What does the nautilus shell do in minecraft

MINECRAFT | What Does the Nautilus Shell Do?

A minecraft nautilus shell can be used to craft a conduit, which can allow players to breathe underwater. To craft a conduit, put 8 nautilus shells around 1 heart of the sea in a crafting table.

How to get Nautilus Shells in Minecraft

Nautilus shells in Minecraft were added to the game in the Aquatic update and the best way to acquire them is via farming Drowned mobs or by trading. You can also real them in while fishing but the chances of getting a Nautilus shell is not very high. All drowned mobs in the game have a small chance of dropping the shells. However, you can get guaranteed drops from drowned mobs that hold shells in off-hands. 1


The first method is fishing.

Simply casting your fishing rod out into an ocean will give you a chance of reeling in a nautilus shell. It’s a pretty slim chance, but this is still one method of getting one!

Of course, your chance of catching one can be improved with the luck of the sea enchantment, which can be applied to your fishing rod.

Mob Drops

The second, more common method, is from mob drops.

Specifically, drowned zombie mobs have a 3% (Java edition) or 8% (Bedrock edition) chance of spawning with a nautilus shell in their hand.

When you kill one of these mobs, they will drop their nautilus shell for you to pick up. 3


Finally, you can often trade Emeralds for a Nautilus Shell with a Wandering Trader. It’s not easy to find these guys, and they won’t always offer Nautilus Shells as a trade option, but it’s still a pretty easy way of getting them.

There are a ton of different items and materials that players can used for their crafting needs in Minecraft. While the likes of wood and stone are easy to obtain, others are far more difficulty. Enter, Minecraft’s Nautilus Shell, an underwater-themed objective added as part of the Aquatic Update. Here’s how to get Nautilus Shells in Minecraft and what they’re used for.

The first method is to simply go fishing. You’ll need a fishing rod to do this, which can be crafted by combining three sticks with two pieces of string. Once you’ve got a fishing rod, simply equip it and walk over to the edge of water. Cast the rod in, and cross your fingers that lady luck is on your side.

There are currently two ways you can get Nautilus Shells, and both of them require players to head for water.

Nautilus Shells are a rare drop from fishing and as such it can take you a good few hours to get one.


What do nautilus shells do in your off hand?

when you have a nautilus shell in your offhand armor will always block the maximum amount of damage it can. this means that if you have a full set of maxed enchanted diamond of netherite gear you would be invincible, but this would only work when the player is underwater.

How rare are nautilus shells Minecraft?

The one item that nautilus shells are used to make is the conduit. A conduit is a small item that will allow players to breathe underwater. The conduit will do this after it has been set up inside prismerine block rings. A player needs one heart of the sea and eight nautilus shells to make a conduit.

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