What is minecraft factions

Since their debut, the top Minecraft multiplayer servers have offered a variety of game modes. In Minecraft, there are Pixelmon servers for solitary explorations and parkour servers for skill improvement. Finally, there are the well-known Minecraft factions servers. If you’re unfamiliar, these are PVP servers where joining a group or a “faction” is the only way to survive. You must share resources, enchantments, tools, and even put your in-game abilities on the line in order to survive and thrive on such competitive servers. However, Minecraft’s faction servers are also the best place to meet new people online once you get past its competitive side. We have therefore listed the top Minecraft faction servers you should check out, whether you want to start a new crew or advance your current one.

Put plainly, Minecraft Factions is a plugin used by many servers that brings a new dimension to PvP combat. In factions, players can band together to form factions and stake their claim on an area of land to build their base and deposit resources.

Complex Vanilla

The most noteworthy aspect of Complex Vanilla as a Minecraft server is its variety of game modes. There are many entertaining options to choose from, including skyblocks, Pixelmon, creative, prison, and many others. But more astonishing here are the simple and dynamic factions. In addition to standard survival, the server provides more opportunities for players to collaborate.

What is minecraft factions

It holds crafting contests, online gatherings, and other events to keep the neighborhood lively. Not to mention, you can quickly join a faction because of the game’s massive number of active players.

One of the few Minecraft servers, Lemon Cloud, dedicates the majority of its resources to factions We receive a competitive server as a result, complete with exclusive cosmetics, kits, and frequent in-game events. Like other well-known multiplayer games, it even has seasons, and each one aims to add new content to the game.

What is minecraft factions

In terms of features, this server has MMO, leaderboards, auctioning, a TNT-based economy, hidden chests, and other incredible features. However, if you enjoy the best Minecraft mountain seeds, you should visit the following server. Mountainous biomes are disabled on Lemon Cloud to keep things simple. However, that presents us with a fascinating outside world to discover on our own.

Next, we have a Minecraft faction server with lots of action that resets every few months. This reset guarantees that the gameplay is new and that veteran players won’t overwhelm new players. Beyond that, roleplay, secret objectives, and a ton of entertaining faction features are available to keep your gameplay engaging.

What is minecraft factions

However, the current factions and players on this server can be a little challenging to defeat if you join in the middle of the season. So, be sure to be familiar with all the best Minecraft building ideas to create a worthy space for you in every group.

Best Minecraft Faction Servers (April 2022)

Using one of the coolest Minecraft skins is a great way to stand out on the crowded faction servers where players are typically a lot. Use the table below to explore each faction server at your convenience as our list isn’t ranked as highly. Note: The majority of these servers only support the Minecraft Java Edition due to restrictions on modding.

Many in the Minecraft community credit MassiveCraft for pioneering factions. Therefore, the original faction server is the best place to start using factions. It features 40 unique plugins and numerous incredible Minecraft adventure maps. The server also has features like FactionsTax, FactionsDynmap, and FactionsAchievements to advance factions.

What is minecraft factions

Additionally, MassiveCraft is home to a number of custom Minecraft biomes that use distinctive items in arbitrary arrangements to produce distinctive worlds. This server differs from the vanilla experience thanks to its cool biomes, including canyons, iceberg oceans, and other ancient ruins. The server’s world is distinct enough for you to explore even if you don’t join any faction.

One of the most well-known servers ever is Purple Prison, best known for its prison game mode. However, that doesn’t imply that it can’t be useful when working with other factions. Players can audition, shop, and trade items to gain in-game currency in its player-focused economy. Because of this, Purple Prison is the easiest Minecraft server to make money on.

What is minecraft factions

Regarding PvP, the server gives users the option to engage in combat or remain neutral. It has team-based minigames, dedicated fight zones, and automated PvP events. But all of that is completely optional. Purple Prison, in contrast to the majority of the servers on our list, allows you to passively hang out with your friends without worrying about being attacked. However, you can find more of the best Minecraft prison servers right here if you want a real prison-like experience.

  • Server: cosmicpvp.com (Join via the official client)
  • The majority of Minecraft faction servers are typically constructed using classic Minecraft or well-known custom Minecraft maps. However, Cosmic PvP features planets, asteroids, unusual biomes, and even alien mobs, all of which follow an intriguing cosmic theme. You and your astronaut crew are all that’s needed to explore the depths of space—just get there!

    What is minecraft factions

    Two distinct planets in Cosmic PvP serve as faction maps in Minecraft. The Dungeon planet, which has dangerous mobs, buried treasure, and a ton of secrets, is the more well-known of them all. Lava planet is the alternative, and it resembles using the Nether portal in Minecraft. There is an active volcano in the middle of a hostile biome.

    Similar to Clash of Clans, Mana Cube is a Clan-PvP-based Minecraft faction server. Players can raid enemies while trying to defend their bases. In addition to waging war, factions can develop by taking part in races, quests, and minigames.

    What is minecraft factions

    Each player on Mana Cube is connected to a certain amount of power from each faction. They can use the power to claim specific areas of the server’s land in order to build bases there. The server also has various dimensions for these regions, including the overworld, moon, nether, and even a mars dimension.

    Our next Minecraft factions server is truly unique. It follows an SMP or survival multiplayer formula. Along with dozens of other players, you spawn in a Minecraft world that has been heavily modified. Here, while at risk of attack, you must survive, gather resources, and attempt to defeat every boss in the game.

    What is minecraft factions

    On LifeSteal, in addition to the survival factions, you can also play hardcode, anarchy, and KitPvP. But competition is something that can occasionally cause issues on this server. Long-time players on this server have a tendency to overwhelm newcomers. Therefore, before joining LifeSteal, make sure you are familiar with how to build a Minecraft house to protect yourself.

    One of the most well-known Minecraft factions servers on our list is OPBlocks. It supports a number of unique in-game recipes to create bombs, boosters, busters, and even distinctive in-game wands. However, if that seems like too much work, you can also purchase items from the black market and regular events on the server.

    What is minecraft factions

    The server’s world offers unique mini-games and tailored game modes for each faction that your entire team can enjoy. The game also includes a kill tracker and a hitman system to increase the risk. However, if you’re looking for something more straightforward, you can also try out games like rocks, paper, scissors, and lotteries.

    Our upcoming Minecraft faction server is straightforward but distinctive in a sinister way. You can join teams, raid, build farms, set your relationship status with other players on the server, and even set your relationship status. Each faction on this server is evaluated here based on its strength. Each player brings something unique to the team on an individual level. They can use it to conquer lands, triumph in competitions, and even open up exclusive features.

    What is minecraft factions

    It also provides solo players with a chance to survive, in contrast to every other Minecraft factions server on our list. Despite the fact that most factions have at least three players, you can get by on your own or in a pair. Just be sure to use one of the best Minecraft skins to blend in and not draw attention to your character.

    Our next server, the Mineland network, is a distinctive Minecraft setting inspired by the metaverse. On the server, there are over a thousand different games that anyone can play. In order to defeat the opposing teams, you can compete with friends or team up with them. Regarding the factions, players have access to exclusive team-based features, their own economic system, and server plots.

    What is minecraft factions

    Additionally, you can create your own games if the mini-games on the server are insufficient for you. That is made possible by Mineland’s simple coding system and the real cash paid to game developers. The only limit is your imagination.

    If you’ve been around the Minecraft community for a while, you may be familiar with the myth of Herobrine. It’s a legendary and perilous gang that resembles the game’s protagonist Steve and enjoys tormenting players. Herobrine is a myth, but that doesn’t change how awesome the server that bears his name is.

    What is minecraft factions

    By keeping its factions largely based on an Earth-like survival system, it keeps the world simple. If you’ve never played on a factions server before, this one is simple to get started with and might be ideal for you. The anti-cheat system, which some players claim is a little flawed, is the only negative here.

    There are three main relationships in Factions. They are Allies, Neutral, and Enemies. Members of allied factions are prohibited from harming one another or claiming one another’s land. Being allied requires both factions to ally with each other. Neutral is the default status. However, neutrals cannot harm you on your own land, take your possessions, or claim your land for themselves. Enemies are not mutual. In order to harm faction members on their own land during raids, you must first declare a faction as an enemy.

    It’s crucial to know how to play Factions before you begin because it’s a challenging game with many different aspects. The basic explanation goes as such. You establish claims to land, earn money, erect buildings, declare war, engage in conflict with adversaries, and avoid dying. These are the same on every factions server. It is not necessary to join a faction, but it is advised because it will be much simpler if you have a group of skilled players on your side rather than going it alone. The maximum power is equal to 10 times the number of faction members, and each player has 10 power. Every time you die, you lose power, and after a certain amount of time, you gain power. If you claim more land than you have power, another faction will be able to claim the excess land.

    Minecraft: Factions Tutorial – Beginners Guide – (Minecraft Faction Tips)


    What is the point of factions?

    Because of the factional structure, the organization’s operations can be more dependable and stable. The organization can function without having to appease the whims of numerous uncompromising individuals who would otherwise cause a split thanks to compromise and give-and-take between factions.

    What is a faction server in Minecraft?

    The plugin itself offers a layer of protection for the land that the factions have claimed, but the factions’ bases are typically built well hidden and well protected. Each faction is a group of players who can claim land to build their bases and hoard things there. They can also form alliances and engage in conflict with other factions.

    What is the goal of Minecraft factions?

    In the game of “Factions” in Minecraft, you collaborate with other players to build a base, conduct raids on other factions, and compete to become the most powerful faction on the server. Different tactics are used to defend one’s base from raiders, so an average raid may take more than an hour to complete.

    What is the best Minecraft faction?

    Best Minecraft Faction Servers (April 2022)
    • MassiveCraft Factions.
    • Purple Prison.
    • Cosmic PvP Faction.
    • Mana Cube.
    • LifeSteal.
    • OPBlocks.
    • Snapcraft.
    • Mineland Network.

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