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In Genshin Impact, mastering the elements can mean the difference between success and failure when facing some of the game’s most challenging enemy encounters.

In the world of Genshin Impact, boss fights are a necessity for high-level play, especially when playing Genshin Impact in co-op. Even with a full team of players, defeating these enemies can be very challenging, so it will be necessary to plan and coordinate your strategy before entering the arena. And choosing which Elements to bring with them is the most crucial thing players can do before starting a boss encounter with their friends.

Genshin Impact has advanced significantly since its launch more than a year ago, according to an update by Scott Vengel on November 23 2021. Every update introduces new content for players to explore, including features, storylines, and quests to complete. Furthermore, each update adds new playable characters and enemies for the player to defeat in the overworld. Since its initial release in September 2020, Genshin Impact has exponentially increased the number of bosses it has, with Inazuma providing more foes than any other region before it. As a result, this article will be updated to include details on boss battles that were not included in the initial release of Genshin Impact.

Elements are a key component of combat in Genshin Impact, and players who are familiar with the game should take this into account before engaging in a major boss battle. Elemental Reactions, which happen when various Elemental types are combined, result in significant damage to the target. An enemy affected by Hydro, for instance, will become Electro-Charged when you use an Electro ability on them, dealing constant Electro damage over time.

Genshin Impact beginners might find it challenging to understand exactly what each Reaction does, but it’s important to note that any Reaction that players can elicit will be beneficial in the heat of battle. Consider how these Elements would function in real life to help you remember the different types of reactions that will take place. Ice will melt, electricity will flow through water, and water will vaporize fire.

The role of the Anemo and Geo characters is a further item in boss battles. These characters are impartial to all the Elements, but they have by far the most diverse skills. In order to increase the opportunities for devastating Reactions, Anmo characters (such as the main character and Venti) provide the Swirl Reaction by attaching themselves to the first element they come into contact with and dispersing it across the battlefield.

Geo characters, such as Noelle and Ningguang, have the ability to create the Crystalize Reaction, which absorbs the first element it touches and creates an Elemental Shield for the user and any allies, reducing the damage from that element. Therefore, having a pocket Anemo or Geo character in your party could be extremely helpful in these situations. The current weeklies and field bosses are listed below, along with the elements they support and the best defenses against them.

Best Characters To Use

The Geo Hypostasis is the elemental embodiment of Geo. It will create Geo constructs, which can be damaged the most by Claymore attacks and other Geo damage. For this boss, bring characters either of these types. Zhongli, Noelle, Albedo, Diluc, and Razor perform especially well in this fight.

How to Beat GEO HYPOSTASIS World Boss | Guide ► Genshin Impact

How to Beat the Geo Hypostasis

Any other weapon used in an attack won’t do much harm to the rock pillars. It is strongly advised for new players to use Noelle while the Geo Hypostasis is unaffected.

Since Noelle is using a claymore weapon, you can more easily break the rock pillars and protect yourself from attacks by using your elemental skill.

The Geo Hypostasis is harder to hit when on top of its geo pillars and immune to attack when the yellow cubes are present around its body. Before attacking, wait for it to appear in its exposed core state of vulnerability!

The Geo Hypostasis will be stunned and rendered vulnerable if the rock pillars are broken while the Geo Hypostasis is on top of them, giving you the chance to attack with elemental bursts and skills.

The Geo Hypostasis will summon three rock pillars in the center of the arena once you have given it enough damage. As soon as you enter this phase, concentrate on destroying these to completely defeat the Geo Hypostasis.

Some of the Geo Hypostasis health will reappear if these pillars aren’t destroyed.

Character Merits
Yoimiya Yoimiya • Strong Pyro Bow DPS. • Can deal plenty of damage quickly and from a distance.
Hu Tao Hu Tao • Strong Pyro Polearm DPS. • Can deal plenty of damage very quickly.
Xiao Xiao • Strong Anemo Polearm DPS. • Can deal plenty of damage very quickly with Elemental Skill.
Zhongli Zhongli • Provides the best shield. • Can destroy two of the three final rock pillars with holding his Elemental Skill. • Pillar from Elemental Skill can damage the Geo Hypostasis pillars.
Chongyun Chongyun • Cryo Claymore user who can destroy pillars. • Can deal damage without having to switch characters.
Beidou Beidou • Electro Claymore user who can destroy pillars. • Can deal damage without having to switch characters.

The Geo Hypostasis pillars can be quickly taken out using Claymore characters, leaving it open to your stronger attacks.

Some catalyst users, like Ningguang and Klee, can deal damage that quickly breaks the pillars.

Main DPS
DPS Sub-DPS Support
Noelle Noelle Xiangling Xiangling Amber Amber Lisa Lisa Barbara Barbara

Teaming up with others from our Co-Op boards is a great way to beat the Geo Hypostasis and other bosses quickly if you are missing specific characters or have not yet built a full party!

An attack that fires numerous small rocks that are very easy to avoid by moving

When the Geo Hypostasis is on top of the rock pillar, only one shockwave is released from it. It doesn’t have a follow-up attack and only deals minor damage.

The most dangerous attack of the Geo Hypostasis. By destroying the floating cube close to the central rock pillar, it can be stopped. You will be shielded from the shockwaves by a small shield that will be created as a result.

Falling rocks from the sky. By avoiding the yellow circles on the ground where they would strike, it can be prevented.

Genshin Impact requires a lot of grinding to level up any Geo-based character, so you’ll probably need to take on the boss Geo Hypostasis several times. This pure elemental being also goes by the name Gimel. As long as you pay attention to your team composition and weapon types, fighting Gimel isn’t necessarily difficult. Instead, the Geo Hypostasis battle is about endurance and patience. Here is our guide to the most effective Genshin Impact characters to use against Geo Hypostasis.

You’ll consistently deal heavy physical damage with Razor, which gives you an advantage over many other claymore users (especially in this fight). With Razor, all you have to do is swing the sword and strike hard. If he’s paired with a Pyro character, you’ll also be able to destroy the Geo pillars and create some pretty potent explosive reactions.

There is nothing wrong with using Xinyan for the Geo Hypostasis battle; in fact, if she is your only claymore user, we advise doing so. She might not be as advantageous when compared to some of the other characters, though, unless you utilize elemental reactions like Melt or Overloaded.

When battling the Geo Hypostasis, being the god of Geo is undoubtedly advantageous. Keep in mind that Zhongli can easily drain the Geo life force from Gimel’s pillars if you have him or plan to roll for him in his upcoming banner rerun (hold Zhongli’s Elemental Skill). Therefore, if you have him on your team, you won’t need to be as patient during this battle.

Chongyun is one of the best characters to use against Gimel. In addition to helping to destroy the Geo pillars with his claymore, his elemental skill will also give users of swords, claymores, or polearms the Cryo element. This will be very beneficial for producing numerous elemental reactions. Swing the frost-covered broadsword of Chongyun, then quickly change to a Pyro character to deal some devastating Melt damage.

Field Boss Geo Hypostasis Elemental Counters

The best Genshin Impact field boss builds are next. Field bosses are creatures that respawn slowly and only show up in specific locations on the Teyvats map. The first few are Elemental Hypostasis bosses, who can also manifest as “Pure” Hypostasis, making them event bosses. The first is the earth-powered boss Geo Hypostasis, which can be found in Liyue’s Guyun Stone Forest.

  • Element – Geo
  • Weakness – Geo
  • Any Geo character or character with a Claymore is recommended
  • FAQ

    What is the best element against Geo Genshin impact?

    When the Hypostasis core is too far away for melee attacks to effectively damage, Pyro and Electro attacks in particular are excellent.

    What is geo weak against in Genshin impact?

    One more thing: Geo only makes shields, so it can’t be strong or weak against anything. Fighting the hypostasis or geo slimes has no impact at all on the other reactions. It’s just like fighting a physical enemy.

    How do you beat Geo in Genshin impact?

    The elements Electro, Pyro, Hydro, and Cryo have reactions with Geo. In all cases the reaction is Crystallize. Crystallize: Creates a shard of the involved element.

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