Power enchantment in Minecraft: Everything you need to know

Enchantment plays a significant role in Minecraft, just like many other game mechanics do as well. Players are allowed to add new abilities to the items they are using by using enchants. However, a player must use an enchantment table first in order to successfully enchant.

Players frequently like to use the enchants “punch” and “power” on their weapons. The issue is that each of them has a distinct purpose and cannot be stacked on top of one another. The player must therefore choose which enchantment he wants to use for himself.

We will provide you with a basic overview of both of these allures using this article. We’ll examine the benefits and drawbacks of using them both. Here is everything that you need to know about them:

The Power enchantment increases the amount of attack damage dealt to a player or mob when using your bow. You can add the Power enchantment to any bow using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command.


Arrow damage is increased by power by a factor of 25% (level + 1), rounded to the nearest half-heart.

Maximum bow damage by Power level and bow charge

Level Increase No charge Medium charge Full charge Full charge (critical)
Not enchanted +0% (2.0) 1 5 6 11 × 5.5
I +50% (3.0) 2 8 9 16 × 8
II +75% (3.5) 2 9 11 × 5.5 19 × 9.5
III +100% (4.0) 2 10 12 × 6 20 × 10
IV +125% (4.5) 3 12 × 6 14 × 7 23 × 11.5
V +150% (5.0) 3 13 × 6.5 15 × 7.5 25 × 12.5

The Power enchant is a powerful bow enchant in Minecraft

Power is a multi-leveled enchantment found in Minecraft that can significantly increase a bow’s damage. Players can enchant their bow anywhere from Power I to Power V, which is interesting.

What does power do minecraft

The strongest enchantment for a bow ranges from Power I up to Power V (via Minecraft).

The Power enchantment has five levels, and the higher the level, the more damage it deals. At Power I, it increases the bow’s damage by 50%, and at Power V, it significantly increases that damage by 150%.

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I looked at the wiki and am hoping that my explanation will help you understand. In other words, you can expect a regular, unenchanted bow to deal about 10 damage (5 hearts) at full charge.

Your arrows’ damage is increased by a certain amount depending on the level of the Power enchantment; level 5 is the highest level. The formula for how much damage is increased remains the same as you advance through each level: 25% (level + 1). The increment is never based on the previous level but rather the initial damage of the bow.

For instance, a full-charged unenchanted bow deals 10 damage. I calculate the formula after enchanting this bow to Power I: 25% x (1 + 1) = 50%; 10 + 50% = 15 My bow now does 15 damage (7. 5 hearts) at full charge. Note: all damage is rounded to the nearest half-heart, e. g. with Power II you get 17. Using the formula, they calculate 5 damage, but since that isn’t typically possible in Minecraft, they round it up to 18 damage (9 hearts).

There is a key available on the wiki you mentioned, perhaps you forgot to hit the expand button? Ill link it here.

Minecraft Power Enchantment: What Does Power Do In Minecraft?


What is power in Minecraft used for?

Power is a bow enchantment which increases arrow damage.

Is power or punch better in Minecraft?

Forum Expert. Punch 1, especially in OP, as power 5 does no damage while protected by protection 5, and the punch bow can knock you off, which is essentially the only way to win when using OP items against stacked opponents.

Is power good on a bow Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the first enchantment you should try to get for your bow is power. Similar to how having Sharpness in a sword is crucial, having Power in a bow is absolutely necessary.

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