What does restriction b mean on driver’s license in Washington?

When it comes to driving in the state of Washington, unfamiliar terms can often be confusing to understand. One such example is the term “Restriction B” – a term associated with the Washington State Driver’s License. Understanding what “Restriction B” means is important, as it can affect your ability to drive, and failing to follow the state’s requirements can result in fines and other penalties. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at “Restriction B”, how it’s associated with the Washington State Driver’s License, and what you need to know to ensure that you’re in compliance with the state’s regulations. We’ll cover the types of vehicles you can drive with a “Restriction B” license, the ways in which you can apply for a “Restriction B” waiver, and the importance of following the state’

Restriction B – Glasses or contact lenses

The driver must wear glasses or contact lenses when driving.


What is the reason for the limitation on my licence?

Driving privileges are typically granted based on a person’s physical ability to operate a vehicle. A restriction on your driver’s license limits the amount of time you can spend driving or necessitates that you meet certain requirements while doing so. For instance, the most prevalent restriction on a driver’s license is the “corrective glasses” restriction.

What does the class designation on a driver’s licence mean?

The types of vehicles you are allowed to operate are indicated by the vehicle classes on your driver’s license. You may drive any vehicle in the lower classes; however, your driver’s license will list the highest class of vehicle you are allowed to operate. However, if your driver’s license has a condition code, you must always follow it when operating a motor vehicle.

What do the letters E and R on a driver’s licence stand for?

License restriction codes are printed on the front of your license, immediately after the letter “R,” on the line below the “Expiration date” and “E” Endorsement Fields. The back of your photo identification document (photo license) contains a description of any restrictions you might be subject to. See sample license documents for details on where to place restriction codes in licensing papers.


What is restriction B on driver’s license Washington?

As of January 28, 2013, the following restriction codes and descriptions are in effect: Existing Rest Code Restriction Description 1 B Telescopic Device This restriction is imposed on the driver license of a person who meets the minimal standards of acceptable vision outlined in NAC 483 340 only with the aid of a telescopic device.

What can I drive with restriction B?

B limits the license holder to only operating vehicles with up to 8 seats. B1 is for cars with 9 or more seats. The driver’s license must have DL codes B2 (less than or equal to 3500 kg GVW) and/or C (more than 3500 kg GVW) for vehicles carrying goods.

What is B restriction code?

The new B and B1 codes (for automobiles) increase the limit to 5000 kilograms GVW from the previous 2 code. B limits the driver’s ability to operate vehicles with up to 8 seats. B1 is for cars with 9 or more seats.

What does B mean on my driving Licence?

If you passed your test on or after January 1, 1997, you are in Category B. With a trailer up to 750 kg, you can operate vehicles up to 3,500 kg MAM and up to 8 passenger seats. If the combined MAM of the vehicle and trailer does not exceed 3,500 kg, you can tow heavier trailers as well.

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