what happens if you let cicero live?

What Happens When You Spare Cicero

What are the benefits if I let Cicero Live?

ONE THING, To protect me. I read his journal made me feel bad. Now Im having second thoughts of Killing him. And when we move to The Dawnstar Sanctuary the other Survivors will acuse me of NOT Killing him. Is there anything bad that will happen if I let him live?

i went to kill him and had that Follower dude they give u a misson or 2 before summoned, He said something about like “I will kill ciciro if u wish, But our father does not want that.” or something likw that, So maybe dont kill him. i didnt this time. (edited by A Fandom user)

ACTUALLY!! the benefit is that Cicero is marked an “Essential NPC”; He can never die, has super high level sneak and really strong with one-handed weapons. So essentially you have an overpowered follower who can never die, will not get detected if you go stealth and has really entertaining dialogue for everything; I say the benefits are quite high and good (edited by A Fandom user)

Nothing bad happens either way, if you kill him hes gone and not a lot of people miss him. If you let him live theres a follower with some fairly decently funny things to say from time to time. Hes nuts, like outright crazy, and I happen to enjoy that. If he lives you do have a great conversation with him outside the Dawnstar Sanctuary thats well worth its crazy in gold. No harm in either action, just go with your gut. (edited by PsijicThief)

Quote: Whats the benefit of killing him or letting him live truely I killed him I got his crazy outfit thats all I know you get from killing him you get shadowmare either way and the spell so whats reason other then another follower to stand in my way from casting spells shooting arrows or swinging a blade because if all I get is another problem headache and gold from keeping him alive I say kill him I can make gold all day listen to fools when I want and have a few hand fulls of problems already but I get a crazy outfit that will be fun to try and really play the game in and get a kick out of the way I screw witg npcs in it.. So whats the best reason to keep him alive.?? I dont care about any npcs I will kill all that will die when I have everything done..

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