is actually quite important for collectors and resellers.

Due to the fact that many collectors prefer to keep their shoes in pristine condition, the value of a shoe can significantly decrease if it is missing its original box. It’s important to consider this before buying a pair of shoes when they are listed as having “No Lid,” as in some cases the box itself is worth more than the shoe.

Nevertheless, there are some advantages to purchasing shoes without the original box as well. First of all, it’s frequently less expensive because the seller doesn’t have to ship the additional weight and volume And secondly, storing and displaying shoes without the box taking up additional space can be simpler.

Therefore, even though “No Lid” shoes might not be the best option for everyone, it’s something to bear in mind when shopping on GOAT.

what does no lid mean on goat

Is It Safe to Buy Shoes That Say ‘No Lid’?

The answer is yes. As mentioned, a missing lid doesn’t necessarily indicate that the shoes are in bad shape. A missing lid should be the least of your concerns as long as you receive everything you ordered. Keep in mind that you cannot simply return your order because the lid is missing unless you can demonstrate that it has flaws that the seller has not previously disclosed.

What Does Missing Lid Mean When Buying Shoes?

People frequently complain that their orders didn’t have top lids when they receive them. Even though this might be very confusing, there’s no need to be concerned. When compared to other pairs of the same size and color, the shoes are always less expensive in such instances.

What could it possibly mean if your sneakers arrive without a lid? Typically, it indicates that GOAT bought the footwear from an outlet store’s clearance or leftovers wall. These are the shoes that are always kept in stock in lidless boxes.


Can you sell on GOAT without box?

You can sell new or used sneakers with or without a box once you’ve been verified.

How can you tell if GOAT shoes are real?

Various techniques, including digital authentication, in-person verification, and/or machine learning technology, are used to verify or examine our resale products and our reliable partners. By doing this, we try to make sure the item you buy is real and matches the description.

How do you send shoes to goats without a box?

Overall, unless you’re certain you won’t need to make a return, we’d recommend GOAT. Because StockX offers lower fees and a simpler platform, many sellers prefer them.

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