What is ‘com.apple.mobilesoftwareupdate.updatebrainservice’ ?

Update 1:

I figured out even if I have Automatically keep my Mac up to date turned off. There is an Advanced... button in Software Update preference.

In the Advanced... setup popup window, it has the following options enabled: Check for updatesDownload new updates when available.

I think this might cause com.apple.MobileSoftwareUpdate.UpdateBrainService process running and downloaded Big Sur updates. I am not very sure. Just a guess.

Update 2:

I have clicked Restart in Software Update preference. Now, my system updated to 11.4.

I have turned off Check for updates in Advanced... window.

Hopefully, this issue and process will never run again.

I was able to get rid of it by quitting the process in Activity Monitor. Just right click on it and hit quit. It went away for me and only popped up once the next day, so I quit it again. This was about a month ago – I haven’t seen it since.

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com.apple.MobileSoftwareUpdate.UpdateBrainService is pegged at 98% of cpu

This process starts every time I attempt to upgrade Big Sur and it has happened every time I have tried to upgrade since I moved to Big Sur. The upgrades always fail and the only way out of this loop is to restart in safe mode, download the multi-GB file again and lose all use of the computer for more than an hour (so usually overnight). Does anybody know anything about this? Ive resolved how to upgrade but its a big waste of time.

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