What is a good fps for minecraft

These hardware, software, and connectivity tips will show you how to increase your FPS and stop lagging in Minecraft.

What FPS does Minecraft run at?

FPS (frames per second) counts how many images your computer can display every second. Your screen will display more frames per second if your computer has a higher FPS. This lets you see smoother animations. Lower frame rates give the impression that your Minecraft game is choppy or laggy.

A 60 FPS is already a good standard because gameplay that lags makes it unenjoyable.

However, 30-45 FPS is already acceptable for most people, but not the kind you’ll likely enjoy, if you’re not really a particular type of player. 45-60 FPS gives you fluid animation without the laggy interface. 60-90 FPS gives you fluid animation gameplay without the lags. You can now enjoy incredibly smooth animation for 60-90 FPS, which will probably make you want to play for the entire day!

How much FPS do you get in Minecraft?

The amount of processing power in your computer determines how many frames per second Minecraft can run at. This is why purchasing a high-quality graphics card or using a CPU that performs better than usual can significantly improve how realistic and fun your gaming experience is.

A trustworthy processor can produce an average of 144 frames per second in Minecraft. However, if your graphics card’s processor is subpar, you’ll typically only get 40 to 30 frames per second.

Be aware that for most players, 40–30 frames per second may be quite choppy.

Why is your Minecraft FPS low?

You might run into a few hiccups when playing Minecraft: Java Edition due to your low frames per second rate (FPS).

This might be a result of some background-running programs. Another possibility is that you simply don’t have enough power to make your game run smoothly.

How do you maximize the FPS on Minecraft?

You can raise your game’s frames per second without reducing the overall experience thanks to Minecraft’s overall versatility.

In order to smooth out your Minecraft gameplay and prevent the choppy and laggy FPS that you might find annoying, we’ve listed some of the best techniques.

Make the game a little simpler.

Doesn’t sound like friendly advice?

If you haven’t upgraded your CPU or purchased a high-performance video card yet, all you need to do is that.

Do less in the game. Focus on plainer gameplays, level terrain, and less exploration. To prevent lagging, only use a few assets and refrain from including an excessive amount of shaders or texture packs. Your gaming performance becomes more streamlined the fewer add-ons you use.

Use the “WorldBorder” command in the game to set the boundaries of how large your Minecraft terrain can become. You can do this by opening your chat window. Key in “/worldborder set [SizeInBlocks]”.

Update your Graphics Card Driver.

Your PC’s performance is largely determined by the graphics card you are currently using. The majority of gamers run multiple games simultaneously without realizing that they can update their graphic drivers to improve their gaming experience.

On the website of the GPU manufacturer, you can look for the most recent drivers if you’re having trouble finding them.

Download automatic driver updater applications now to make this process simpler for you.

Clear Up Hardware- Consuming Tasks

You can multitask the majority of the time, but having your driver multitask on your behalf is a terrible idea!

Even though Minecraft has a ton of in-game tips and tricks that make the game run more smoothly, you can still increase the frame rate of the game by making a few minor PC settings changes.

Close every other program that is currently running in the background at once by navigating to your Task Manager. To prevent choppy and slow game interactions, clear your RAM.

Turn off any unnecessary background programs that are putting a lot of strain on your hardware.

Cut Back On Your Game’s Render Distance

Although Minecraft may appear to be a simple block-based game, it can actually be computationally and physically demanding.

If you have to constantly load your assets from far away locations, it will put a tremendous amount of strain on your hardware.

Reduce the render distance in your game to get the most out of it.

By selecting “options” and then “video settings,” you can do this.

On the top right of the menu, there may be a bar that regulates the render distance.

If it is set higher than 12, you may want to move it lower in a few ticks. If you set the range between eight and ten, be careful not to set it too low as you might find the navigation in the game to be confusing.

Read more about it here if you need more assistance with Minecraft shortcuts.

Tone Down on Your Graphics Settings

Minecraft FPS boost doesn’t have to be rocket science.

You can reduce other graphic features to increase your Minecraft FPS performance.

  • Hover over to Video Settings
  • Set your maximum FPS to unlimited
  • Turn off the options for clouds and smooth lighting. This will only affect the aesthetic appeal of the game.
  • Put all your particles to a minimum.
  • Disable the V-Sync.
  • Turn off biome smoothing.
  • Turn your Graphics to Fast.
  • Turn down the Field of View.

Turn Off Your Fullscreen and Disable Fullscreen Optimization

Yes, we know. We know this doesn’t sound fun. But this option can be totally optional.

However, if you’re one of the select few who don’t mind giving up the immersive experience, you might want to temporarily disable full-screen mode.

This will be useful if your graphics card isn’t very strong. By doing this, rendering will be reduced and your gaming experience will be more fluid.

Turn off fullscreen access and shrink the window size to make it inoperable. Despite the reduced view, your gameplay will function somewhat more smoothly.

Right-click on your Minecraft shortcut now and choose properties if you want to make it more seamless. then select Disable fullscreen optimizations from the compatibility tab. Lastly, hit apply.

Pump Up The Java Executable by Setting it to High Priority

You already know how to increase the speed and performance of your computer and how to update your graphics driver.

Additionally, you can upgrade the software that powers Java and Minecraft.

By pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC, you can access this executable Windows application.

This will open up your Task Manager.

Click on the Details tab, and hover over to Javaw.exe.

Go to Set priority and then click on high. This will enable you to allocate more resources to your app, increasing its FPS and enhancing the smoothness of its in-game framerate.

Improve Your PC’s Performance

There’s a good chance that even though your computer hardware is out of this world, you are still not taking full advantage of it.

By typing “Power Options” into the Windows search bar at the bottom of the screen, you can definitely increase your PC’s power efficiency.

The control panel window will pop up. You can now alter the machine’s performance intensity and reduce its power consumption.

Tap on the ultimate performance. If you’re using a desktop computer and power consumption isn’t an issue, this will be useful.

Don’t Forget To Install Optimization Mods

The ability to customize your overall gaming experience with apps, servers, mods, and other in-game features is one of the game’s many exciting features.

You can also do this to get Minecraft’s best FPS settings. This step will undoubtedly be helpful if you need a quick increase in Minecraft’s frame rate.

To get the best increase in Minecraft FPS, you can even use some mods like BetterFps and OptiFine.

How to turn on FPS with OptiFine?

Are you considering how to get Minecraft’s best FPS settings?

You can increase your Minecraft FPS by installing mods like OptiFine directly in-game.

We’ve included a few instructions for you to follow so that you can preview your framerate without having to launch the entire debug screen using F3.

  • Download and install OptiFine. With the help of the widely used mod OptiFine, you can alter your gameplay options for better in-game performance, such as your framerate.
  • Run OptiFine with Java after downloading it to put it on your computer.
  • After installing OptiFine, open up your Minecraft Video Settings.
  • Go to your Options.
  • Hover over to Video Settings then hit Other
  • Select to Show your FPS


You can find quick fixes by updating your graphics driver, reducing in-game customizations, and adding platforms to take your Minecraft FPS boost to the next level when exploring your options to find the best FPS settings for the game.

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What is the normal fps for Minecraft?

Your definition of a satisfactory level of performance will determine what a good Minecraft FPS is. On a scale of 30-60 FPS to 144 FPS and above, 30-60 FPS would be at the low end and 60 FPS would be at the high end.

Is 90 fps good for Minecraft?

60-90 FPS gives you fluid animation gameplay without the lags. You can now enjoy incredibly smooth animation for 60-90 FPS, which will probably make you want to play for the entire day!

What is the best Minecraft settings for fps?

Make the following changes in “video settings”: Increase the maximum FPS to Unlimited Turn off clouds and smooth lighting. Set particles to minimal . Turn off V-Sync. Disable biome smoothing. Turn “Graphics” to “fast. “Turn down the FOV (field of view).

Do you need high fps for Minecraft?

You should concentrate on making two key adjustments to Minecraft in order to maximize gameplay: increasing the game’s frame rate and reducing network lag. Both are worthy objectives. Say goodbye to choppy and sluggish gameplay with an FPS boost that will give your game fluid animation and smooth visuals.

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